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Hunt Giant Moose in Russia

Rifle Only 1x1 ONLY $15,900 PER HUNTER!

2018 / 2019
Hunt the larget moose in the world on Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula. Use sowmobiles pulling a sled to cover long distances looking for the tracks of a giant moose. The moose have averaged 65" over the last three years and this hunt has a 95% sucess rate! Why risk an unsucessful Alaskan moose hunt when you can go on an adventure of a lifetime and come home with a giant moose?

Hunt Brown Bear in Russia

Rifle Only 1x1 ONLY $13,500 PER HUNTER

Hunt brown bear in the area with the highest population of brown bears in the world, the Kamchatka Peninsula. This is a very high probability hunt. Why spend more money and take a chance of an unsucessful bear hunt in Alaska, when you can go on the adventure of a lifetime and bring home a brown bear or two for your trophy room!

Hunting in Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world.  Spanning 11 different time zones, Russia encompasses a great variety of habitats. With sub-arctic tundra and coastal floodplains in the north, boreal forests further southward, rugged mountains, vast grasslands and mixed deciduous and evergreen forests, Russia provides a wide array of suitable habitat that supports many different huntable species of animals.

The Far East

Russia’s far eastern regions are home to the greatest numbers of big game species. Provinces such as Kamchatka, Cuotka, Magadan and Khabarovsk are home to three species of brown bears, two species of moose and 4 species of snow sheep. Much of the travel in these remote areas can be difficult, but the hunting can be very rewarding for those that choose to make the effort to hunt these areas.


Siberia spans more than 2,000 mils from the Sea of Okhotsk in the east to the Ural Mountains in the west.  Siberia is lightly populated. A wide variety of huntable species inhabit Siberia.  Siberia has the largest roe deer in the world.  Russian grizzlies (Siberian brown bear) caribou, huge moose, wolves and good populations of snow sheep are but a few of the species awaiting the adventurous sportsman in Siberia.

Western (European) Russia 

Much of the hunting in western Russia is done on huge government estates.  Several of the now independent former soviet states such as Bulgaria and Romania. A similar range of species is available in western Russia that includes wild boar, Eurasian Brown Bear, European Moose, Reindeer, Wapiti, wolf, and European red deer. Spring hunts for Capercaillie and Black Grouse are also available during the spring in areas between Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Caucasian Russia (Caucasus Mountains)

The Caucasus Mountains provide in-shape hunters with some of the most rugged mountain hunting in the world.  Hunting in these mountains can provide the hunting experience of a lifetime along with the breathtaking scenery that this region is famous for.  Species that this area offers include three varieties of Tur, red stags, boar, Caucasian chamois, brown bear, and European bison.

Russian Hunting History

Each social class once had the right to use the hunting grounds in Russia. Russian imperial hunts evolved from the hunting customs of the royal courts of Europe and were adopted by the early Tsars. During the soviet rule, hunting clubs that were sponsored by the state were formed within boundaries that were mostly associated with factories.

When the Soviet Union broke up, private individuals were allowed to lease these former club hunting grounds.  Many wealthy land owners acquired control of these hunting grounds through this leasing process and adequately funded the maintenance of these hunting grounds. This allowed the quality and quantity of game to improve significantly. Presently, many outfitters conduct hunts for foreigners and prices have come down significantly due to the increased competition among these outfitters.

Discount African Hunts Russian Hunt Offerings

Discount African Hunts has partnered with the largest and most prestigious hunting outfitter in Russia and is able to offer the finest and most successful hunts available in modern Russia.  Whether you are after a brown bear in Kamchatka, a giant Chukotka moose or an elusive snow sheep, you can be assured that you will be spending your hard-earned dollars wisely by booking your Russian hunting adventure with Discount African Hunts.

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