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Hunt Gredos Ibex in Spain

Rifle Only 1X1 Bronze Medal Only $9,000

2019 / 2020
This 3-day hunting package is for a minimum bronze medal-level Gredos ibex. You only pay a set fee for a bronze or silver level ibex and there are no by-the-inch charges unless you exceed the gold medal minimum. That takes a lot of the confusion out of pricing a Spanish ibex hunt. And the 21% VAT is included! So why not book at the best price with one of the best outfitters over there and save money and aggravation by not having to try and figure out what pulling the trigger will cost?

Hunt Ronda Ibex in Spain

Rifle Only - 1 X 1 - Bronze Medal Only $6500

2019 / 2020
This is your chance to hunt a bronze medal ibex with one of Spain's greatest outfitters. Your hunt will take place in the southern mountains of Spain and you can expect to see a good number of Ibex. I have taken the confusing pay-by-the point system out of play and until you reach gold medal status, you pay a flat fee for either the entire bronze or silver range. Only when it goes over the gold minimum will you pay a by-the-inch charge.

Hunt Beceite Ibex in Spain

Rifle Only 1x1 Bronze Medal Only $7,000

2019 / 2020
This is not your run-of-the-mill Beceite ibex hunt. You will shoot a minimum of a bronze medal ibex. With below-market pricing and with the VAT included, you can skip all of the red tape trying to figure out what an ibex hunt in Spain costs. Until you exceed the gold medal level, the all-inclusive pricing features simple add-ons for stepping up in medal levels. You will stay at a 5-star luxury hotel and be guided by one of Spain's best outfitters.

Hunt Southeastern Ibex in Spain

Rifle Only - Silver Medal Only $6,500

2019 / 2020
Hunt a silver medal Southeast Ibex in Spain at a great price. Don't settle for an inferior trophy. Avoid the complicated pricing formulas and book with certainty. You will stay in a 4-star hotel during this hunt and will be guided by one of Spain's great hunters. Know what you are going to pay before you pull the trigger,

Grand Slam Ibex Hunting Package in Spain

Rifle Only 1X1 Bronze or Silver Medals Only $29,000*

2019 / 2020
Take all four sub-species of Spanish ibex on this fabulous 12-day Grand Slam ibex hunt in the mountains of Spain. Stay in 4 and 5-star hotels while eating and drinking some of Spain's finest foods and wines. Shoot a minimum of bronze medal trophy ibex and save big, as the VAT is included in the package price!

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