Argentina Wingshooting

High Volume Wing Shooting in Argentina

Only $1,250 per Hunter

Experience world-class high volume dove hunting in Argentina's Tucamon is the new Cordoba. It is estimated that 50 million doves roost in this region and this outfitter has multitudes of fields that the birds are seeking out. For non-stop action and a great experience, gather up your friends and head south for some high volume dove dhooting at a great price!

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Wingshooting in Argentina

Argentina is dove hunting! The primary dove in Argentina is the eared dove. It’s a resident breeder from Columbia to southern Argentina and Chile in South America. It is a close relative to the North American mourning dove. The eared dove is 9-10 inches long with a long wedge-shaped tail, and weighs about 4 ounces. The female dove coloration is duller than the male, and chicks are grayish brown and very dull. Its flight is high, fast and linear. It gas no specific breeding season, and if food is available, will breed almost continuously.

Argentinian doves provide the last large-bag hunting experience in the world. Their population is estimated to be as high as 23 million in the fields around Cordoba in northern Argentina.  Some estimates put the population as high as 32 million. Whichever is true, there are a lot of doves in Argentina.  It’s not unknown for a single hunter to shoot 1,000 doves in one day. A few years ago, a team of guns took over 4,700 birds in one day. 

Cordoba Province is the most famous destination for high volume dove shooting, but there are many other regions that have excellent wing shooting. Waterfowl and upland birds are plentiful in many areas and provide excellent mixed-bag wing shooting.  Most hunters choose either wing shooting or big game hunting as they take place in different areas. However, combo hunts are available.

In the past few years, many of tyhe doves have changed their roosting location and Tucoman has emerged as a new hot spot for dove hunting. It is estimated that 50 million doves now roost in the Tukoman region.

The hunting season is year around, and for a very good reason. In the United States, doves are considered migratory species and there are strict regulations as to bag limits per day. In Cordoba, the River Parana has turned into the migratory route for the birds, making it the natural habitat for doves.

In Cordoba, dove hunting and hunters are seen in a very different light than in the US. Hunters are very important in protecting crops from the birds. If uncontrolled, doves could easily consume as much as 30% of all the local grain crops.  Hunting is an integral part in controlling the rapidly growing numbers of migratory birds.

Dove populations on the big sporting estates of Argentina are staying stable, with the birds breeding four times a year, and thriving on the vast areas of grain – some of which is grown solely for their benefit. There are dozens of luxury lodges which specialize in dove hunting during the year-long season.

Most lodges offer ground transportation from the nearby airport of Cordoba, which is roughly 435 miles northwest of Buenos Aires.

Five-star lodging is normally double occupancy, and for all meals, and wine (for which Argentina is famous), beer and liquor are provided.

The lodge also will procure all the necessary hunting licenses.

Guns are available for rental, with the typical shotgun being a Beretta Urika, or Benelli Breda semi-automatic, or over-under guns. Some lodges will include up to 1,000 shells.


In general, Argentina has four main climate types: warm, moderate, arid and cold; all determined by altitude and latitude. Generally speaking, it is subtropical in the north to arctic in the south. Mean average temperatures range from 41 degrees in the far south down by Cape Horn, to 77 degrees in the north near Bolivia. 

Importing Firearms

Gun import regulations have been changing over the last few years. This tends to cause some problems for hunters.  Hunters bringing bolt action rifles or non-semiautomatic shotguns have to fill out their application before entering the country. The import permit can be acquired when entering the country. To import a semi-automatic firearm, the hunter must apply for a temporary import permit at the nearest Argentine Consulate. This must be done in person. Be sure to check with your outfitter at least three months before you go for the most recent changes. More and more hunters are now renting firearms from their outfitter to avoid the problems of bringing a firearm into Argentina.  Many outfitters have excellent firearms with good optics to rent; just ask your outfitter.


Many lodges in Argentina are four or five-star, with excellent lomo (tenderloin), and world-class wines. The midday barbeque is a standard feature at most lodges. The country is quite colorful with gauchos on horseback, villagers riding in horse-drawn carts and friendly folk enjoying a gourd of mate – a caffeine-rich infused drink.