For most of us, our medical insurance coverage ceases when we leave the country.  Africa has many third world hunting destinations that should be taken into account when planning a discounted African hunt.  Diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, typhoid fever, rabies and others exist in various parts of the continent.

In some areas of Africa that offer tremendous hunting safaris, the political situations may become unstable.  Sometimes these events can unfold rapidly.

Discount African Hunts recommends that you purchase a Medical & Evacuation Insurance Policy such as those offered by Global Rescue.  If you are in medical need while overseas, Global Rescue will deploy a team of health professionals to your location and will provide medical transport to the hospital of your choice. 

You may purchase an enhanced policy for yourself or for your family that will provide similar assistance if political instability or natural disaster strikes at your location.  Policies are offered that cover short term trips for as little as 7 days all the way up to extended policies of 5 years!   Global Rescue will also provide repatriation of remains should that become necessary.  The flight of medical evacuation flights from southern Africa to the US can exceed $200,000, repatriation costs have been known to exceed $40,000!

Global Rescue also offers up to date country by country travel information and alerts on their website for members.

Travel Agencies or your airlines may offer trip insurance plans that cover medical expenses in some cases, but beware of pre-existing condition exclusions!  The price of one of Global Recues’ policies provides a lot of peace of mind at a very reasonable cost.