5 Star Luxury Hunting Safaris in Africa

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5 Star Plains Game Hunt in South Africa

Rifle or Bow 1 x 1 (One Hunter / 1 Guide) Starting at only $1,500!

2023 / 2024
This hunt is a stunning value for a luxury hunt at incredible prices! Hunt South Africa's Limpopo Province for plains game while staying in a 5-Star lodge situated on a 10,000-acre private game reserve. Featuring three 5-Star lodges and over 500,000 acres of prime hunting areas, hunting in South Africa doesn't get any better than this. The Leopard Lodge features spacious and luxurious accommodations with en-suite bathrooms, a full-time chef, a bar with a bartender, a luxurious pool area, an on-site African animal museum, and an extensive wine cellar featuring many of South Africa's iconic wines. A Companions Program has been put in place to entertain your non-hunting guests.

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Premium Rifle Hunting Safari in Namibia

Rifle-Black Powder Only 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide) ONLY $7,510 US!!!

2017 / 2018
This hunting safari package in Namibia will take place on a 20,000 hectares privately owned and managed concession where the trophy quality is excellent. You will feast on world-class cuisine while living in luxury in between your hunting sessions. This outfitter is 3rd and 4th generation and the family has occupied this concession for over 100 years.

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Luxury 5-Star Hunting Safaris in Africa

Most hunters have dreamed of going on a hunting safari in Africa.  Some of us are lucky enough to achieve this dream.  Then, there are those fortunate individuals that get to experience an African hunting safari multiple times.  Finally, there are the really fortunate few that get to experience a luxury African hunting safari that sets the standards for the levels of service offered.  A safari of this caliber can be a life changing experience and can leave any other hunts that the hunter will experience lacking.

Most of the true five-star hunting lodges in Africa are located in South Africa or Namibia.  Of these two countries, South Africa is heads above all others when it comes to having exceptional lodges offering world-class hunting opportunities.  Many of these stunning 5-star hunting lodges are designed with an African bush theme that accentuates the African environment.  Featuring thatch roofs, traditional thick walls that keep the interiors coo, and tastefully decorated with African artwork, these 5-star luxury lodges exceed even the most demanding client’s expectations.  Namibia also has a handful of these upscale hunting lodges scattered across the country.

Hunting safari lodges of this quality tend to have loads of amenities.  Most will have a pool and hot tub so the non-hunting guests can relax white the hunters are out hunting.  Some luxury lodges feature full-service spas.  The food service is extraordinary and guests can expect for their meals to be served on white linens with full plated china settings.  Some of these 5-star facilities will even have the chef present the evening meals via a presentation ceremony.

Most of these 5-star hunting safari lodges offer a selection of activities for the non-hunting guests that do not want to accompany their hunter on his hunt.  With trips to National Parks, curio shopping trips, day trips to private game reserves and forays to local points of interest, the non-hunting guests are sure to be kept happy while their hunter experiences the world-class hunting that these luxury hunting safari lodges offer.  If you get the chance, a luxury 5-Star hunting safari in Africa is not to be missed!


"I was hunting with my son and my batchmate from school. We had an experience of a life time and will definitely repeat the experience again. The weather was perfect. We shot Kudu / Zebra / Wildebeest / Impala / Red Hartebeest / Blesbuck / a day of bird shooting." 

"We took back  memories for a life time  and will surly recommend the experience to other hunters."

Ash Katoch
May 2017

"I booked my crocodile hunt in Mozambique through Discount African Hunts. The hunt was great and my wife and I really enjoyed the service provided by the outfitter. Everything was done very professionally and the outfitter and his group went out of their way to provide us with a wonderful experience and a great time.

If we ever go back to Africa, I am sure that we will contact Discount African Hunts to set up another hunt with this outfitter."

Steve Davis
Georgia, USA
August, 2015

"I booked a plains game hunt in South Africa through Discount African Hunts.  The price was half of what other outfitters were selling the same package of animals for.  After being assured by John Martins that this offer was for real I went ahead and booked.  Everything turned out just like I was told and I took 7 beautiful trophies on the trip of my lifetime.  Don't let the low prices hold you back.  I am sure I will never take a hunt of this quality again at a price like I paid. My hunt was awesome!"

Jules Percival
London, UK
September 2014