Make Discount African Hunts Your Hunt Broker

Why should you use a hunt broker before booking an African Safari?  The answer is simple.  It is FREE!  Yes, that’s right!  It will not cost you any more to book your safari through a hunt broker than it would if you booked directly with an outfitter. By booking through Discount African Hunts, you will not pay any more, and may pay significantly less than you would by booking with an outfitter directly.

Discount African Hunts sells discounted, last minute and cancellation hunts. Additionally we offer value priced big game hunts in some of Africa's finest hunting concessions. We also provide specialty hunts that involve collectible specialty trophies such as the bontebok, civet, oribi, honey badger and other difficult to get animals that can only be hunted with a permit. Because Discount African Hunts works on your behalf to get the best deals possible using only reputable outfitters, you can save money while experiencing all that Africa has to offer.

Whether it is your first safari or you are a veteran of multiple African safaris, Discount African Hunts will use its’ network of contacts in Africa to help you achieve your goals! We have been on multiple successful safaris and will utilize this vast array of experience to guide you towards booking with an outfitter that will deliver time after time.

For the first time safari hunter, these services are invaluable!  We will help you get ready for your trip to Africa by guiding you through the steps necessary to insure a successful trip. Items such as the CDC’s recommended inoculations, medical and evacuation insurance, travel arrangements, etc., will be covered in detail. By using the services of a hunt broker, you will have someone easily available to address your concerns and answer your questions. Taking the worry out of planning a trip of this magnitude will allow you to have peace of mind necessary to be able to enjoy the incredible experience that Africa provides.

You will also be guided into making the best arrangements to have a comfortable and safe trip to Africa. From airline seating arrangements, gun importing services and guest house stay overs, Discount African Hunts will help to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.

Your Hunt Broker can help arrange visits to some of the nearby attractions and help turn your hunt of a lifetime into the trip of a lifetime! Places like Hluhluwe Game Reserve, Pilgrims Rest, God’s Window, Bourke’s Pot Luck, Kruger Park, Addo Elephant Park, The Garden Route, Stellenbosch, Cape Town, Durban and more are just a few of the places that Discount African Hunts has visited in South Africa. Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwe / Zambia border and Chobe National Park in Botswana also offer an unforgettable African experience that is not to be missed! Looking out from the Chobe bluffs over the Zambezi River plains as herds of up to 200 elephants gather will create a scene in your mind that will last a lifetime!  Having dinner at the Victoria Falls Hotel while overlooking the Zambezi River gorge is an experience that you will remember forever!  Your hunt broker can help you decide which of these locations are practical to add on to make your hunting trip unforgettable.

Victoria Falls Carvings Shop Kruger Park Cape Buffalo
Zambezi  River Sunset African Penguins near Capetown

A Hunt Broker is a valuable resource to guide you towards the best possible experience when visiting a strange land. Africa is a continent of constant and rapid change.No one really knows all there is to know about this dynamic continent, but part of Africa’s allure is that you never know what amazing experience awaits you around the next corner.

 Take advantage of our experience in matching you with the right outfitter while helping to make the trip affordable!  

What are you waiting for?  Contact us today and let us help you achieve the successful hunt of a lifetime!  Africa awaits you!

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