General Travel Tips for Africa

Shop at Cambanos & Son in Johannesburg

Try to work a little extra time in to your trip to visit Cambanos & Son, wholesale importers and exporters of skins, semi- precious stones, wooden and assorted curios.  Whether you want a 4’ tall giraffe statue or a genuine Zulu shield, Cambanos and Sons has an incredible collection of African curios to start your African shrine back home!  We all want something special to remember Africa with.  You will have your trophies, but your spouse will appreciate a small token of genuine African art!  The selection is incredible and they may send the Mercedes Sedan to pick you up at the Guest House and return you when you are finished.  And best of all, they will package and ship your curios back to your home.

If You Love Wine

If you are a wine lover, you will love South Africa!  South Africa has over 5,000 wineries and produces many stunning affordable wines.  I have found that although most camps will provide a small selection of wine, it is best to stop in a sizeable liquor store and pick a few up.  The price is very reasonable compared to the US, and you can get a great bottle for $10 to $20 US.  The trick is to go to a large liquor store, not a grocery store.  Ask for the manager that is usually in the back office.  He will be the person that knows the best wines and will probably be the only one in the store that can afford to buy the better bottles.  Be sure to try some Pinotage, which is a red grape that is South Africas’ signature wine. The better Pintages are awesome!  I must warn you, if there are other hunters in camp you may become very popular at dinnertime!

Drink Bottled Water

Try to only drink bottled water while on your discounted African hunt.  This is especially important when hunting in third world countries such as Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.  Beware of eating salads and other vegetables that have been washed with local water.  Montezuma may be a continent away, but he regularly makes visits to the bush!  Be sure to take anti-diarrheal medicine along just in case!

Don’t Eat Raw or Undercooked Foods!

Don’t eat raw foods, especially raw oysters and other uncooked seafood!  I became sicker than I have ever been in my life after eating raw oysters in a Port Elizabeth oyster bar, and I will never eat raw foods in Africa again!

Don’t Over Pack!

Your hunting camp should have daily laundry service.  Avoid the temptation to take too many sets of clothes.  Three sets of hunting clothes should suffice.  Many so called experts will tell you to take only two, but most of us need to change clothes at lunch or before dinner if we have been on a long hot hike.  If your other set of clothes is still being laundered, you won’t have a set to change in to!

Don’t Go Out in Town at Night

Most hunting camps are safe, but Africa is a poor continent with a lot of crime in the cities.  Save the nightlife excursions for when you are back in the US.