Lord Derby Eland Safari in Cameroon's Northern Savanna

Rifle Only 1 x 1 $39,900 + Trophy Fee


Lord Derby Eland Safari in Cameroon's Savanna

$39,900 + Trophy Fee

Hunt Cameroon's Northern Savanna for Giant Eland


• 12 Full Hunting Days

• 3 Travel Days

• Premium Accommodations featuring en-suite bathrooms

• Camp Has Electrical Generators, Freezers and Fans

• Daily Laundry Service

• Add an Observer for $250 US / Day

• No Charter Flight required!

Not Included:

  • Big game hunting license: $1,650. Possibility to hunt 2 trophies in class A (lord derby eland, savannah buffalo, roan, korrigan or sing sing waterbuck) and 4 trophies in class B.
  • Medium hunting license: $900. Possibility to hunt 4 trophies in class B.
  • Trophy fees.
  • Rifle rental: $350 + $15 / round.
  • Dip & pack: $1,200
  • Observer: $350/day 
  • Wi-Fi at camp: $200/device
  • Hotels before and after the hunt.

Trophy Fee for Giant Eland - 6,500 euros 

This is the best deal I have been able to find in Cameroon for a 100% successful Lord Derby eland hunt with a good outfitter. Although Lord Derby eland hunts can be tough and involve lots of walking in hot temperatures, this area has a high concentration of eland and many of this outfitter's eland hunts end up with his client taking an eland early on in the hunt. For this reason and the attractive price, this is my recommendation for those of you wanting this magnificent spiral-horn trophy!

This exciting hunt for Lord Derby Eland will take place on two adjacent concessions totaling over 600,000 acres that have lots of big Lord Derby Eland bulls. The hunting camps are located about a half-day drive from Ngaoundere or Garoua, depending on the airline's flight schedule. Access is via the international airport in Garoua or the domestic airport in Ngaoundere, where you will be met and transported to the hunting camp by vehicle. You will be staying in a top-quality camp and will enjoy private rooms, en-suite bathrooms, generators, freezers, fans, and excellent cuisine and service!

This is not just a hunting safari, it is an adventure to wild Africa!


The hunting concession is located near the Benoue National Park and borders the Benoue River. Thanks to strict trophy management, the area has a very stable population of all hunted species.. The area is a comination of valleys and hills covered by savannah forest with large open grass areas. Before the hunting season starts, the tall grass is burned to increase visibility as well as to produce new grass shoots.

The outfitter's savanna concessions hold high concentrations of both Giant Eland and Roan Antelope. The hunting area has an excellent population of mature bull Giant eland ranging from 45" and upwards to an occasional trophy of up to 52". An excellent population of trophy-sized Roan Antelope is also found here. Several trophy roan from 25" to over 30" are taken annually. 


The Lord Derby Eland and most of the other antelope species will be hunted on foot. The hunt will start each day by driving and looking for fresh eland tracks. Once tracks are found, the hunt commences on foot by following the spoor until catching up to the eland.  Eland continue to move and feed during the day, so hunting can be tough in the high temperatures and long stalks. Care must be taken to not spook the eland, as they will begin running on one of their legendary stamina-fueled miles-long runs.

Cameroon Savanna Lord Derby ElandGiant Eland Trophy in Northern Cameroon

During this hunt, you may also take another animal from Group A which also includes Roan Antelope, NW Buffalo, and Western Kob.  Several additional sought-after savanna species are also abundant in the area. These additional animals will be hunted in the traditional safari method, driving, spotting, and then stalking.


Lord Derby Eland  -  6,500 euros 

Western Roan  -  3,500 euros

Northwestern Buffalo  -  3,500 euros

Waterbuck - 2500 euros


You can take 4 species from Group B on this safari.

Link to Savanna Price List


Below are the outfitter's estimates of success probability based on years of experience hunting this area:

Lord Derby Eland       100% Harvest

Savanna Buffalo         100% Opportunity

Western Roan               80% Opportunity

Western Cob                100% Harvest

Western Hartebeest     100% Opportunity

Sing Sing Waterbuck    80% Opportunity

Harnessed Bushbuck   50% Opportunity

Bohor Reedbuck           40% Opportunity

Red Flanked Duiker      100% Opportunity

Grimm's Duiker             100% Opportunity

Oribi                               100% Opportunity

Warthog                          90% Opportunity

Red River Hog                20% Opportunity

Korrigum                        10% Opportunity

Baboon                          100% Harvest

Other Duikers and animals by chance!


The camp is one of the most comfortable in Cameroon and the staff will provide excellent service. The camp features individual rooms with en-suite bathrooms, generator-powered electricity, electric fans, internet, and daily laundry service, and each camp has a satellite phone. Cell phone service is not available in camp.

Camp is shared by two hunters maximum, each hunter having his own individual room, PH, and trackers.

Northern Savanna Lord Derby Eland Hunting LodgeLord Dery Eland Hunting Lodge Beds

This outfitter has enjoyed a 100% success rate for Lord Derby Eland and an 80% success rate for Western Roan over the last several years!

Hunting season on the savanna is from Christmas through April, which coincides with the dry season in the north.

The best time to hunt giant eland is in the early season ( January - March )

Most clients will fly to Paris and then take a flight to Douala or Yaounde. You will overnight in a hotel and take a domestic flight the next morning to Ngaouundere or Garoua, depending on the commercial flight schedule. Ngaoundere and Gaoua are about a 6-hour drive. You will get a good night's sleep and your hunt will begin the following day.

On the return, you will typically fly out of Cameroon on the same day. (Ngaoundere - Douala-Paris)




A deposit of $19,950 US is due at the time of booking

An additional 25% ($9,975) is due 6 months before the safari.

The final 25% ($9,975), The License Fee ($1,750), The Welcome Pack ($500), and the rifle import / rental fee ($500) are due 2 weeks before the start of the safari by bank wire.

The outfitter suggests that you deposit $10,000 to cover trophy fees and license fees.  Any unused funds will be refunded after the hunt has been completed.  Any excess balance due can be paid after you return home.

Additional deposit payments and trophy fees must be paid by wire transfer.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Deposits are non-refundable but the safari can be rescheduled based on the outfitter's available dates, TAdditional charges may be applied in the case of short-term notices. Any safaris rescheduled to a subsequent year are subject to that subsequent year's pricing.  All rescheduled safaris are subject to a $200 administration fee to be paid directly to the booking agent.

This outfitter offers some of the best pricing in Cameroon for these species. Their success rates are very high and you will have a wonderful safari hunting with this team!

So if you are ready to hunt Lord Derby Eland and other Savanna species, contact me today to book this exciting hunt to Cameroon's Northern Savanna.

EXCLUSIONS: Visas, Firearm Permits or Rifle Rental ($400), Before and After Hunt Accommodations,  Charter Flights (Not Required), Commercial Airfare, Taxes on Export of Trophies & Skins, Ivory Tax, Dip and Pack, Packing and Crating of Trophies, Shipment of Trophies to Final Destination, Insurance, Hunting License Fees ($1,500)

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