10 Day Free Range Plains Game Bow Hunting Package in South Africa

Bow or Crossbow 1X1 ONLY $6,990

2024 / 2025


10-Day Free Range Plains Game Bow Hunt Package in South Africa


Trophy Fees Included For:

  • Greater Southern Kudu up to 58"*
  • Nyala up to 30" *
  • Burchell's Zebra
  • Impala
  • Warthog


  • 10 Full Hunting Days in South Africa
  • R/T Road Transfer from Johannesburg
  • Arrival Day Lodging / Last Hunting Day Overnight  Lodging
  • Field Preparation of Trophies
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Cell and Internet Service in Camp


  • Dip and Pack
  • Crating and Shipping of Trophies
  • Taxidermy 
  • Airfare to and from Johannesburg
  • Gratuities

​Observers $150 / Day

Rifle Rental $25 / Day


*  Kudu > 58" Add $700  |  Nyala 30" and Greater add $300

Come on an all-inclusive bow hunt for some of Africa’s most popular animals! This free-range hunt takes place in the KwaZulu-Natal region of South Africa and offers amazing amenities, great trophies, and fantastic food!

About the Package Animals:

This bow hunting package includes five trophy animals: a Nyala, Kudu, Burchel's Zebra, Impala, and Warthog. You can expect your free-range Nyala to score between 28” and 31”. The kudu trophy quality on this concession is fantastic, and you can expect a trophy between 53” to 58” with some going even bigger! You can also expect your Impala to score between 21” to 24”. Warthogs are plentiful throughout the concession, and it is easy to see between 50 and 100 each day. Burchell’s zebras are also plentiful, and you can expect to harvest a beautiful specimen with a clean cape. All of these animals are free-roaming, free-range trophies that can range into Swaziland if they so desire, but with everything they need on the reserve, very few animals make the journey.

Ponhgola Bow KillPongola Nyala Bow Trophy

The Hunting Area and Terrain:

The area is situated along the northern and eastern banks of the Pongolapoort Dam in KwaZulu Natal and offers 95,000 acres of free-range hunting. The animals on this concession roam free and wild as they did in the old days of South Africa. The Pongola River flows year-round through the concession before it runs into Lake Jozini, making this area a unique destination in South Africa. The concession itself is home to four of the big five, as well as hipopopotamus and crocodiles. Because of the size of the area, the terrain can vary between thicker, more dense bush and grassy dry plains. Some mountains are also present. With 21 Wi-Fi-enabled blinds spread around the concession, you can hunt somewhere new every day and never be at the same place twice.

Hunting Seasons:

This hunt is available to be taken anytime between May 1st and September 30th. However, the best time to come on this bow hunt safari is in June, July, or August. It is also highly recommended to book this bow hunt during a dark moon, as it is during this lunar cycle that bow hunts yield the best results. 

About the Outfitter:

This outfitter hunts on some of the best hunting grounds in South Africa. They offer free-range hunting in a country that is mostly fenced, which is rare and highly prized. If you are looking for free-range hunting that does not require additional flights after you arrive in Johannesburg, look no further. There are a lot of trophy animals on this concession and this will be a memorable bow hunt. They are dedicated to ensuring a successful hunt with memories that will last a lifetime!

Lodge and Accommodations:

This outfitter offers three different fully catered and fully serviced 4-star lodges around the property. Depending on the size of your group and the availability of each, you will be staying in one of these 3 lodges. The largest lodge offers 9 client rooms. The second lodge offers 5 rooms, 2 with a double bed and 3 with 2 single beds. The third lodge offers 5 rooms as well, with 2 rooms featuring a double bed and 3 rooms featuring a single bed. Each of these lodges provides excellent food and drinks, as well as magnificent views over the African plains. 

Client Bedroom in Lodge 

At each of the lodges, you can enjoy your meals while overlooking the African bush and free-roaming animals. Food is excellent and prepared with a variety of different game and livestock meats. Cell signal and internet are available while in camp. Internet is also available in each of the concession’s blinds for your convenience. 

A Typical Day Hunting 

The typical day will start with an early morning coffee and light breakfast at the lodge. You and your professional hunter will strategize about where it is best to sit that morning depending on the wind and the movement of different animals. After breakfast, you can expect to drive out to the blind to sit and eagerly wait for the animals to come in for a morning drink. Each blind is equipped with WiFi, helping you to stay connected to the world while you wait. Once the animals come in for their morning drink, your PH will be able to help you sort the best trophies and let you know the best time to take your shot! Once you shoot your trophy, the recovery vehicle will be called in, and you and your PH can take your trophy photos with your animal! From here, your animal will be taken back to the skinning shed, and you can continue hunting in another blind until sundown when you’ll be picked up and taken back to the lodge to enjoy a hearty meal, good drinks, and a warm fire. 

The Bow Hunting Blinds

The outfitter has 20  strategically located blinds spread throughout the property. All of the blinds have wifi so you can fire off those trophy photos to your friends while they are still awake.

Pongola Bow Blind 1Pongola Bow Blind 2

Other Available Animals:

This concession offers an abundance of other trophy plains game, in particular, trophy common reedbuck, mountain reedbuck, and bushbuck. They also have an abundance of free-roaming trophy buffalo, which measure between 36” to 43”. Hunting true free-range buffalo is nearly impossible in South Africa, so they offer a unique opportunity to the big game bow hunter! See the price list below for the outfitter’s prices on other trophy animals.

Trophy Care and Shipping:

As soon as your trophy is loaded into the truck, it will be covered to protect it from the sun. It will then be taken back to camp and skinned immediately to prevent bacterial growth and potential hair slippage. All the meat will be scraped off the skin, and then it will be washed to remove all blood and debris. After drip drying, it will be rubbed with salt, rolled up, and left in a cool dry place for a few days. It is then unrolled, hung, and left to dry. The taxidermist is contacted immediately once the trophy is ready for transport and will come to pick it up for further processing. The trophy is tagged with your information, and your paperwork will be sent with the trophy to the taxidermist. It will take no more than 7 days to get your trophies delivered to the taxidermist or dip and pack agent from the time you hunt them.

Getting There:

You will first fly into Johannesburg. If you are arriving in the morning, your outfitter will meet you and drive you to the hunting lodge. If you are arriving in the afternoon or evening, you should stay at the AfricaSky Guest House, and your outfitter will meet you in the morning and drive you to the hunting area. From Johannesburg, it is a 5-hour drive to the lodge. Once you arrive, you will be greeted by the lodge staff and begin settling in and preparing for the next day’s hunt!

Deposit and Payment Policy:

A 30% deposit of $2,100 is due to book this bow hunt package. The full balance must be paid in camp on the last day of the safari. Wire transfer is the only acceptable form of payment this outfitter accepts. 

Cancellation Policy:

Deposits are non-refundable. Hunt can be rescheduled once at the outfitter's sole discretion for new available dates. If these new dates are accepted and the hunter wants to reschedule again, there is a 10% fee. Rescheduled safaris are subject to a $150 Administration Fee to be paid directly to the booking agent.

Exclusions: International airfare, taxidermy, international shipping of trophies, insurance, gratuities 

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HUnt # SA-UM - Pong Bow 2023

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