Bushmanland Trophy Elephant Hunt

Rifle Only – 1X1 ONLY $52,500

2024 / 2025


ONLY $52,500!

Includes one observer!

14 Full Hunting Days

Elephant Trophy Fee Included!


  • Lodging
  • All Food and Beverages
  • Vehicle
  • R/T Road Transfer from Windhoek Airport
  • All VAT
  • PH, Tracker, Skinner, Camp Staff
  • Field Prep of Trophies
  • Trophy Transport to Dip and Pack
  • Additional Observer Rate:  $200 / Day
  • Rifle Rental $75 / Day incl. Ammo
  • Additional Hunting Days: $450 / Day

This is a 14-day free-range trophy bull elephant hunt in Namibia’s famed Bushmanland.  This is one of the better areas in Africa to look for a big elephant. Over the years, several bulls over 100# have been taken in Bushmanland. Once your elephant has been taken, you can continue hunting plains game with the outfitter on his excellent free-range plains game hunting area.


This conservancy is covered with Kalahari sands and flat landscapes of broad-leaved and acacia woodlands. The outfitter has harvested several elephants in excess of 70 lbs. on this conservancy.

The area is comprised of two hunting blocks, which combined total over 2.3 million acres. One of the blocks is better early in the season and the other block is better late in the season. The hunting season for elephants begins March 1 and runs through November 30. The best time for this hunt is April, May and June. It is cooler and they shoot some really big ones then!

2020 Bushmanland elephant trophy

Bushmanland elephant trophy taken late in 2020

The two blocks comprise the biggest free-range hunting area in Namibia. The area borders Botswana, and has the same quality of elephants, just cheaper! The professional hunters have a lot of experience hunting big elephants and you will be in good hands on this hunting safari.

This area is also one of the best areas for big leopards in Africa. The area also has some huge eland bulls.

Link to Bushmanland Hunting Area Map


This hunt is a free-range hunt for trophy elephants over 60 lbs. You will be able to shoot the biggest elephant available at no extra charge. The elephants roam over a vast area, so a lot of time will be spent looking for fresh tracks and signs. This is a unique environment to hunt in and is known as one of the best areas to hunt “old-style” in all of Africa!

Bushmanland Trophy ElephantTrophy Elephant Bull Taken in Bushmanland, Namibia

This hunt will be conducted in a traditional way. Based out of a tented camp, you will wake up, eat a light breakfast, and then load up and head out for the day’s hunting. Lunch will be during mid-day when the animals are not as active and will consist of a picnic lunch conducted in a convenient spot. Hunting methods will consist of driving and looking for tracks, looking for elephants, and checking waterholes for signs. The elephants tend to congregate around waterholes and pans. Once a fresh sign or a suitable bull elephant is spotted, the stalk will begin until you are in a position to take a good shot.

If you do not get your elephant in the 14 days, you are welcome to continue hunting until you are successful, or you can return later in the year and resume hunting it at no cost other than your return airfare.

This is a unique offer, as it allows you to continue hunting your elephant until you are successful!

This is a hard hunt, but very rewarding. After you have taken your elephant you will get to see how the meat is distributed in the Bushmanland Conservancy.

Once the elephant is in the salt, you can continue hunting plains game on the outfitter’s excellent free-range plains game hunting areas.

Link to Bushmanland Plains Game Price List


This outfitter has been conducting big game hunts in these areas since 2010. This outfitter has been awarded Outfitter of the Year by the Dallas Safari Club (DSC) and has been selected as International Professional Hunter of the Year by Safari Club International (SCI). They specialize in traditional dangerous game safaris and are known throughout the hunting industry for the excellent staff, service, and hunting experiences they offer.


Your hunt will take place from a luxury 4-star tented camp situated central to the hunting area. The camp features tents with en-suite bathrooms, electricity by generator, and daily laundry service. Each tent has two ¾ beds. Cell phone service is available in camp,but internet service is not available. All camps are equipped with a satellite phone in case of emergency. The food provided by this outfitter will be outstanding and will rival that served at any lodge!

Bushmanland Elephant Tented Camp BedsBushmanland Elephant Camp Tents


This outfitter uses Casper’s Taxidermy located in Grootfontein, Namibia. Field preparation is provided for all trophies. Then they are quarantined for at least one month. From there they are transported (included) to the taxidermist. The average for the trophies to be delivered to the taxidermist is about 6 months. Paperwork and import permits can cause delays and contribute to the 6-month average.


You will fly to Windhoek, Namibia where you will be met by the outfitter and driven to the hunting camp in Bushmanland. The drive is approximately 7 hours.

DEPOSIT POLICY: $30,000 USD is required to confirm a booking. The remaining $25,000 is due 2 weeks prior to the start of the safari. The funds can be wired to a bank account in the US. Forms of payment accepted for the initial deposit are check, credit card (3% fee applies), or bank transfer. Balance payments can be made by US check or bank wire.

TROPHY FEE PAYMENT: The $10,000 trophy fee is due at the end of the safari after the elephant has been taken. This can be paid in US cash or prewired. The $10,000 will be promptly refunded if it was pre-wired in the unlikely event that the hunt is unsuccessful.

CANCELATION POLICY: 90% of the deposit will be refunded if the safari is canceled more than 6 months before the safari start date. The deposit is non-refundable if canceled less than 6 months from the safari start date unless a replacement is found by the client.

REFUND POLICY: A refund of the trophy component ($10,000) of the safari will be done in the unlikely event that no animal is available to hunt. Fair chase principles apply. When a chance was given to hunt the trophy, and the hunter missed the trophy or opted not to utilize the opportunity, no refund is applicable. Wounded animals are fully payable.

INDEMNITY AGREEMENT AND SAFARI CONTRACT: All clients are required to sign the Indemnity Agreement and the Safari Contract prior to the start of the safari.

EXCLUSIONS: Airfare, Dip and Pack, Taxidermy, International Shipping of Trophies, Rifle Rental and Ammunition, Charter Flights, Before and After Safari Accommodations, Gratuities

Hunt # NA-TC-2020 -Elephant

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