Cape Buffalo Cow Hunting Safari

Rifle Only 1 x 1 Only $3,500 All-In!!

2023 / 2024

Cape Buffalo Cow Hunting Safari

  • 5 Full Hunting Days in South Africa’s Northwest Province
  • 6 Nights of Lodging Included
  • 2 Travel Days
  • Airport P/U and Return Included (JNB)
  • All Inclusive:  Lodging /Food / Beverages / Daily Laundry / PH / Tracker / Skinner
  • Observer Rate:  $120 / Day
  • Rifle Rental:  FREE!  You only pay for ammo used!

Trophy fee included for:

  • 1 - Cape Buffalo Cow


This is a great deal for the hunter that wants an affordable way to hunt a Cape buffalo. The Cape buffalo cow will provide the same dangerous game hunting experience at significantly less money than hunting a bull would. Plus, many Cape buffalo cows have a wider spread than the bulls do. The world record Cape Buffalo is actually a cow!

This hunt will be done on foot amongst the dense bush. This is an exciting hunt as the cows are usually in herds and many are with calves so they are very wary. Sorting out an older female or a mature female without a calf in thick cover can be an exciting endeavor that you won’t soon forget!


The Cape Buffalo Cow Hunt will take place in the Northwest Province Near Rustenberg in South Africa on a 8,000-acre fenced concession. No extra flights or long drives are necessary on this hunt. The terrain for this plains game and buffalo combo hunt will consist of thick bushveld, which is typical of the surrounding area. 


You will stay in a 3.5-star lodge where the food and service are fabulous. This is a hunting safari where you will experience the luxury accommodations that South Africa has become famous for! The lodge features a thatched roof and has in-suite bathrooms and double beds. Cell phone service and internet service are available in the camp.

This buffalo cow hunt in South Africa is a serious value for the money!  Real dangerous game hunting at an affordable price!

Cape Buffalo Cow Client BedroomCape Buffalo Cow Hunt Client Bathroom


Recommended rifle calibers for this hunt are as follows:

Buffalo Cow

Buffalo cows are especially dangerous. The minimum recommended caliber of the rifle is .375, and bigger calibers are better. Your rifle can not be “too big” if a buffalo is charging you at close range!

Plains Game

A minimum rifle caliber of .30-06 is recommended, up to a .375 caliber. The .375 caliber makes for a great all-around rifle for both segments of this hunt, as solids are readily available for the .375, which can be used for taking the smaller animals of Africa without doing too much damage to the trophies.

There are also some great plains game trophies on this concession, and this 5-day hunt gives you adequate time to search for some good ones! 

Additional animals are available during this hunt and may be viewed on the price list below:


The outfitter will pick you up at the Johannesburg airport and you will drive the 2 hours to the hunting concession near Rustenberg.  After the hunt, the PH will drive you back to the airport in Johannesburg.

So what are you waiting for?  Why not experience some of the most exciting hunting Africa has to offer without breaking the bank?  This is a discounted Cape buffalo cow hunt that is hard to pass up!

This hunt is a Discount African Hunts Exclusive Hunt!  You will not find it at this price anywhere else!

Contact Me Today to Book this Exciting Cape Buffalo Cow Hunt in South Africa!

This hunt is a Discount African Hunts Exclusive Hunt!  You will not find it at this price anywhere else!

DEPOSIT POLICY:  $1,500 is required at the time of booking.  Balance of the package and trophy fees for any additional animals taken or wounded that are not in the package is due at the end of the hunt in US cash or by credit card.

Cancellation Policy:  Deposits are non-refundable but hunts can be extended in the same year or to subsequent years at the outfitter's discretion. Any increase in price or increase due to the exchange rate for hunts that are extended to subsequent years are will be the client’s responsibility.  All rescheduled hunts are subject to a $150 administration fee, which will be collected by the booking agent prior to processing the change. 

EXCLUSIONS:  Airfare / Dip & Pack / Taxidermy / Shipping of Trophies / Before and After Accommodations and Meals / Gratuities

HUNT# SA-2016-PP-BC-13

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Drew McIntosh
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August 2014

"Best advice I can give is don't let the word DISCOUNT scare you. I was skeptical but I have hunted all over and I can tell you these trips are top notch! Everything was described accurately, no surprises. I took 9 trophies - almost every one made gold medal. I would highly recommend John Martins and Discount African Hunts. I already have another trip booked with them and I am looking at 2 more. I got everything I wanted and saved thousands doing it!"

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June 2019

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Brian Stewart
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