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Wing Shooting Hunts in South Africa | Discount African Hunts

Wing Shooting Hunt in South Africa

Shotgun Only 2 x 1 Only $2,000 per Hunter!

2019 / 2020
This is a world-class wing shoot for a group of 4 hunters in South Africa's Northwest Province. Hunt ducks and geese during the early mornings and evenings and hunt over short-haired pointers during the day for Frankolin, Guinea Fowl and Partridge. This hunt is a remarkable value and offers some of the best wing shooting that Southern Africa has to offer!

Wing Shooting Package Hunt in Kwazulu-Natal's Zululand

Shotgun Only 2 x 1 Only $4,000 per Hunter!

This is a wing shooting package hunt in South Africa's Kwazulu-Natal for 4 hunters. You will hunt for both waterfowl and upland birds with one of South Africa's pioneering and most respected wing shooting outfitters. Few will experience the excitement of having 20 chanting Zulus driving wave after wave of birds over you and then doing a victory celebration dance at the end of the shoot to celebrate.

Wing Shooting & Plains Game Combo Hunt

Shotgun & Rifle 2 x 1 Only $3,000 US per Hunter!

2019 / 2020
This is a wing shooting and plains game combination hunt in South Africa's Northwest Province near the Magliesburg mountains. You will hunt ducks and geese in the early mornings and late afternoons. In between, you will experience world-class hunting over pointers for Franklin, Partridge and Guinea. After three days of bird hunting, you will each finish your hunt by taking an Impala and a Blesbok to cap off an unforgettable hunt.

Wing Shooting Hunts in South Africa

Wing shooting hunts in South Africa are the best wing shooting that the African continent has to offer.  South Africa has developed a robust wing shooting industry that many in the know refer to as the ‟next Argentina” of bird hunting.  South Africans have been enjoying their world-class wing shooting for many decades, but it is only in the last 20 years that wing shooting in South Africa has started to emerge on the international wing shooting scene.  Wing shooting hunts in South Africa are now common in most provinces, and some small specialized companies have sprung up to provide these services.  A much more common scenario is for a plains game safari provider to offer these additional services as add-ons to a traditional plains game safari.  Most of these add-ons are of a three or four day duration, as the dogs will begin to tire after several days of constant hunting.

Although most provinces of South Africa currently offer some level of wing shooting services, a few of the provinces stand out from the others by offering a multitude of wing shooting opportunities for different species along with having a good number of operators providing these hunts.  The Free State, especially around the judicial capital of Bloemfontein, stands out as one of the better areas for wing shooting hunts in South Africa.  The Northwest Province also offers good wing shooting and a visiting hunter can hunt waterfowl in the morning, hunt upland game over pointers in the daytime, and return to waterfowl hunting in the late afternoon.

Kwazulu-Natal offers some of the finest wing shooting hunts in South Africa.  Several well established outfitters have built up a healthy business catering to international hunters.  One of the specialty hunts is the driven hunt.   Guinea fowl and Francolin are driven over hunters by more than 20 chanting Zulu’s in a similar way to the bull horn formation tactic invented and used in battle by the infamous Shaka Zulu himself.  After the hunt you will experience a victory dance by the Zulu beaters.

Other areas that offer wing shooting hunts in South Africa include the Eastern Cape, Western Cape and the Limpopo region.  Wing shooting hunts in South Africa offer the best wing shooting on the African continent.

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"This was our first time to Africa and it was incredible. We were able to harvest all the animals on our wish list and they were fantastic quality trophies.  I would recommend this hunt as you are only about 2 hours from Johannesburg. Thanks to Discount African Hunts we connected with an awesome outfitter and took some great trophies!."

Troy N.
May, 2015


"I had the hunting experience of a lifetime. And I have a real need to go back. I made many new friends from South Africa, Australia and the USA.

I strongly recommend both Discount African Hunts and this outfitter. John Martins set me up with a great outfitter, answered all my questions and made sure I had all my paperwork in order A to Z."

Steven Colkette
Harrisville, WV
August, 2015




"I spent weeks visiting websites for outfitters in Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, comparing pre-made packages and regular fees. In the end, for a 7-day, six animal hunt with my son as an observer/hunter, John Martins had the best price."

Andrew and Garet
Georgia, USA
October, 2014


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