Congo Hunting Safari

Rifle and Shotgun or Bow 1x1 Starting at $28,600

2016 / 2017

Congo Hunting Safari

NOTE: Due to an ongoing disagreement between the Namibia-based owners and their Congo-based partner, this hunt is currently not available! Call us at 727-434-0840 for more information or for recomendations on a substitute hunting safari.


13 Day Safari – Choose One Species From Group 1 

Group 1                        Days    Daily Rates

Bongo                              13        $28,600

Forest Buffalo                 13        $28,600

Sitatunga                         13         $28,600

Yellow Backed Duiker   13         $28,600

Any of the following species can be hunted in conjunction with your choice of one of the animals of Group 1:

Black Fronted Duiker, Blue Duiker, Bay Duiker, Peter’s Duiker and Red River Hog

20 Day Safari– Full Bag Safari (Take all Available Species)

Group 2                       Days    Daily Rates

Combination Hunt       20          $44,000

Any of the above species may be hunted!


Bongo                               $7,000

Forest Buffalo                 $4,000

Sitatunga                         $3,500

Yellow Backed Duiker    $3,000

Black Fronted Duiker      $1,800

Bay Duiker                        $1,800

Blue Duiker                       $  800

Peters Duiker                    $  800

Red River Hog                  $1,800

Daily Rates Include:

  • Services of PH
  • Hunting License
  • All necessary staff and vehicles
  • Field Prep of trophies
  • Trophy delivery to Brazzaville
  • Full accommodation and laundry
  • Meals, soft drinks, wine and beer
  • Meet and Greet at Brazzaville airport
  • Assistance with firearms permit and road transfer to camp
  • Quesso River crossing and road transport to camp

Observer Daily Fee:  $500 / Day US

2016 Trophy Export Fees and Government Taxes

In addition to the daily rates and trophy fees, the government requires that taxes be paid on all trophies exported.  Some species require an export permit and others require a CITES permit.


This is your chance to hunt the newly opened Congo - Brazzaville for exotic plains game species, dwarf buffalo and duikers.  This hunt will take place in the Northern Congo and is accessed from the town of Ouesso.  This area has been logged in the past, so there is a wide network of roads to facilitate hunting.


You will fly to Brazzaville’s Maya-Maya airport from Paris, France or Johannesburg, South Africa.  There, you will be met by a representative that will assist you and transport you to a hotel where you will overnight ($150 US).  The next morning you will be picked up and transferred to the airport for a connecting flight to Ouesso in the northern Congo. (R/T $250 US) There is only one flight between Ouesso and Brazzaville per week.  These flights cannot be booked on-line and will be booked by a company representative on your behalf.  When a flight is not available due to unforeseen circumstances, transportation to Ouesso will be available.  You will be picked up by your PH at the airport in Ouesso.  You will then cross the river at Ouesso and be driven to camp (2 hour drive)


You are requested to apply for a Visa at your nearest Congo- Brazzaville Embassy.

You will be asked to provide the following:

  • Invitation letter supplied by CHS 2 months before arrival date
  • Flight tickets 
  • Brazzaville Hotel address
  • 2 color ID photo's

Note: Please contact Embassy for more detail and processing time

What we need:

  • Scanned copy of the hunter's passport for invitation letter
  • A color ID photo of hunter
  • International flight itinerary - Confirm inland flights with us beforehand
  • Information sheet filled out in case of allergies or emergencies


The day after arrival you will start hunting. Hunts are conducted from bay's sitting in elevator blinds, from the rivers in a Mokoro (boat), in the logging roads, spot and stalk or walk and calling in the forest.

Bongo may be hunted by searching the open areas and roads, as they have a habit of coming out into the openings to feed on the new growth along the roadway fringes. This is one of the few areas in Africa where bongo can be hunted by this method. The large amount of logging roads from previous logging operations allows for this relatively easy method of hunting bongo.  Sitatunga hunting will utilize a boat to access areas that the sitatunga frequent.

You will see gorillas and a wide variety of exotic wildlife while on this hunting safari in the Congo.


Bow Hunting is allowed in the Congo and importing your bow will be relatively easy.



Goliath tigerfish are available as a side excursion when you have completed your hunting.  The fishing is a 2 hour drive from camp and is done on the Sangha River.  Goliath Tigerfish are known to grow up to 150 pounds an feature interlocking teeth similar to a piranha.



If you desire to bring your own firearms, the following will be required in addition to meeting your country’s firearms export requirements:

  • Rifle license or details (make, serial number, caliber of each barrel in case of Blazers) with number of rounds of ammo you want to bring with you.
  • Copy of an ID Photo

We will apply for your import permit, which you will receive on arrival.

The following firearms are available in camp to rent: .416, .375 and a shotgun. 

Rifle Rental is available at $50 US per day

Trophy Shipments:

After the completion of your hunt your trophies will be dried and transported to Brazzaville. There they will get packed and exported by airfreight to the address you supplied us. This whole process will take between 10-18 months.


The hunting camp consists of brick and wood Chalets that feature air conditioning and are each fitted with an in-suite bathroom and shower.  Electricity and a satellite phone are available when necessary.


This is both a malaria area and yellow fever area, so malaria preventative medications and a yellow fever vaccination will be necessary along with the usual vaccinations recommended for African travel.

Services and Fees Included:

  • Services of a professional hunter
  • Hunting license
  • Hunting vehicles, trackers, skinners and camp staff
  • Trophy delivery for exportation / shipping to Brazzaville
  • Full accommodations – meal and laundry service
  • Soft drinks, wine, beer
  • Meet and greet at airport in Brazzaville
  • Assistance at customs and with firearm permit

Services and Fees NOT Included:

  • Transport to Ouessa via either road or private air charter
  • Observer Fees
  • Professional photographers / videographers
  • Weapons Hire - $50 / day US
  • Packing and Shipping cost of trophies to South Africa and / or final destination
  • Cites and export permit fees
  • Government trophy fees and taxes
  • Hotels and airfare before or after the hunt
  • Gratuities
  • Cost of any telephone calls made
  • Trip / Cancellation insurance (compulsory)

Terms and Conditions:

  • All prices are quoted in US Dollars
  • Daily rates are all inclusive and are quoted per person
  • Upgrade possible when quota is available
  • Daily rates are payable per period irrespective of whether you stay the full period or not. 
  • Overstay in camp will be charged for.

Deposit Policy:

Your hunt is booked and reserved only when a 50% deposit on daily fees, together with a scanned copy of passport and rifle details has beem received.  The balance of the daily rates is due 30 days prior to the start of the hunt.

The deposit on the hunt may be forfeited in the event of a cancellation if a replacement party booking is not secured.

So what are you waiting for?  Contact me today  at 727-434-0840 to learn more about this exciting hunting safari in the French Congo!

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"I would Highly recommend my PH and Discount African Hunts. John got me a great deal with a top of the line outfitter. They both went out of their way to make sure my hunt and everything else about it was great."

Gary Popadich
September, 2015



"First, I wanted to tell you the buffalo hunt with the outfitter you booked me with was great! The PH took me to a farm where there was a good herd of buffalo and I shot a 40” old dagga boy. I could have taken another one a bit wider, 42”, with hard bosses but he did not have that old rough beat-up look I was after."

Mike Davis

May, 2023



"I was fortunate to book a plains game hunt through John Martins that ended up being the trip of a lifetime! Great value, Awesome accommodations, weather between 70 and 80 degrees, food was delicious, and animals were abundant!!"

Bill Everett
Anaconda, MT
March 2021