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Darted Green Rhino Hunt in South Africa

Dart Gun ONLY! 1 x 1 Only $8,500 per Hunter!!!

Darted Rhino Hunt in South Africa

2019 / 2020


5 Full Hunting Days for a Darted White Rhino

2 Travel Days

No insurance required!

All Inclusive: Food / Lodging / Licenses / PH / Veterinarian / Tracker

R/T Transportation from Kimberly is included

Add Extra Plains Game Hunting Days for:  $350 / Day

Add an Observer:  $150 / Day

Plains Game Rifle Rental:  $30 / Day

Trophy Photos:  FREE!

This is the modern way to complete your Big 5.  With White Rhino prices pushing past $50,000, and Black Rhino prices hitting the stratosphere (when available), this is the most affordable way to complete this hunting milestone.   Plus, the Dallas Safari Club and SCI both recognize the taking of a rhino with a dart as an acceptable method of taking.  So why kill one of these magnificent animals when you can experience the thrill of this hunt while letting the rhino resume its life!

This hunt occurs in the Northwest Province of South Africa on a very large concession that is home to 4 of Africa's big 5.  There are multiple rhino bulls roaming this large property and you will be stalking at close range right in among them!  Rhinos have an acute sense of hearing and smell.  Hunting the wind and stalking silently are paramount to your success.  This is dangerous game hunting at its finest!  Shots are usually taken at 30 yards or less, so this darted green rhino hunt in South Africa is dangerous game hunting at its best!  And best of all, no expensive Rhino insurance is required!

White RhinosWhite Rhino Bull

Rhino bulls on this concession range from 18” up to 28”.  This is your chance to get your rhinoceros trophy at a greatly discounted price!  With over 50 bulls on this concession, this is one of the best places to do a darted green rhino hunt in all of South Africa.  Actually, in all of Africa!  And you will be guided by a highly experienced PH that has successfully guided clients to hundreds of big game trophies.  I have personally hunted dangerous game with this PH, and he is as good as you can have at your side when hunt suddenly becomes dangerous.

You will be staying at a 4-star lodge during your darted green rhino hunt in South Africa.  The accommodations are luxurious and the food is great.  You will stay in a private chalet that features a view of a nearby waterhole.  The challets have in-suite bathrooms and showers and are among the finest in all of Africa.  The lodge features a spa and pool, should your guests decide to skip a day of hunting.  The food and wine are world-class.  Combine that with the legendary service levels that Africa is famous for, and you have an unforgettable luxury safari for one of Africa’s greatest trophies.

Other animals are available to be hunted after your rhino hunt concludes, and trophy fees for other animals can be viewed below:

Should you wish to take home more than a photo of this epic hunt for trophy rhinoceros, a fiberglass reproduction of your rhinoceros trophy is available from your African taxidermist?  Be sure to tell your PH, as there are several measurements of the rhino’s horn that need to be taken while the rhino is tranquilized.

You will be able to practice with the dart gun prior to the actual dart hunt.  Should your first shot at the rhinoceros miss the fee for additional darts is $450 / Dart.

So what are you waiting for?  The time to take this iconic African trophy at a discounted price with no insurance required is now!

This is a Discount African Hunts Exclusive Hunt.  You will not see this hunt offered at this price anywhere else!

Call me to book this Darted Green Rhino Hunt in South Africa Now!

Deposit Policy:  The deposit to book this hunt is $2,500.  The balance including trophy fees for any additional animals harvested or wounded is due in US cash or by bank wire at the end of the hunt.

Exclusions: Dip and Pack / Taxidermy / Shipping of Trophies / Gratuities



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Darted Rhino Hunt in South Africa 4 Darted Rhino HuntSitting Area Darted Rhino Hunt Dining Room Darted Rhino Hunt Common Room
Darted Rhino Hunt Lodge Exterior Darted Rhino Hunt Lodge Exterior 2    
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"Best advice I can give is don't let the word DISCOUNT scare you. I was skeptical but I have hunted all over and I can tell you these trips are top notch! Everything was described accurately, no surprises. I took 9 trophies - almost every one made gold medal. I would highly recommend John Martins and Discount African Hunts. I already have another trip booked with them and I am looking at 2 more. I got everything I wanted and saved thousands doing it!"

John Schultz
June 2019


"I booked the hunt through John Martins, the owner of Discount African Hunts. It was a smooth transaction and he provided me with good and accurate information."

"This 10 day package safari was a fantastic experience. I learned many new hunting skills and made new friends.  I would go back and do it again in a heartbeat.  I'm going back. That says it all. Thanks to Discount African Hunts for setting me up on a fantastic plains game safari."

Brian Stewart
Ottawa, Canada
June, 2015


"I spent weeks visiting websites for outfitters in Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, comparing pre-made packages and regular fees. In the end, for a 7-day, six animal hunt with my son as an observer/hunter, John Martins had the best price."

Andrew and Garet
Georgia, USA
October, 2014


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