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Discounted Trophy Cape Buffalo Hunt

Rifle - Black Powder - Bow 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide ) ONLY $10,990 /HUNTER !!!

Trophy Cape Buffalo

2019 / 2020

Discounted Trophy Cape Buffalo Hunt

My Best Deal for a Trophy Cape Buffalo Bull!


ONLY $10,990 All-in!


Trophy Fees Included for:    1 - Trophy Cape Buffalo

Take any size buffalo for one low price!

  • 6 Full Hunting Days Included
  • 7 Nights 4-Star Lodging Included
  • Airport Pick-up / Drop-off included from Johannesburg (JNB)
  • All Inclusive – Food / Lodging / Guide / Tracker / Laundry / Permits included

Add an observer for only $150 / day

Add additional hunting days at $350 / day

Firearms Rental: $30 / Day US plus Ammo

The Buffalo Hunt

If you have been holding out looking for a good deal on a discounted trophy Cape buffalo hunt, this is it!  A top outfitter in South Africa has the rights to hunt a 12,000 acre concession that is convenient to Johannesburg. The concession features a 4-star hunting lodge and has a good-sized herd of Cape buffalo bulls on it. 95% of these bulls are over 40 inches. Several of my clients have taken some real trophies here, including a 45" bull two years ago.  These Cape buffalo are living their lives out on this good-sized farm and hunting here will offer a world-class buffalo hunt.  This is your chance to get a true trophy Cape buffalo at an unbelievable price.  The outfitter told me that there is only a very small chance that you would not harvest a Cape buffalo bull over 40” on this hunting safari.

45 inch BuffaloCape Buffalo Trophy

The Buffalo Hunting Concession

The area that the hunt will take place on is over 12,000 acres and has lots of hills with deep valleys opening up into an area of broken veld. There are grass flats and mountains.  With the mix of terrain and thick cover, this is the ideal place for a trophy Cape buffalo hunt!  There are lots of springs and running water during normal rain years.  The trophy buffalo hunt will mostly be done on foot, but spot and stalk may also be used. The outfitter will get you in close, but safe, in a position to make a good shot, in classic Cape buffalo hunting style.  This is a great concession for a bow hunter to be able to stalk a Cape buffalo on foot.  A camera man is available at an extra charge should you desire to have your buffalo hunt filmed.

The PH will work with you to find a buffalo that you are happy with.  Many different shapes and sizes of buffalo will be seen.  Some will have deep drops, some will have wide spreads and some will have big bosses.  Although this concession is a fenced area, you will seldom see the fences and this is a true fair chase hunt for Africa’s most sought after dangerous game animal.

The Buffalo Hunting Lodge

The hunt is conducted from a  4-star lodge on the concession.  Individual chalets will feature two plush beds and in-suite bathrooms and showers. The lodge features heat pumps, so air conditioning is available for the hotter times of the year. There is wireless internet available in the lodge. The cuisine will be excellent and there is a great place to relax outside around the fireplace after a hard days hunting.

This is one of the nicest camps I have stayed at in all of South Africa!

Discounted Cape Buffalo LodgeDiscounted Cape Buffalo Guest Bedroom


Additional Plains Game

Should you take your buffalo early, other hunting opportunities are available.  There are multiple trophy species also available on or near the concession including klipspringer, kudu, sable, roan and most of the more common plains game. There is an abundance of plains game on this hunting concession. I saw several big trophy kudu there when I hunted there in 2017.  These additionally available animals are listed on the price list below:

This is the best deal for a trophy Cape Buffalo hunt that I have ever been able to offer to my clients!  If you want a great trophy at an awesome price, don’t hesitate!

Contact me today at 727-434-0840 to book this memorable trophy Cape Buffalo hunt with one of Africa’s great Big Game Professional Hunters.   It is a hunting experience that you will remember forever!

Deposit Policy:  A deposit of $ 3,000 US is required at time of booking to secure dates. The balance of the package and any additional fees for additional animals taken or wounded are due on the last day of the hunt, prior to departing camp.

Cancellation Policy: Deposits are non-refundable but hunts can be extended to subsequent years.  Any increase of price or increase due to the exchange rate for hunts that are extended will be the client’s responsibility. 

The following Exclusions apply:  Dip & pack / Airfare / Taxidermy and trophy shipping / Gratuities

You will have the opportunity to visit a local taxidermist before you head home.  They will also handle your dip and pack and shipping should you wish to ship your trophy to your taxidermist at home.

Hunt # SA-WL-CB-2015


Contact Us Today to BOOK this Hunt!  727-434-0840 

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Discounted Trophy Cape Buffalo Hunt 12 Discounted Trophy Cape Buffalo Hunt 13 Buffalo Hunting Lodge Discounted Cape Buffalo Hunting lodge Interior 2
Discounted Buffalo Hunting Lodge Swimming Pool Guest Bedroom 2 Discounted Cape Buffalo Lodge Guest room 2 Discounted Cape Buffalo Lodge Exterior


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