Discounted Trophy Forest Elephant Hunt

Rifle Only 1X1 $35,000 + Trophy Fee

2023 / 2024

$35,000 + Trophy Fee

Discounted Trophy Forest Elephant Hunt

12 Full Hunting Days


  • 12 Full Hunting Days in Cameroon
  • Reception and Assistance at Yaoundé Airport 
  • R/T Road Transfer to Yaoundé  
  • Pygmy Trackers
  • 13 Nights in Camp with Full Accommodations (Drinks Included)


  • CITES Permit and Veterinary Certificate ($400)
  • Dip and Pack ($1,200)
  • Taxidermy
  • Crating and Shipping of Trophies
  • Hunting Permit (2 trophies class A + 4 Class B Trophies ) $1,650
  • Second Hunting License ( Additional Class B Animals) $900
  • All Trophy Fees (Elephant / $5,000)
  • Rifle Rental and Ammunition: $350 + $15 / round
  • Shotgun Rental: $350 + $5 / Round
  • Hotels and Meals in Yaoundé 
  • Visa ($260)
  • Airfare to and from Yaoundé 
  • Gratuities

Observer Rate is $350 per day



Go on one of the world’s most dangerous hunts in the jungles of Cameroon and bag your trophy forest elephant at a fantastic value!

About the Forest Elephant:

The Forest Elephant is one of the most prized trophies in all the rainforest. Its habitat is deep in the jungles of Cameroon, where it can shelter in the thick vegetation far away from others. As a smaller elephant than its African or Asian cousins, it can grow to around 2 meters tall and weigh on average 1.5 tons. Their tusks are also smaller in comparison, but the ivory quality is much better. It often has a yellowish hue that can vary to a dark walnut color due to native plant juices staining the tusks. It is sometimes referred to as “rose ivory.” The tusks also grow in a downward trajectory, unlike other elephant species whose tusks grow forward. 

Hunting Areas and Terrain:

The entirety of the hunting concession is located in the thick jungle of Cameroon. The hunting concession is located west of Yaounde, bodering Gabon. It is a 1/2 day drive from Yaouunde, so no expensive charter flight is required. It is in the rainforest, so expect rain just about every day.  The rain also brings consistently high humidity (90%) and hot temperatures each day as well. The concession is located near Dja National Reserve and covers about 400,000 acres of prime unfenced elephant hunting grounds. Much of this jungle is unexplored, so be prepared to go off the beaten path and into some of the thickest and most rugged terrain in search of your trophy elephant. 

Hunting Season for Forest Elephant:

The rain forest hunting season runs from January to July, but the best success rate is between the end of March through the end of June. This is the only time this outfitter will book your elephant hunt to ensure you have the best experience and sucess possible while on your hunt.

About the Outfitter:

This outfitter has experience with hunts all over Africa and specializes in hunting in Cameroon. They believe it is the small details that make the biggest difference for clients: great food, amazing wines, quality accommodations, reliable logistics, and experienced guides who are passionate about hunting to provide the best experience possible. Their focus is always on the client and ensuring every part of the hunt exceeds expectations. 

Forest Elephant Hunting Lodge and Accommodations:

The hunting lodge is located in a clearing in the rainforest and provides individual cabins complete with en-suite bathrooms. Comfortable beds are protected with mosquito netting and the rooms are conditioned with fans. The temperature in the rainforest is a constant 20-25 degrees celsius, so air conditioning is not required. Laundry is done in camp daily. Cell phone and internet service are not available in camp, so a satellite phone is recommended for those wishing to stay in contact with others back home.


Camp is shared by no more than two hunters at once, with each hunter having their own dedicated PH and pygmy trackers. Cuisine in camp is excellent and based on international recipes, although you will always find an African touch in your meals. 

Forest Elephant Hunting Methods:

The typical day hunting elephants in the Cameroon rainforest starts with eating breakfast in camp. From camp, you’ll leave in vehicles to scout for fresh tracks over the roads. Having rain is a must, as it is needed to allow the game to leave tracks in the ground for easier tracking. Once fresh elephant tracks are found, you’ll start your stalk on foot. The pygmy trackers will take the lead, followed by the PH and then you. Walking through the jungle is not easy, as there is thick vegetation, high humidity, and hot temperatures. Thus, the stalking will go slow and never be faster than two miles an hour. Once an elephant is located, you and your PH will work to sneak in close for a clear shot through the brush. It is common to only be able to see part of the elephant at this stage, and distances can become as close as 5-10 yards. The excitement and adrenaline of pulling the trigger on a forest elephant at this range is unparalleled by any other hunting experience. Clients should be conditioned well and in good shape to undertake this hunt, as the better shape you are in the higher chance there is of a successful hunt. Success is estimated at 80% and depends a lot on the hunter’s conditioning. 

Trophy Care and Shipping:

Trophies are skinned immediately and are prepared in camp. Preparation includes cleaning, salting, and drying. They are then sent to a facility in town for dip and pack. 

Ivory is removed and cleaned immediately and sent to a secure location post-hunt.

Ivory from elephants hunted in Cameroon is not currently allowed to be imported into the US or the European Union at this time.

For US hunters, Discount African Hunts has partnered with the Wildlife Gallery to offer you an Ivory Replica Package so that you may display your elephant's ivory.  With good photographs and measurements of both tusk length and circumference, the Wildlife Gallery can make a replica of your elephant's tusks!  Contact the Wildlife Gallery for details.

Rental Rifle:

The outfitter has two rifles in available for rent: 375 Sako  with a Doctor 2.5 - 10X50 scope and a 458 BRNO with a Kahles 1.5 - 6X42 scope. 

If you plan to bring your own rifle, the minimum caliber the outfitter requires is 375 H&H. The scope must be a minimum of 1.5-6x42 and be of a good quality. This outfitter works with an agent in Paris for rifle import permits, and charges $155 for each rifle. 

Getting There:

Your first stop on this journey will be flying into the capital city of Yaoundé. From the airport, you will be picked up by the outfitter and driven to a hotel to stay for the evening. The following morning, you and the outfitter will leave the hotel for the hunting lodge, which averages about 1/2 day, depending on traffic and road conditions. Returning from your hunt may also require an overnight stay at the hotel, depending on your departing flight's schedule.

Deposit and Payment Policy:

A 50% deposit ($17,500) is due at the time of booking. 

An additional 25% ($8,750) is due 6 months prior to the safari.

The final 25% ($8,750) is due 2 weeks before the start of the safari. Payable by bank wire transfer..

The outfitter suggests that you deposit $10,000 to cover trophy fees and license fees.  Any unused funds will be refunded after the hunt has been completed.  Any excess balance due can be paid after you return home.

Trophy fees and additional payments must be paid by wire transfer.

Cancellation Policy

Deposits are non-refundable but the safari can be rescheduled once at the outfitter's discretion and the outfitter's available dates. Any safaris rescheduled to a subsequent year are subject to that subsequent year's pricing.  All rescheduled safaris are subject to a $200 administration fee to be paid directly to the booking agent. A Travel Insurance Policy is strongly recommended when traveling to remote areas in foreign countries.

EXCLUSIONS: Visas, Firearm Import Permits or Rifle and Ammunition Rental ($350), Ammo or Ammo Import Tax, Before and After Hunt Lodging,  Charter Flights (Not Required), Commercial Airfare, Taxes on Export of Trophies and Skins, Trophy Fees, Ivory Tax, Dip and Pack, Packing and Crating of Trophies, Shipment of Trophies to Final Destination, Insurance, Second Hunting License Fee, Travel Insurance, CITES Permit, Gratuities

HUNT # CM SS Forest Elephant

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"First, I wanted to tell you the buffalo hunt with the outfitter you booked me with was great! The PH took me to a farm where there was a good herd of buffalo and I shot a 40” old dagga boy. I could have taken another one a bit wider, 42”, with hard bosses but he did not have that old rough beat-up look I was after."

Mike Davis

May, 2023



"I cannot thank you enough for your advice on booking this 5-star hunt. We had a great hunt!  Our PH was the best! Everything was just as you said it would be. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated all of your help. Please use me as a reference for anyone you are talking to."

We could not be more pleased!"

Bruce Widener
June 2018

'It was the most exciting hunt I have ever been on. We stalked a small bachelor group for a few days before I shot a mature cape buffalo with my Browning 375 H&H.'

'This was my third hunt with Discount African Hunts and each one has been fantastic.  I don't think I would book my future African hunts with anyone else.'

Joe Griner
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