Elephant Hunt in Namibia

Rifle Only 1 x 1 $28,000 All-In!!



  • Rifle Only   1x1 ( 1 Hunter - 1 Guide)
  • 10 Days Daily Rates Included
  • 1 - Trophy Fee for Exportable Bull Elephant (any size)
  • 11 Nights Lodging
  • VAT Included!
  • R/T Transfer from Windhoek Airport Included 
  • Trophy Transport Fee - Included
  • Rifle Rental Available at $20 / Day



A trophy fee of $17,500 is included in the price.  In the unlikely event that a bull is not taken, a refund of $17,500 will be promptly issued.  As an alternative, the outfitter will allow you to extend the hunt at no cost until a bull elephant is taken.


This is your chance to take a trophy Bull Elephant in the desert at an affordable price with one of Namibia’s most experienced big game hunters. The hunt will take place in the Northwest region of  Namibia, east of Kaokoland in a region called Ruacana.  The terrain in this region is a mixtuire of  mountains and plains with big dry riverbeds, typical of Namibia's desert regions.  The area is populated with lots of elephants. 

The hunt will utilize a portable tented camp similar to the safaris of old Africa.  The camp will feature comfortable beds, hot showers and electrical power provided by a generator.  You will sit around the campfire and view the desert stars while toasting the day's events.

This is a high success rate hunt.  Due to good numbers of elephant and low quotas in Namibia, this outfitter has had a 100% success rate over the last several years. You may import all parts of this bull elephant including the ivory.

This is a desert elephant hunt and 100% of the hunt will be done on foot.  The best time to hunt elephant is during the dry season, when animals are concentrated within a day’s walk from water sources.  Late Sept – Nov are prime times for this hunt!

This elephant permit is issued as part of Namibia's sustainable useage conservation program.  The meat will go to the local villagers and will be utilized for food.  This program serves to allow the indigenous people to have a stake in elephant conservation by receiving some benefit from coexisting with these animals.

This PH guided clients to more than 25 elephants in Botswana in 2013.  He is a highly experienced big game PH and this will be an incredible elephant hunting experience!

With all countries except for South Africa and Namibia being shut down to ivory importation into the US, this is one of the most desirable elephant hunts remaining!

Note:  Importing ivory into the US requires a permit from the USFWS in addition to a CITES permit..

Other animals may be available.  See price list below for trophy fees:

Deposit Policy:

The deposit to book this safari is 50% of the daily rates.

The balance of the daily rates are due 60 days prior to commencement of the hunt.

In the unlikely event that an elephanyt is not taken, a $17,500 refund will be promptly issued.

Exclusions: Trophy Fee, Dip and Pack, Export Permits, Taxidermy, Shipping of Trophies, Before and After Accommodations and Meals, Gratuities


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