Elephant Hunt in Zimbabwe

Rifle-Black Powder 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide) ONLY $31,990!!

2024 / 2025


The Beitbridge East area provides a great elephant hunt and  a chance for a giant that has come out of Kruger National Park

10 Full Hunting Days in Zimbabwe’s Beitbridge East Area partially bordering unfenced Kruger National Park


11 Nights of Lodging is  Included


2 Travel Days Included


Daily Rates@ $1,400 / Day x 10 Days                        $ 14,000

Trophy Fee for Bull Elephant ( ≤ 49 lbs )                   $ 16,000

Incidentals Package                                                    $   2,000

  • 2% Tax on Daily Rates                                  INCLUDED
  • 4% Tax on Trophy Fees                                INCLUDED
  • Licenses and Permits                                   INCLUDED
  • R/T Airport Transfer (Bulawayo)                  INCLUDED
  • Field Prep Of Trophies                                  INCLUDED
  • Transfer Trophies to Dip and Pack              INCLUDED
  • Game Scout                                                   INCLUDED

                       ELEPHANT SAFARI TOTAL   $  32,000 All- IN!


NO Hidden Costs!  This is all you will pay except for rifle rental, ammo, and gratuities!

All-Inclusive – Food / Lodging / Guide / Tracker / Daily Laundry

Add an observer for $200 / Day

Rifle Rental: $40 / Day including ammo

Extra hunting days available @ $1,400 / Day


NOTE: The USFWS has signed a consent order where it has agreed to resume processing elephant import permits including those from Zimbabwe! 

The best time to hunt these areas is September - November. In recent years, many of the biggest bulls have been taken from July - November. There really is no bad time to hunt this area other than when the Limpopo River is flooded.

This is your chance to Elephant Hunt in Zimbabwe with one of the most experienced big game outfitters in Africa! This outfitter is one of the oldest and most reputable dangerous game outfitters in Zimbabwe and operates in one of the best dangerous game concessions in Zimbabwe. The hunt will take place in the Beiitbridge East region of southeast Zimbabwe, which is one of the last remaining trophy elephant concessions in Africa where a 90 # elephant is a possibility!

The hunting areas consist of over 700,000 acres and have unfenced borders with Kruger National Park, the Limpopo River, and the Bubye River. Giant tuskers occasionally wander out of the parks at will. The average elephant shot here historically has been over 50 lbs

Recently, the average has been 50 lbs!  An 88# was taken here in 2022. 

60-90 pound Elephants are possible and do get shot here!

You will arrive in Bulawayo, where you will be met by your PH and driven to the lodge camp that will serve as the base for your hunt. Two different camps are used due to the massive size of this hunting area. The camp that you will stay at will be determined by the peak elephant density and activity at the time of your hunt.


This is one of the best trophy bull concessions in Zimbabwe!  Bulls are currently averaging over 50 lbs!


           Big Zimbabwe ElephantGiant Zimbabwe Tusker

This outfitter’s success rate on elephants in this area has been over 100% over the past several years!

Plains game is also available in this area. A Trophy Fee Price List is provided below:


The Elephant Hunting Lodge and Hunting Methods

The outfitter has a main lodge on the Bubi River, with a 3-star tented camp and a fly camp on the Limpopo River. The camps are approximately 100 km apart. A week before the hunt they will deploy game scouts to locate the main elephant activities. Before you arrive, they will know where to start the hunt. The location of the best elephant activity will determine which camp you will stay at and where you will go to start tracking the elephants.

Daily reports from the game scouts will direct you to the areas to start tracking the most recent signs.

This hunt will be conducted from a 3-star tented camp that features en-suite bathrooms and the facilities are designed to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Internet service is available in the camp.

Elephant tented camp bedsElephant tented camp dining area

Your PH will be a highly experienced dangerous game PH that has led many successful elephant expeditions in the past. This Elephant Hunt in Zimbabwe will be conducted on foot. You will locate large bull elephant tracks and then follow them until you can catch up and assess the ivory. There are large herds of elephants here, allowing stalks that take you up close to large herds of elephants.

Success during these prime months runs 100%


The Elephant Hunting Season

The elephant hunting season runs from February to November.

The best time to hunt elephants in this area is September - November.

Success during these prime months runs 100%

With that being said, there is no “bad time” to hunt elephants here, as there are just too many elephants in this area! 


What are you waiting for? Isn’t it about time that you put a trophy tusker in your game room? 


Call me to Hunt Elephant in Zimbabwe:  727-434-0840


A deposit of 50% of the daily rates is required at booking.

The balance of the daily rates is due 30 days before the start of the hunt.


Trophy fees and any other charges are due in US cash at the end of the hunt. Funds to cover trophy fees and other charges may be deposited 30 days before the hunt. Any trophy fees for animals not taken or charges not incurred will be refunded within 21 calendar days of the hunt's end.EXCLUSIONS Airfare / Dip
and Pack / Transportation of Trophies to Dip & Pack Agent / Taxidermy / Shipping / Gratuities / Rifle Rental

Hunt # ZI-TW-EL-2024

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