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Hunt Dwarf Buffalo in Cameroon

Rifle or Bow 1 x 1 ( 1 HUnter / 1 Guide ) Starting at $30,000

Dwarf Buffalo Hunt in Cameroon

2019 / 2020

Hunt Dwarf Buffalo in Cameroon

Hunt Cameroon's Rain Forest for Dwarf Buffalo

• 14 Full Hunting Days
• 2 Travel Days
• Premium Accommodations
• Camp Has Electrical Generators
• Daily Laundry Service
• Add an Observer for $300 / Day

Trophy Fee  for Dwarf Buffalo -  1,500 euros

This exciting Dwarf Buffalo hunt in Cameroon’s rain forest will take place close to Cameroon's south eastern border between the Central African Republic and the Congo. The only practical access to this area is by charter flight out of Douala. This outfitter's concessions consist of over 1,3000,000 acres and hold high concentrations of Dwarf Buffalo. The outfitter has multiple camps within this region and several of them offer excellent hunting for Dwarf Buffalo .This is one of the best areas in Africa to hunt Dwarf Buffalo.  This Dwarf Buffalo hunt in Cameroon requires you to stalk extremely close to the buffalo due to the dense jungle cover.  You may get to within 25 yards of these highly sought after trophies.

The Forest Camps

Your hunt for Dwarf Buffalo in Cameroon will take place in a comfortable forest camp.  Comfortable beds, in-suite bathrooms, electrical power and great food will keep you rested for this difficult jungle hunt.  With years of experience operating camps in these remote areas, you will be in good hands with this outfitter.  Information about the different hunting areas is available via the following link:

Dwarf Buffalo Information

The Dwarf Buffalo is found in the equatorial forest belt of the Congo and in a narrow strip of West Africa.  Dwarf buffalo, or forest buffalo, live in small herds of no more than20 animals.  Dwarf Buffalo are principally grazers, and favor clearings within dense forest areas.  Dwarf Buffalo hunting usually involves shooting at close ranges in very thick cover.  Open sights or low magnification scopes and red dot sights are normally employed for this close-up hunting.

You are likely to see gorillas while you hunt Dwarf Buffalo in the rainforest of Cameroon, as the area has a dense population of these rare animals!

Bongo, Giant Forest Hog, Bates Pygmy Antelope and other species may be taken on this hunt. You may also take one other animal from Group A at the following trophy rates:

Group A Trophy Fees

Dwarf Buffalo - 1,500 Euros

Bongo - 3,000 Euros

Forest Sitatunga - 2,500 Euros

Forest Elephant - 5,000 Euros

Four additional animals may be taken from Groups B and C combined.  See the pricelist link below for trophy fee information:

Daily Rates

The daily rates will vary depending on which camp you hunt out of and whether you target one or two species from Group A.   See the pricelist link above for complete pricing information.

Hunting season in southern Cameroon is from April until mid-July.

Cameroon Hunting Methods

This Dwarf Buffalo hunt in Cameroon will utilize pygmy trackers and will be conducted out of a jungle camp consisting of individual huts with in-suite bathrooms.

Dwarf Forest  Buffalo will be hunted on foot utilizing pygmy trackers to stalk the animals in the think jungle forest.  Dogs may also be used to aid in baying the Dwarf Buffalo.

Bongo and Forest Sitatunga will be hunted with the use of pygmy trackers and specially trained dogs.
Forest elephant are hunted by utilizing pygmy trackers to follow the spoor in the thick jungle.  Forest elephants are also hunted at very close range in dense forest areas.

The duikers are hunted by the pygmy trackers squeezing their nose and making a nasal noise which brings the duikers running!  A quick shot with a shotgun will bag your trophy duikers!

Charter Flight cost round trip from Douala to Lokomo is 3,000 euros per person.

Camp is shared by a maximum of two hunters, each having his own PH, vehicle and trackers.

This Dwarf Buffalo hunt will require a good amount of walking in thick jungle cover.  You should be in good shape to be able to successfully complete this hunt.

Observers are welcome at $300 / Day


A deposit of $10,000 US is due at time of booking.

Balance of the daily rates is due 90 days prior to the start of the hunt.

The outfitter suggests that you deposit $10,000 to cover trophy fees and license fees.  Any unused funds will be refunded after the hunt has been completed.  Any excess balance due can be paid after you return home.

Trophy fees must be paid in EURO cash or wire transfer.

Refund Policy:   If the safari is cancelled more than 6 months from the start date of the hunt, a refund will be issued less a 1,000 euro administration fee.  No refunds of deposits will be issued if the hunt is cancelled within 6 months of the start date of the hunt.

I am an agent for the largest hunting outfitter in Cameroon.  With over 2,000,000 acres of game rich exclusive hunting concessions and over 10 camps, this outfitter offers the finest hunting safaris in all of Cameroon!

So if you are ready to hunt Dwarf Buffalo in Cameroon at close range and you can stand the physical challenge and suspense, contact me today to book this exciting Dwarf Forest Buffalo hunt in Cameroon's southern rain forest.

Exclusions: Before and after Hunt Accommodations,  R/T Charter Flights from Douala to Camp, Taxes on Export of Trophies & Skins, Ivory Tax , Packing and Crating of Trophies, Shipment of Trophies to Final Destination

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