Hunt Giant Crocodiles in Mozambique

Bow, Rifle or Black Powder 1x1 ( 1 Hunter - 1 Guide ) ONLY $10,750

2024 / 2025


ONLY $10,750! This is the best deal in all of Mozambique!

Mozambique produces some of the largest bull crocodiles in all of Africa today!


5 Full-Hunting Days on Mozambique’s Lake Cahora Bassa on the Zambezi River


6 Nights of lodging included

2 Travel Days Included



5 Days Daily Rates                                                   $  4,000

Trophy Fee for Crocodile (Any Size)                      $  4,000

Tag Fees                                                                    $ 1,500

 Cites Permit and Concession Hunting Fee            $ 1,200

R/T Road Transfer from Tete, Mozambique     INCLUDED

                                         TOTAL HUNT COST         $ 9,200

ADDITIONAL  EXTRAS                                                   

  • Hunting License                                               $   200                                        
  • Weapon Import Permit                                   $   350
  • R/T Road Transfer from Tete to Camp           $   650
    • Trophy Delivery to Exporter                    $    350

                   TOTAL ADDITIONAL EXTRAS               $ 1,550


                                                       TOTAL ALL-IN   $ 10,750

No Hidden Costs!  This is all you will pay other than a VISA, Dip and Pack, Trophy Shipping, and Gratuities

  • All Inclusive – Food / Lodging / Guide / Tracker / Daily Laundry
  • Add an observer for $250 / Day
  • Rifle Rental - $250 + ammo

Crocodile trophies taken in Mozambique ARE currently exportable to the US and the EU!


The hunt will take place on an exclusive hunting concession in the Tete-Sofala Province of northwestern Mozambique, which is one of the greatest trophy crocodile hunting concessions in all of Africa. The outfitter's average crocodile in this area is over 14 feet in length. The outfitter told me that 15 ft. and bigger is very doable with a little effort!  There are 16+ foot giants in this area!

The hunting areas consist of 200,000 hectares, and consists of slightly mountainous Zambezi valley-type terrain featuring mopane forests. The lake shoreline is irregular with lots of arms and indentations running off of the main lake. There are over 50 miles of shoreline on which to hunt your giant crocodile of a lifetime. There is a huge density of crocodiles in this region!


This hunt for giant crocodiles in Mozambique will be primarily done using motorized boats to traverse the shorelines of Lake Cahora Bassa looking for big crocs. This is not a physically demanding safari! Once a big croc is spotted, you will go ashore and stalk to within shooting distance of the trophy crocodile. An accurate shot is necessary to pin the croc on shore and prevent him from escaping into the water and disappearing. Crocodiles that face hunting pressure are extremely cunning, as they possess excellent senses of hearing, smell, and vision. Sneaking up on a trophy crocodile is a lot more challenging and exciting than many hunters realize.

Giant Crocodile in MozambiqueLake Cahora Bassa trophy crocodile

It is estimated that crocodiles kill 1,000 people a year in Mozambique.  Over 100 of these deaths occur on Lake Cahora Bassa.  If you shoot one of these giants, there is a good chance he has eaten a human or two over his many years, along with countless other animals. There is no telling what you will find in the croc’s stomach when it is opened!


Once you have successfully taken your trophy bull crocodile you may continue hunting for the limited plains game species on the concession, or fish for the famous tigerfish and tilapia. Trophy fees for other species are listed below:

The best time of year to Hunt Giant Crocodiles in Mozambique is May through July when the water is cooler and the crocodiles are mating. If you want a real monster, the outfitter recommends July-August, as these big bulls are territorial and will hang in a specific area during that time.

15 -16 Foot crocodiles are possible and do get shot here!


You will stay in a comfortable camp during the course of your crocodile hunt.  The camp is built under thatch and will have all of the relevant comforts. The lodge will feature comfortable beds, daily laundry service, hot showers, and three-course meals. The outfitter’s staff is trained to cater to the client’s needs. Vehicles and boats are well-maintained. There is no internet or cell phone service available in camp, so if you need to stay in touch, bring a sat phone.

Client bedroom at Mozambique giant crocodile campFire pit at Mozambique Crocodile camp


This is your chance to hunt crocodiles in Mozambique with one of the most experienced big game outfitters in Africa!  This outfitter is one of the most reputable dangerous game outfitters in Mozambique and operates in one of the best crocodile hunting concessions in Mozambique. The outfitter has been offering big game safaris in Mozambique since 2015


You will take a commercial flight from Johannesburg, South Africa (JNB) to Tete, Mozambique (TET).  Daily flights are available Monday – Friday to Tete from Johannesburg.  Do not fly LAM, as their flight departure times are considered to be unreliable!

You will arrive in Tete, where you will be met by your PH and driven to the camp that will serve as the base for your hunt.

If you clear customs after 2:30 p.m., you will overnight in Tete, as you do not want to cross the lake at night. The drive is 3.5 - 4 hours to the lake and then a 1.5-hour boat ride to camp. The hunt is 5 full hunting days. On the following day after your hunt concludes, you will likely overnight at the outfitter's camp on the shore of the lake and then drive to Tete the next day to catch your return flight. In some cases, you will drive to Tete and overnight at a hotel there at your expense. You will depart for Johannesburg the next day. All hotel stays are included in the price.

Lake Cahora Bassa on the Zambezi River is one of the best trophy crocodile concessions in all of Africa!  They have taken multiple GIANT crocodiles from this concession in the past!

So what are you waiting for?  Isn’t it about time that you put a trophy croc in your game room?

Call me at 727-434-0840 to Hunt Giant Crocodiles in Mozambique!

DEPOSIT POLICY  A deposit of $ 2,500 US is required at the time of booking to secure dates. The balance of the package is due 21 days prior to arrival. Payments can be made to a US bank account. Any additional fees for additional animals taken or wounded are due on the last day of the hunt, prior to departing campin US cash or pre-wired funds. Any pre-wired funds not used will be promptly refunded. 

CANCELLATION POLICY Deposits are non-refundable but hunts can be extended once in the same year or to subsequent years at least 60 days prior to the hunt at the outfitter's discretion. Any increase in price, trophy fees or increases due to the exchange rate for hunts that are extended to subsequent years are will be the client’s responsibility. All rescheduled hunts are subject to a $150 administration fee, which will be collected by the booking agent prior to processing the change. 

The following Exclusions apply:  Dip & Pack / Crating and Shipping of Trophies / Taxidermy Services / Airfare / Gratuities / Before and After Safari Accommodations /  Additional Gun Permits ($350 / Rifle), Rifle Rental, Visa ($130)               


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