Hunt the Big 5

Rifle-Black Powder 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide) ONLY $49,152!

2022 / 2023


Hunt Rhino, Buffalo, Elephant,  Leopard, Lion and Plains Game all in 1 Safari!

28 Full-Hunting Days in South Africa and Zimbabwe

29 Nights of Lodging Included

3 Travel Days Included

All Inclusive – Food / Lodging / Guide / Tracker / Daily Laundry

Hunt the big five in one life-changing safari!  This is a great opportunity to take all five of Africa’s dangerous game at once.  There are only a few individuals in the modern era that have had an opportunity experience a hunt like this.  Your rhino hunt will occur in South Africa.  Once that trophy is in the salt, you may hunt plains game for the remainder of your stay in South Africa.  You will then transfer to the Matetsi area of Zimbabwe to continue your hunting safari for the remaining four dangerous-game animals.  This is a hunt that others will envy!


Daily Rates@ $1,700 / Day x 28 Days            $  47,600

2% Tax on Zimbabwe Daily Rates                   $      952

R/T Airport Transfer Johannesburg (JNB)       $       400

R/T Airport Transfer Harare (HRE)                  $       200

BIG 5 SAFARI TOTAL                 $  49,152


Cape Buffalo                     $   4,500

Elephant ( Any Size )        $ 13,000 

Leopard                             $   5,000

Lion (Male )                       $  30,000

Rhino                                 $  47,000

Plains Game per Price List

Plus 4% Tax on Zimbabwe Trophy Fees

CITES TAGS for Leopard and Elephant  $  200 / ea.

CITES TAGS for Rhino                   $  1,500 / ea.

SA Trophy Prep & Docs                 $  350

Zimbabwe Trophy Prep & Docs     $  750

Pre-baiting Available @ $250 / Day + Bait

Bait @ 75% Trophy Fees or $200 per Donkey

Elephant trophies taken in Zimbabwe may be importable into the US if taken during 2018.  Call for curent status.

NOTE: Lions and elephants being exported to the US will require an ESA Permit in addition to a CITES permit. Lions are currently not exportable to Australia, tthe Netherlands or France at this time!


Your hunt for the Big 5 will begin with your arrival at Johannesburg, SA, where you will be met by your PH and driven to the rhino hunting concession 1.5 hours north of Pretoria.  There you will stay in a luxurious 5-star lodge and will hunt your trophy White Rhinoceros.

This is an incredible White Rhinoceros hunt in South Africa.  The concession that this hunt will take place on is north of Pretoria near the town of Bela Bela in South Africa’s Northwestern Limpopo Province..  The hunting concession that this hunt will take place on is 11,000 acres. The lodge is a 5-Star lodge and you will relax in luxury before and after the hunt

View Rhino Lodge Map.

There is a herd of approximately 20 adult white rhinoceros on the concession and your hunt will include a permit  for the taking of a trophy bull rhinoceros.  Expected horn length will be between 18 and 21 inches.   Rhinoceros larger than 21 inches are available at $3,000 / inch of length beyond 21 inches.  Hunting will be done on foot in the traditional style.  Your PH will be a highly experienced professional that is well versed in hunting rhinoceros.

White RhinosTrophy white rhino

Rhinoceros populations in South Africa are closely monitored and permits are only issued for sustainable populations. A portion of the money from this hunt will be applied to maintaining and protecting the rhinoceros herd on this concession.

This is a great hunt to start your Big Five dangerous game adventure with.  The Rhinoceros is a magnificent animal that will be the center of attention in your game room for many years to come!  Once your rhino is in the salt, you will hunt plains game for the remainder of your time in South Africa.


You will then be driven to Johannesburg, where you will fly to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.  Victoria Falls is the perfect place to spend a couple of extra days after your hunt to see the world famous Victoria Falls, which is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.   This spectacular sight should not be missed.  Day trips to Chobe National Park in Botswana are available, where you can view the extensive damage that an overpopulation of elephants can cause.  Elephant rides, walking with lions, curio shopping, zip-lining over the Zambezi River and sunset cruises on the Zambezi while viewing Crocodiles and Hippos are just some of the many activities that are available.  And don’t miss an elegant unforgettable high-noon tea or elegant evening dinner at the world famous Victoria Falls Hotel.

Upon your arrival, at Victoria Falls, you will be met by your Zimbabwean PH and driven to Matetsi.  The remainder of your Hunt for the Big 5 will take place at Matetsi,   located 1.5 hours south of Victoria Falls. This concession is bordered by Hwange National Park on the South and Botswana on the west.

View Zimbabwe Map

This is your chance to take four of the big five with one most experienced big game outfitters in Africa!  This outfitter is one of the oldest and most reputable dangerous game outfitters in Zimbabwe.  For three generations, the methods of successfully taking Africa’s dangerous game have been passed from father to son here.
You will Hunt the Big 5  from a luxury lodge that features in-suite bathrooms and the facilities are designed to make your stay as comfortable as possible.  Your PH will be a highly-experienced dangerous game PH that has led many successful dangerous game expeditions in the past.  You will Hunt the Big 5 mostly on foot.   You will locate large bull elephant tracks and then follow them until you can catch up and  assess the ivory.  Tracking on foot will also be the method used to obtain your Cape Buffalo.  The Lion and Leopard will be baited, and once it is determined that you have a mature cat on the bait, you will then wait for them in a blind.  Once your cat is in the salt, you will be right back on the trail of your trophy bull Elephant and Cape Buffalo.

Ivory elephant tusksTrophy elephant

This is a great way to Hunt the Big 5 and save time and money.  Why have to take up to five separate trips when you can try to take all five at once!  Add a trophy sable, and you will achieve the hunt of a lifetime!  Very few hunters are fortunate enough to be able to Hunt the Big 5 this way in this modern era of specialty safaris.  You will hunt like they did in the old days of Hemmingway and Ruark, but from a comfortable camp with all of the conveniences.

There is a high population of the targeted animals in the area, due to its open borders with Hwange National Park and Botswana.    The elephants in this area average 35 – 50 lbs, although larger elephants are taken in the area each year.   There are no additional trophy fees if you shoot an elephant larger than 50 lbs on this hunt!  Cape Buffalo are numerous, and freely roam in large herds.   Matetsi is renowned for full-size trophy tom leopards and the area also has a good population of lions.

Hyena and leopard trophyTrophy Leopard

This outfitter’s success rate on elephant and leopard in Matetsi has been 70% over the past several years!

The best months to hunt the Big 5 in Zimbabwe are January – May and September – November.  This area also is known for magnificent sable, with some trophies going over the 40” mark.

Other animals are available per price sheet.

View 2022 Gonorezhou Price List

So what are you waiting for?  Isn’t it about time that you Hunt the Big Five and add them to your game room?

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A deposit of 50% of the daily rates are due at time of booking.   The balance of the daily rates and the 2% tax are due 30 days prior to the start of the hunt.

Trophy fees for any animals shot, wounded or used as bait plus the 4% tax and any other fees are due at the end of the hunt prior to leaving camp.  Trophy fees may be paid in US cash or may be deposited by wire with us 30 days prior to the start of the hunt.

Any refunds due will be paid within 10 calendar days of the end of the hunt.

The following Exclusions apply:  Trophy Fees / Taxes Required by Law / Pre-baiting / Bait / CITES Permits  / Trophy Prep & Doc Fees / Dip & Pack / Shipping of Trophies / Transportation of Trophies to Dip & Pack Agent / Taxidermy Services / Gratuities

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