Hunt the Kalahari Desert in South Africa

Rifle-Black Powder Only 2x1 ( 2 Hunters – 1 Guide) ONLY $3,000 per Hunter!

2017 / 2018


8 Full Hunting Days in South Africa’s Northern Cape

9 Nights Lodging Included

2 Travel Days

Airport P/U and Return Included from Kimberly (KIM)

All Inclusive:  Lodging /Food / Beverages / Daily Laundry / PH / Tracker / Skinner

Examples of the Low Trophy Fees:

Southern Kudu Bull      $  1,667

Red Hartebeest Bull     $     747

Gemsbok                       $     920

Blue Wildebeest Bull    $     747

Zebra (Burchell)           $   1,092

Scimitar Oryx                $   3,220

Zebra (Mountain)           $   1,207

Waterbuck                     $   1,667

Warthog                         $      230

Mountain Reedbuck      $     517

Impala                             $     300

Grey Duiker                    $     230

Tessebe                          $   2,400

Blesbok                           $     253

Steenbuck                       $    253

( See Price Sheet Below for Additional Animals )

Observer Rate:  $150 / Day

Rifle Rental:  FREE!  You only pay for ammo used!

Add Hunting Days at $350/Day

If you want to take a lot of trophy African animals on an African hunting safari, than this is the hunt you have been waiting for.  This hunt will take place on a 22,000 acre concession in South Africa’s Kalahari Desert.  This plains game hunt in South Africa’s Northern Cape takes place on a concession that is unfenced in some areas.  There are no high fences!  The only fences are a line of legally required fences to keep animals from going onto private sheep ranches and main tar roads.  The area is vast and desolate, but is teeming with herds of game that include some great trophies of a lifetime.  You will hunt the Kalahari Desert in South Africa at  the best trophy fee prices that I have seen in the last few years.  The outfitter is rock solid and has a sterling reputation.  The outfitter is as excited about hunting in this remote area as you will be.  The area is teeming with herds of game and contains some great trophies.

There are some great trophies on this concession, but you will have to work to harvest the best heads.  The outfitter suggests that you do not pre-choose what you want to hunt, but come with a budget and shoot trophies.  This way there are no limitations and GREAT TROPHIES can be taken when they are found.   This is a plains game hunt in South Africa’s Northern Cape that you will never forget because you will shoot a lot of memorable animals.

This plains game hunt in South Africa’s Northern Cape will utilize a 4 star lodge that features power supplied by generators. This camp features nice clean accommodations and takes place in a desolate and remote part of South Africa’s Kalahari Desert.  Think of it as a cross between a luxury lodge and hunting from a tent camp!  Power will be available in the mornings and from late afternoon after you return from hunting until bedtime.  There are plugs available for charging phones, laptops, etc.  Internet service can be made available by hot spotting the PH's cell phone. The individual chalets feature in-suite bathrooms and showers with hot water.  The food and service are good and the hunting is awesome!  This is about as wild as hunting can get in South Africa today!

This area is not a malaria area.  No special precautions are required!

Recommended rifle calibers for this plains game hunt in South Africa’s Northern Province are from between .30-06 up to .375.  Additional animals are available during this hunt and may be viewed on the price list below:

So what are you waiting for?  Why book a 5 or 6 animal package and then shoot animals that you don’t really want!   This is a discounted plains game hunt in South Africa’s Northern Cape that allows you to take the animals that you really want to take.  Or better yet, just hunt the Kalahari Desert in South Africa and take true trophies as they come.  That is hunting at its best. 

Many hunters tell me they don’t want to stay in a 5-star lodge, but want to experience true hunting in an African wilderness, while still being comfortable.  This hunt will put you in a beautiful and magnificent hunting area with great trophy quality!  What more can one ask for?

Contact Me Today to Hunt the Kalahari Desert in South Africa’s Northern Cape for Plains Game!

Deposit Policy:  $1,000 required at time of booking.  Balance of package and trophy fees for any additional animals taken or wounded that are not in the package are due at the end of the hunt in US cash.

Cancellation Policy:  Safaris canceled within 6 months of the start of the safari will forfeit the deposits.

Exclusions:  Airfare / Dip & Pack / Taxidermy / Shipping of Trophies / Gratuities

This hunt is a Discount African Hunts Exclusive Hunt!  You will not find it at this price anywhere else!

HUNT# SA-2015-PP-PG-7

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"I booked the hunt through John Martins, the owner of Discount African Hunts. It was a smooth transaction and he provided me with good and accurate information."

"This 10 day package safari was a fantastic experience. I learned many new hunting skills and made new friends.  I would go back and do it again in a heartbeat.  I'm going back. That says it all. Thanks to Discount African Hunts for setting me up on a fantastic plains game safari."

Brian Stewart
Ottawa, Canada
June, 2015

"In August 2014 I took a lioness hunt with Discount African Hunts in the Northwest Province of South Africa. The PH's worked hard to customize the hunt for me as I wanted a challenging stalk ending with taking the lioness at close range by an open sighted double rifle. They exceeded my expectations as 12 miles of tracking ended with me shooting the highly agitated lioness at a distance of 25 yards with a couple of rounds of 450 NE".

"I highly recommend a lioness hunt with Discount African Hunts."

September, 2014

"I spent weeks visiting websites for outfitters in Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, comparing pre-made packages and regular fees. In the end, for a 7-day, six animal hunt with my son as an observer/hunter, John Martins had the best price."

Andrew and Garet
Georgia, USA
October, 2014