Leopard Hunt in Zimbabwe

Rifle-Black Powder-Bow 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide) ONLY $20,170!!!

2023 / 2024


The hunting area is adjacent to Gonarezhou National Park, and abuts Kruger National Park on its southern border

14 Full-Hunting Days in Zimbabwe’s Gonarezhou Region

Daily Rates:                                  $ 13,500
Trophy Fee for Leopard:             $   5,000
2% Tax on Daily Rates                $      270
4% Tax on Trophy Fees              $      200
R/T Airport Transfer (HRE)        $      750
CITES Tag Fee                             $      200
Trophy Prep & Export Doc Fee  $      250

TOTAL SAFARI      $ 20,170 ALL IN !*

Only pay trophy fees and associated costs when you take your leopard!


  • 14 Full Hunting Days
  • 15 Nights of lodging included
  • 2 Travel days included
  • All Inclusive – Food / Lodging / Guide / Tracker / Daily Laundry
  • Leopard Trophy Fee ($5,000)


  • Prebaiting at $250 / Day
  • Bait @ $250 / Donkey
  • R/T Road Transfer @ $750
  • Transportation of Trophies to Dip and Pack ($250)
  • 2% Tax on Accommodations
  • 4% Tax on Trophy Fees
  • Add an observer for $200 / Day 
  • Rifle Rental at $25 / Day
  • Ammo at $10 / Bullet
  • Game Scout @ $55/Day until Leopard is Taken

There are no hidden fees! The above lists detail the charges

This is your chance to Leopard Hunt in Zimbabwe in one of the great leopard areas in Africa!. This area produces some giant leopards!  The hunt will take place on a 300,000+ acre concession that borders on the Gona re Zhou National Park and also shares a border with Kruger National Park.These borders with the national parks are unfenced, and offer some of the greatest trophies in all of Africa. Animals come and go into and out of the parks at will! The world-famous Sengwe 1 and Sengwe 2 concessions comprise part of this huge hunting area. Elephants are taken every year in the 70# – 90# range. Trophy Cape Buffalo are taken that reach towards the magic 50” mark!

Trophy leopard taken in ZimbabweGiant buffalo bull taken in Zimbabwe

Your PH will meet you at the airport in Harare, where you will be driven to Gonarezhou. There you will check into a comfortable lodge featuring all of the amenities necessary to keep your stay during your hunt enjoyable.  As this hunting area is a massive 300,000+ acres, two different  lodges may be used for this Leopard Hunt in Zimbabwe. The lodge you will begin your hunt at will depend on where the best leopard activity is currently at. If you have asked for pre-baiting, you could be sitting in the blind on you first night. 

I killed my Zim leopard on the first night, after a 2 hour wait. Many would say I didn’t pay my proper dues!  All I can say is that picking up my trophy leopard for the first time was the best feeling in the world!

My trophy Zimbabwe leopard

My Zimbabwe Leopard.  He wasnt huge, but he was a man-killer!

He killed a villager and I was the lucky hunter to bring him home!

I highly recommend pre-baiting for a minimum of three days!  My hunt was pre-baited and the leopard was allready on the bait when I arrived in Zimbabwe!

This outfitter’s success rate on leopard has been 70% over the past several years!

Zimbabwe’s export quota under CITIES is 500 leopard / year. This makes the Zimbabwe leopard permit one of the most popular leopard hunts in all of Africa. Gonarezhou is one of the best areas to Leopard Hunt in Zimbabwe. There are a lot of leopard in the region. Due to the number of permits issued in Zimbabwe, these cats do face some hunting pressure. They are clever, and when you fool your mature tom, it is a great big-game accomplishment! This is your chance to Leopard Hunt in Zimbabwe and put one of these beautiful cats in your trophy room!

In my opinion, this area is the finest dangerous game area in all of Zimbabwe!

Other animals are available per price sheet.

This hunt will be conducted from a luxury lodge that features in-suite bathrooms and the facilities are designed to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Your PH will be a highly experienced leopard hunter that revels in the challenge of fooling Mr. Spots! This hunt will be conducted from a blind over bait. Zimbabwe does allow the use of lights at night, so your hunt could be extended after daylight has expired. This greatly increases your odds of taking a leopard, as leopards rule the night!

So what are you waiting for? Isn’t it about time that you put a beautiful leopard in your trophy room?

Call me to book this Leopard Hunt in Zimbabwe at:  727-434-0840


50% of the daily rates are due at booking and the balance of the daily rates and the 2% tax are due 30 days prior to the hunt.

Trophy fees plus the 4% Tax on the Trophy Fee and fees for any additional animals taken as trophy or bait are due at the end of the hunt in US cash, or trophy fees plus tax may be deposited with us 30 days prior to the hunt.

Any funds not earned will be refunded within 21 calendar days after the end of the hunt.

Cancellation Policy:  Deposits are non-refundable, but hunts can be extended in the same year or to subsequent years at the outfitter's discretion. No extensions will be considered witthin 90 days of the start of the hunt. Trip insurance is available to cover unforseen circumstances. Any increase in price or increase due to the exchange rate for hunts that are extended to later years are will be the client’s responsibility. All rescheduled hunts are subject to a $150 administration fee, which will be collected by the booking agent before processing the change. 

Exclusions:  Airfare / Dip & Pack / Taxidermy / Shipping of Trophies / Rifle Rental / Ammo / Before and After Safari Accommodations / Spirits / Gratuities / R/T Road Transfer / Transportation of trophies to the Dip and Pack agent / Game Scout at $55/Day until leopard is taken / Trip Insurance 

Hunt # ZI-SS-LE-2023

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Troy N.
May, 2015

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We could not be more pleased!"

Bruce Widener
June 2018