Nighttime Specialty Small Animal Hunt in South Africa

Rifle-Black Powder-Bow 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide) ONLY $2,850!!

2021 / 2022


10 All-Inclusive Full Hunting Days in Limpopo

11 Nights Lodging Included

Airport Pick-up / Drop Off Included  ( Pololwane)

All Inclusive – Food / Lodging / Guide / Tracker / Daily Laundry

Add an observer for only $150 / day

Firearms rental is available for $25 / day

This is a nighttime specialty small animal hunt for those elusive species that are hard to get.  This outfitter specializes in nighttime hunting for the small cats, bushpig, brown hyena, honey badger and more!   This is the perfect hunt for the collector that wants to take all or some of these small African trophies,

This nighttime specialty small animal hunt takes place near the Polokwane area of South Africa’s Limpopo Province.  It will take place on a variety of concessions, based on the species being targeted.  All hunting areas are close to the main lodge, except for the caracal hunting areas.  For those hunters desiring caracal , the hunt will relocate to the Free State for that portion of the hunt.



Hyena – Brown         $  550                  $    955
Hyena – Spotted*      $ 550                  $ 3,000
Limpopo Bushbuck   $      0                  $    845
Honey Badger           $  250                  $    645
Caracal*                    $  250                  $    645
Serval                        $  500                  $ 1,495
African Wildcat          $  250                  $    445
Genet                         $    50                  $    185
Civet                           $  250                 $    550
Baboon                       $    50                 $    200
Jackal                         $    50                 $    200

*  Requires relocating to a different hunting area

**  Permit fees require 30 days advance notice and are non-refundable

Spotted Hyena TrophyHoney Badger Trophy

Many  South African outfitters bring their clients here due to this outfitter’s expertise in hunting these nocturnal animals.  The outfitter maintains waste piles of remains from the trophies his plains game hunting operation generates so he has a regular supply of bait to keep these animals visiting the bait stations at night.

Solar-powered red lights are kept at the waste piles so the animals are acclimated to feeding under the soft red soft light.  This soft red lighting is adequate for shooting with either a rifle or bow.  Additionally, trail cameras are set up on the bait stations to help pattern the animals utilizing each bait station.  Many of these cameras are linked to the outfitter’s cell phone, so a determination can be made on which location to hunt without visiting or disturbing the site.

Bait  Gut PileTrail Cameras mon bait pile

These nighttime specialty small animal hunt methods make this outfitter one of the most technologically advanced  nighttime specialty operator in Southern Africa!  Sitting on a bait pile at night is exciting!  You never know what will come in.  There are a lot of brown hyena, honey badgers, bushpig, civet cats and genet in the area.
Spotlighting at night is also a method that is used extensively, and is highly effective for taking Wild African Cat, Jackal, African Porcupine, Civet and big Limpopo Bushbuck.

Should you wish to also hunt during the daytime, other animals are available and are listed below:

This is an incredible value in a Nighttime Specialty Small Animal Hunt and shouldn’t be missed!

Contact me and let’s see if we can’t get you in some great trophy photographs!

The deposit is $1,500, due at time of booking.

Cancelation Policy: Deposits are non-refundable. Safaris can be rescheduled once subject to the outfitter’s available openings. Any safaris rescheduled to a subsequent year are subject to that year’s pricing. Rescheduled safaris are subject to a $150 administrative fee that is to be payed directly to the booking agent prior to the confirmation of rescheduled dates.

The following Exclusions apply:  Dip & Pack / Shipping and Taxidermy Services / Permit Fees /  Gratuities / Airfare / Trophy Fees / Before and After Safari Accommodations

Hunt # SA-LBG-2018-SA

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