Non-Exportable Elephant Bull Hunt in Zimbabwe

Rifle Only 1X1 ONLY $17,400

2024 / 2025

Non-Exportable Elephant Bull Hunt in Zimbabwe​


  • 7 Full Hunting Days in Zimbabwe
  • R/T Road Transfer from Victoria Falls
  • Arrival Day Lodging / Last Hunting Day Overnight Lodging
  • Field Preparation of Trophies
  • Beer / Wine / Spirits
  • Internet and Cell Service in Camp


  • Dip and Pack
  • Crating and Shipping of Trophies
  • Taxidermy 
  • Airfare to and from Victoria Falls
  • Gratuities

The observer rate is $250 per day

Rifle rental is $30 per day plus $5 per round

The rate to add hunting days is $1150 per day

This is an attractively priced opportunity to hunt one of Africa's big five! These elephants are non-exportable bulls that are older and will be hunted on a 250,000-acre concession near Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. This hunt has seen 100% success in the past. This once-in-a-lifetime adventure is offered at a great price so don’t miss out!

About the Elephant:

Earth’s largest land animal is the African elephant, which can weigh up to 14,000 pounds and males can grow taller than 10 feet high at the shoulder. Their impressive tusks can reach lengths over 10 feet long. They also sport giant ears which are used for temperature regulation and long trunks that they use for a myriad of tasks including food retrieval, water consumption, and communication with other elephants in their herd. They almost exclusively eat grasses, leaves, and bark and can consume up to 300 pounds of vegetation per day. You can expect to harvest a bull under 30 pounds. 

The Hunting Area and Terrain:

This concession spans over 250,000 acres outside of Victoria Falls. The area varies between thick bush to open countryside with rolling hills. There is a year-round water source with one of the large rivers that cuts through the concession as well as many other smaller streams that flow through the area. On many ridges in the concession, there are patches of thick forest. This outfitter has been hunting this area for 7 years and currently holds exclusive rights to hunt this concession.

Hunting Seasons:

This hunt is available during  March and April. These two months ensure that you’ll be coming at just the right time to harvest a bull. 

About the Outfitter:

This outfitter has been in the hunting industry for over 35 years and has always provided high-quality hunts at an incredible value. They specialize in Zimbabwe hunts and have a great reputation for producing big-game trophies. Their PHs have been lifelong hunters and have a passion for the bush. This combined with years of experience behind each of them is key to making a successful, enjoyable, and memorable hunt you’ll treasure for years to come. They only hunt the best areas in Zimbabwe to ensure you have the hunting adventure of a lifetime!

Elephant Hunt Lodge and Accommodations:

This 3-star permanent lodge features multiple chalets with en-suite bathrooms. They are well-appointed and comfortable. It is a convenient drive of only 45 minutes out of Victoria Falls, so no long drives are necessary!

The lodge sits on the top of a small hill overlooking a lake and the bush down below. The beds are very comfortable and meals are very good. Cell and internet service are available while in camp. 

A Typical Day Hunting Elephants:

You’ll first wake up and enjoy a light breakfast with your PH before heading out on a truck to search for fresh tracks. You’ll drive internal roads inside the concession and boundary roads to check for new tracks entering the hunting area. Villagers inside the concession also are watchful and let your PH know if they’ve seen recent signs of elephant activity. Once new tracks are found, the real hunting begins. You’ll get out and start tracking your elephant on foot. You should be prepared to walk the majority of the day, as on average you can track 2-3 different bulls per day all on foot. Once hunting is done for the day, you’ll head back to camp for a meal and to rest before the next day’s hunt. This hunt has seen 100% success in the past as well, showing just how many bulls traverse this concession. 

Once you successfully track and down your bull, you can continue hunting off the price list below or visit local attractions such as the National Park or Victoria Falls. 

Rental Rifle:

This outfitter has two different rifles for rent. 

  • 375H&H with 1-9 Swarovsky
  • .458 Lott with 1-4 Leupold

If bringing your rifle, it must be in caliber .375H&H or larger.

Trophy Care and Shipping:

Once your elephant is down, the camp staff take over to ensure it is processed correctly. It will first be prepped in the field before being brought back to camp. The ivory and skin will then be handed over to National Parks and Wildlife. Any other trophies you shoot will be field-dressed before being brought back to camp and then transferred to the dip and pack agent in Harare, Chipatani.

Getting There:

Once you fly into Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, the outfitter's rerepresentativeill be there to meet you at the airport. From there, it is a simple 45-minute drive to camp. 

Deposit and Payment Policy:

A 50% deposit of $8,700 is due to book this elephant hunt. The remainder of the balance (including any extra animals) must be paid at the end of the safari by US cash or wire transfer only.  

Cancellation Policy:

Deposits are non-refundable. Date changes can be requested but are at the outfitter's discretion. Date change requests should be communicated 90 days before the safari start date. New dates will need to be available. Upon any rescheduling or cancellation, a $150 fee is to be paid directly to the booking agent. Hunts scheduled for a subsequent date are subject to that subsequent year's Price List.

EXCLUSIONS: International airfare, taxidermy, international shipping of trophies, insurance, gratuities 

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"I would recommend this hunt although I would recommend John at Discount African Hunts even more. Areas can get hot and cold but John always knows the hot spots to send hunters." 

"Totally recommend!"

Matt Sterzer
Utah, USA
August, 2016



"I was fortunate to book a plains game hunt through John Martins that ended up being the trip of a lifetime! Great value, Awesome accommodations, weather between 70 and 80 degrees, food was delicious, and animals were abundant!!"

Bill Everett
Anaconda, MT
March 2021

"This was my first trip to Africa and can positively say it will not be my only one. Words simply can not describe the events of the hunt.  I hunted with both longbow and compound and took a total of 12 animals.  I speak volumes to Discount  African Hunts. These guys know the ins and outs.  Thank you for my first Amazing African Adventure!"

Justin Hardee
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September, 2015