Selous Reserve Leopard Hunting Safari

Rifle Only 1 x 1 ONLY $31,800 per HUNTER!

2018 / 2019

Hunt Leopard in Tanzania’s Selous Reserve

14 All-Inclusive Full Hunting Days in Tanzania’s Selous Game Reserve

A Leopard Hunter’s Dream Hunt!

ONLY $31,800 per hunter 1 x 1

Includes Leopard Trophy Fee!

  • 1 – Leopard Trophy Fee Included!
  • R/T Charter Flight from Dar es Salaam is $3,500 per 4 person plane
  • Add an Observer for $350 / Day
  • Trophy Field Prep Included
  • Hunting License, Conservation Fees and Government Export Tax included!
  • Firearms Clearing, Meet and Greet, Ground Transport and Firearms Fee of $250 for 1 rifle are included.
  • Food / Luxury Tented Lodging / Guide / Tracker / Laundry included!
  • Import Tax Fee of $1 / Bullet for 60 Bullets is included!

This is hunting in wild Africa at its best!  Buffalo hunters dream about hunting in the Selous, where herds of more than a hundred buffalo are common.  You will see a lot of Cape buffalo while hunting here and you will sit around the campfire and listen to the roar of wild lions while you toast the day’s hunt.

In addition to a leopard, you can also take three Cape buffalo, a hippo and a crocodile on this safari along with a good variety of plains game.  You will have two Nyassa wildebeest on license and for the collector, this is the place to take at least one for your collection!

Tanzania’s Selous Reserve

Tanzania has some of the finest hunting grounds on the African continent, where large concentrations of free-roaming game can still be found.  Due to the Tanzanian Government’s wise policy towards it’s wildlife heritage, vast portions of the country have been set aside for Game Preserves, Controlled Hunting Areas, and National Parks.

The Selous Reserve is the largest unpopulated game reserve in the world.  It encompasses 54,000 sq. kilometers (20,850 sq. mi.) of Africa’s most unspoiled wilderness.  The Selous Reserve is predominantly miombo woodland.  It is uninhabited and divided into 46 hunting blocks, varying in size from 300-500 square miles.

The concession you will hunt is on the banks of the mighty Ruaha river in the northern part of the Selous Game Reserve.  Sandy rivers run through the concession which provide excellent opportunities for leopard, while the nearby rolling hills provide good stalking opportunities for Cape buffalo.

The 55,000 hectare concession in the Selous Game Reserve is a well-looked after area with large game numbers. Large buffalo herds of 200 + animals are a common sight. The elusive leopard is also represented in good numbers with cats normally on bait within a few days, and most of these cats accessing the baits in the daylight hours.

The Ruaha and Rufiji rivers bordering the north and east boundaries respectively, provide excellent opportunities on hippo and crocodiles.  These rivers also ensure that plains game can be found in numbers throughout the concession, especially in the late season, August to November. Our staff are well-appointed professionals and you will be spoiled with the best service from the camp steward through to the Professional Hunter. Roaming the African wilderness, following in the footsteps of legends like Hemingway, Livingstone and Ruark, is a privilege bestowed upon only a few. Do not miss this privilege to hunt in one of the most remote areas in Africa today!

The Selous Reserve is a leopard and buffalo hunters dream!  Although many of the cats here do not grow to be giants, they are good size toms that offer the opportunity to film your leopard hunt in the daytime. Good numbers of lion and plains game are also present here. Daytime sightings of leopards are common.   Elephant numbers have been greatly reduced by poaching, but seem to have stabilized with recent anti-poaching efforts and will once again begin their slow rebound in numbers.

Trophy Leopard Hunting Methods

A typical day on safari will begin with an early wake-up call before dawn with a filling breakfast and your choice of tea or coffee. You will depart after breakfast at first light, looking for plains game to shoot for bait and to find fresh signs of leopard activity. Your experienced PH knows the area well and will have his favored spots to hang baits at.  Impala are often a good choice for bait. A bait tree will be selected in an area where fresh leopard activity was spotted.  A blind made of grass and a wooden structure will be erected near the bait tree only when a suitable leopard is feeding and identified by using trail cameras. The PH will be able to determine if the cat is a morning or afternoon feeder and the amount of time being spent on the bait. 

Then the waiting game begins, where the hunter and PH will spend time in the blind during early mornings and late afternoons until successful.  The hunting of plains game will continue during the day between the morning and afternoon sessions in the blind.

Leopard Trophy in Selous ReserveLeopard cCelebration in Camp

A midday lunch will be held in the bush at a convenient spot under some shady trees. Arriving back at camp around sunset, you will be able to refresh in a hot shower and have a relaxing evening enjoying the fine cuisine prepared by the chef.

Your PH will be a highly-experienced dangerous game hunter with many years of big game hunting experience.  He will be highly experienced in hunting Africa’s big game and you will be in competent hands for the duration of your hunt.  Your tracker / skinner will be among the best that Africa has to offer.

Limited plains game are available on this safari.  For a list of available plains game species use the link below:

Why not hunt your leopard in one of the best areas for hunting in all of Africa?

The Selous Reserve Camp

This hunt takes place from a well-appointed 3-Star East African style tented camp situated on the banks of a river.  The guest tents feature comfortable beds and bedding.  Each tent has its own in-suite bathrooms with hot showers. The camp has daily laundry service.

The meals prepared by the chefs are among the finest to be found in any hunting camp, worldwide.  You will enjoy a large variety of wild game dishes as well as more traditional cuisine - perfectly prepared.  An exquisitely prepared meal that is accompanied by a fine bottle of wine is an unexpected pleasure of safari life.

Guest TentRuaha River View from Camp

The staff will be attentive to all of your needs.  You will enjoy tasty meals and then retire to relax around the campfire while discussing the day’s events and planning for the next day’s hunt.

This hunt is available from March – October. 

Why wait!  Contact me now to book this Tanzania Buffalo hunt in the famous Selous Game Reserve!

Getting There

You will fly into Dar es Salam and most likely overnight at a local hotel ($350).  You then have a choice of road transfer or a charter flight.  The road transfer is a 10 hour drive each way and is $2,000 R/T.  If you decide to fly, a 4-seater plane is $3,500 R/T and can accommodate a maximum of 3 clients.  Larger groups will require a Caravan and the R/T cost for the larger plane is $5,700.

You will return to Dar es Salam at the end of the hunt and you will begin your trip home from there.  Depending on your travel arrangements, an additional overnight stay in Dar es Salam may be necessary.

This is a Discount African Hunts Exclusive Hunt! 

Deposit Policy:  A 50% ($15,900 US) deposit is due to book the dates / hunt / quota.  The balance ($15,900 US) is due 90 days before the start of the hunt via bank wire transfer. 

Any extra / additional trophy fees not included in the safari are due in US cash at the end of the hunt.  Clients are welcome to deposit additional funds towards trophy fees in order to avoid travelling with large amounts of cash.  Any refund due to unused funds will be refunded within 14 days after the safari.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

1.  Any cancellation of a reservation must be made in writing and shall only be effective upon its acknowledged receipt by the outfitter.  Cancellation fees shall apply in the following circumstances:

(l) 50% of the deposit received , when a cancellation is effective more than (90) days prior to the start of your safari.

(ll) When a cancellation is effective less than (90) days prior to the start of your safari, the full deposit of your safari will be charged to your account as cancellation fees.

2.  If you are a “no show, the outfitter shall be entitled to treat your reservation as cancelled without having given the outfitter any notice, and the provisions of Paragraph 1.1(ll) shall apply.

3.  Any request to vary your reservation must be in writing and if the outfitter agrees to vary your reservation as requested, they reserve the right to charge an administration fee, in addition to all other increases in rates and charges associated with the change, which are payable no later than (7) days after such notification.  If at any time prior to the departure or during the safari a variation occurs in the number of hunters or participants, the safari invoice will be revised to reflect these variations and will be subject to Paragraph 1.1 when applicable.

Types of Payment Accepted:  Electronic Bank Wire Transfer (Wire Transfer) for deposits and final accounts have to be settled in cash on departure at the end of the safari.

The Following Exclusions Apply:  Trophy Fees / Airfare to Dar es Salaam / R/ T Road Transfer or Charter Flight to the Selous / Before and After Hunt Accommodations / Shipping and Taxidermy / Gratuities to Staff and PH

Hunt # TZ-MB-2017-1

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'It was the most exciting hunt I have ever been on. We stalked a small bachelor group for a few days before I shot a mature cape buffalo with my Browning 375 H&H.'

'This was my third hunt with Discount African Hunts and each one has been fantastic.  I don't think I would book my future African hunts with anyone else.'

Joe Griner
St Petersburg, FL
August 2016


"The hippo and croc hunt was good to great --  People make the hunt and from the booking agent to the outfitter YOU COULDN'T ask for a better hunt!  Very few hunting ads tell you what you will get and then deliver it with a smile and extras. Both ends are honest and great to deal with."

"John Martins tries his hardest to get you a great price and your animals with honest outfitters!"

Don Soncrant
Lemmon, SD
September 2016


"Talk about dreams being handed to you!!  From John's recommendation to stay at the Afton Guest House to the outfitter he booked me with, I was treated like royalty.   Next year's hunt won't require research past his website.  Thanks John."

David Mabe
Kentucky, USA
September 2016