Shoot 10 Animals | Daily Rates are FREE

Rifle Only 2 x 1 - Shoot 10 – Daily Rates are FREE!!

2024 / 2025

Shoot 10 Animals – Hunt for FREE!

2X1 – Shoot 10 animals Minimum between Hunters – Daily Rates are FREE!

Note: There is a $5,500 trophy fee 10-animal minimum on this package.

This hunt is also available as a 1x 1 hunt with a 10-animal minimum!

Safari Includes:

  • 7 Full Days Hunting 2x1
  • 8 Nights 4-Star Lodging
  • All Required Licenses
  • All Food / Beverages / Beer and Wine
  • Professional Hunter / Tracker / Skinner
  • 4WD Vehicle and all Hunt Transportation
  • Airport Pick-up and Return–Port Elizabeth
  • Free Rifle Rental

Observers @ $150 / Day

Add extra Hunting Days @ $350 / Day.

This is a heck of a good deal in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Whether it is your wife, child, parent, or just your hunting buddy, on this 7-day plains game hunt, if you and your other hunter shoot a combined total of 10 animals from the price list, your daily rates are FREE!

The Eastern Cape Hunting Area

This 2X1 plains game hunt takes place in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, about 2 hours northeast of Port Elizabeth. The nearest town is Grahamstown. The area consists of typical Eastern Cape rolling hills with thick bushveld. The concessions you will hunt are located in the Fish River valley and feature low mountains, river valleys, open plains, and thick bushes, which form ideal habitats for big kudu and nyala.

The area receives abundant rainfall and stays green throughout the year. There are abundant rivers, ponds, and streams throughout the area. There is a great diversity of wildlife, vegetation, and terrain. Basically, it is a hunting paradise!

Taking a log shot in the Eastern CapeGlassing for Game inj the Eastern Cape

The Eastern Cape Outfitter

This outfitter is a little more exclusive in that they don’t take big groups. There are typically 2-4 hunters in camp at any one time, but the outfitter can handle up to 6 hunters at once. Their business model is based on exceptional personal service.

On this hunt, you will not run into any other hunters during a day’s hunting and you will be hunting some properties that the outfitter has exclusive access to. This outfitter hunts a mixture of their own large high-fence property, multiple other high-fence concessions, and low-fence free-range areas totaling over 300,000 acres. I spent two days driving and looking at the game with the outfitter and we did not even scratch the surface. You could never hunt all of these areas in a year's time. There is an exceptional abundance of animals here. I spotted 14 kudu bulls from the porch or the lodge while glassing one afternoon.

The Eastern Cape Hunting

Hunting methods will consist of using the vehicle to access game-abundant areas where glassing will be used to spot trophy animals and then a stalk will be conducted to get into a proper shooting position. Expect to take some long shots of between 200-300 yards.

Eastern Cape Trophy KuduEastern Cape Waterbuck Trophy

This area provides great habitat for kudu and nyala. Typical kudus that are taken here are 42-48” with some exceeding 50” annually. There are also big waterbucks in the area with the average waterbucks taken ranging from 26’ to 30”. The area has big impalas from 21-24” and nyalas from 25-28”. There are sables and Cape buffalos on several of the properties. Caracal and bushbuck can be combined on a day hunt. Red lechwe from 25-30” are available and mountain reedbuck, blue and black wildebeest, red hartebeest and common and black springbuck are abundant.

The Eastern Cape Hunting Lodge

You will stay in a roomy and comfortable 4-star lodge that has a bar, trophy room, and satellite TV with comfortable seating. The porch features a magnificent view of irrigated fields that have dozens of animals feeding daily. The lodge features cell phone service and internet. 

Eastern Cape Client BedroomEastern Cape Lodge Dining Table

 You will stay in a modern individual chalet that has its own refrigerator and coffee service and features in-suite bathrooms with hot showers. The beds are comfortable, and your chalet will be located close to the lodge for convenience.

The food served here is excellent and the staff will strive to make your stay comfortable. This outfitter operates the largest butchery in Grahamstown, so you can be assured that you will be eating quality cuts of meat and game. Most of the meat taken during your hunt either feeds the hunters and staff or goes to the butchery in town where it is prepared for the market.

Rental Rifles and Optics

Getting There

Most hunters will either stay overnight at the Afton Safari Lodge if they are arriving in Johannesburg late and fly down to Port Elizabeth the next morning. For hunters that arrive in Johannesburg in the morning or mid-day, they can fly down to Port Elizabeth that day. South African Airlines is the recommended carrier, as they allow firearms to be transported. Beware of Mango Airlines as they can be a real problem if traveling with firearms.

Deposit Policy

A deposit of $1,500 USD is due at the time of booking to secure dates. The balance of the hunt for the trophy fees for animals taken or wounded plus any additional charges such as ammunition used, optional tours, etc. are due in US cash, EFT Bank Transfer, or by Credit Card (Visa & MC – 3% fee applies) at the end of the hunt, before departing camp.

Cancellation Policy

Deposits are non-refundable. Cancellations made more than 4 months from the start of the safari may be rescheduled ** once for up to the end of the next year's hunting season and are subject to the price list that is in effect during the year the hunt takes place in. Cancellations made within 120 days of the safari will forfeit the deposit. Special consideration will be made for cases involving terminal illness or death. If there is social unrest in South Africa and safety is an issue as determined by the outfitter, safaris may be rescheduled without being subject to the administration fee.

** All canceled/rescheduled safaris will be assessed a $150 administration fee.

EXCLUSIONS: Dip and Pack / Taxidermy / Shipping of Trophies / Before and After Accommodations / Ammunition Used / Airfare / Gratuities / CITES and TOPS Permits if Required.

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"First, I wanted to tell you the buffalo hunt with the outfitter you booked me with was great! The PH took me to a farm where there was a good herd of buffalo and I shot a 40” old dagga boy. I could have taken another one a bit wider, 42”, with hard bosses but he did not have that old rough beat-up look I was after."

Mike Davis

May, 2023



"I looked long and far for a good deal on a lioness hunt.  By far, Discount African Hunts had the best price.  I had the hunt of a lifetime and took a beautiful lioness at close range with my bow.  The Professional Hunter was first class, the lodge was first class and my whole experience was unbelievable.  I will book with John Martins when I return to Africa to hunt leopard  in Zimbabwe.

J.  Worley
June, 2015


"I booked the hunt through John Martins, the owner of Discount African Hunts. It was a smooth transaction and he provided me with good and accurate information."

"This 10 day package safari was a fantastic experience. I learned many new hunting skills and made new friends.  I would go back and do it again in a heartbeat.  I'm going back. That says it all. Thanks to Discount African Hunts for setting me up on a fantastic plains game safari."

Brian Stewart
Ottawa, Canada
June, 2015