South Africa Free-Range Lion Hunt


2018 - SOLD

South Africa Free-Range Lion Hunt



Get your FREE-RANGE MALE LION HUNT while you still can!

14 All - Inclusive Full Hunting Days Adjacent to a South Africa National Park

Trophy Fees Included for:  1 – Male Lion ( Fully Exportable! )

Hunt to be conducted by Traditional Hunting Methods

Add an observer for only$150 / day!

Airport Pick-up / Drop Off Included  (Johanesburg, South Africa  Airport ( JNB ))

All Inclusive – Food / Lodging / Guide / Tracker / Daily Laundry

Permits included for the lion hunt.  This hunt is CITIES eligible!

This hunt must be completed prior to March 31, 2017.

This outfitter has enjoyed better than a 90% success rate on this hunt in recent years!

There are a lot of lion here, including full-maned beasts of legend!

This is probably the greatest deal on a wild free–range male lion in all of Southern Africa.  The amount of lions in this area is astounding!  The areas that you are hunting are adjacent to a world famous National Park and the boundary between the hunting concessions and the park are such that the lions can come and go as they please.  The landowners are issued CITES-eligible permits and in conjunction with a limited number of pre-qualified outfitters, are allowed to remove a small amount of lions from the owners’s property to compensate them for the damage the lions do to their game and livestock.

Many US based African writers will tell you that there are no free-range lions to be hunted in South Africa, but that is simply not true.  The number of these permits are extremely small.  The outfitter has received only three permits this year, and at this point, one has been sold.  You can view a picture of this lion directly below this paragraph.  Discount African Hunts is pleased to offer this South Africa Free-Range Lion Hunt of a lifetime to an extremely limited number of hunters.

2014 Lion taken on this Concession!

April 2014 Lion taken on this property!

A very limited number of lion tags are issued within this National Park itself.  These tags normally sell for $125,000. This hunt is $85,000 less for essentially the same lions!  This National  Park Boundary Lion Hunt might seem too good to be true, but I have a copy of the permit in my possession, and it is for real!

The outfitter offering this hunt has been a PH for decades and has an outstanding reputation.  He has quota available in some of the best concessions of South Africa and Zimbabwe.  He only sells dangerous game hunts!

The hunt will take place on a 2,750 acre concession with an 11 km border with a South African National Park that is poorly fenced. The lions are able to come out of the park to feed on the resident plains game and livestock  and return to the park afterwards at will.

You will stay at a luxury lodge in the Hoedspruit area of Limpopo Province. There you will experience the hospitality that South Africa is famous for.

African lion hunting is under pressure from the anti-hunting establishment and has recently been up-listed under the Endangered Species Act to Threatened Status by US Fish and Wildlife. It was also  a topic of discussion at  the recent CITIES international convention.  Those who are in the know are aware that the lion is not really endangered from hunting, but from Africa’s expanding population and the corresponding loss of habitat and available prey.  It is the hunter’s money that is funding the conservation programs that will save the lion from extinction.

All that being said, the time to book your South Africa Free-Range Lion Hunt is NOW while you still can!


You should not put this hunt off!  Never before have we offered a wild South African Free-Range Lion Hunt of this quality at this low of a  price!

The Hunt Pricing Breakdown is as follows:

Please note that this hunt is priced in Euros as listed below.  The exchange rate used will be the exchange rate that is in effect when payments are due. Therefore, the final price may vary slightly.

Daily Rates x 14 days =               $11,200
Trophy fee of                                $25,000
Permit Fee                                   $     300
Trophy Prep                            INCLUDED
R/T Transportation from JNB        $    500
Other hunt related charges      +/- $ 2,000

      Total Estimated Cost =  $39,000 US

Exclusions:  Additional Animals / Dip and Pack / Airfare / Taxidermy / Transportation to Dip and pack agent / Gratuities / Spirits

This National Park Boundary Lion Hunt is a Discount African Hunts exclusive!  You can only get this hunt at this price here!

This is a free-range lion hunt that you will always remember as you face one of Africa’s most dangerous animals.  And you will be in good hands, as your PH will be a highly experienced professional, with multiple successful lion hunts under his belt.

This hunt is a Discount African Hunts Exclusive Hunt!  You will only see it at this price HERE!

Call today to book this exclusive hunt!   Quota is extremely limited!   Call 727-434-0840


A deposit of 50% of the daily rate is due at time of booking.

The balance of the daily rates are due 30 days prior to the start of the hunt.

Trophy fees may be deposited 30 days prior to the hunt, or are due in cash at the end of the hunt.  Any trophy fees for animals not taken will be refunded.

Hyena is also on quota and is available to be taken during this hunt for an additional trophy fee of $2,500

Lioness may be taken on this hunt instead of a male lion. The lioness trophy fee is $12,500. 

Lioness hunting is a 10 day hunt.  Daily Rates are $800 / Day for lioness hunting.

Pick-up in Johannesburg is available and has been included in the price of this hunt.

The following Exclusions apply:  Other AnimalsTaken / Dip & Pack / Airfare / Shipping and Taxidermy

Hunt # TA- LI-SA -2014

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"This was my first trip to Africa and can positively say it will not be my only one. Words simply can not describe the events of the hunt.  I hunted with both longbow and compound and took a total of 12 animals.  I speak volumes to Discount  African Hunts. These guys know the ins and outs.  Thank you for my first Amazing African Adventure!"

Justin Hardee
South Carolina
September, 2015

"I was fortunate to book a plains game hunt through John Martins that ended up being the trip of a lifetime! Great value, Awesome accommodations, weather between 70 and 80 degrees, food was delicious, and animals were abundant!!"

Bill Everett
Anaconda, MT
March 2021

"The hippo and croc hunt was good to great --  People make the hunt and from the booking agent to the outfitter YOU COULDN'T ask for a better hunt!  Very few hunting ads tell you what you will get and then deliver it with a smile and extras. Both ends are honest and great to deal with."

"John Martins tries his hardest to get you a great price and your animals with honest outfitters!"

Don Soncrant
Lemmon, SD
September 2016