South Africa Spiral Horn Slam Bow Hunting Safari

Bow-Crossbow Only 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide) ONLY $6,900!!

2024 / 2025

South Africa Spiral Horn Slam Hunting Safari

Bow / Crossbow Only 1X1 ONLY $6,900


  • 7 Full Hunting Days in Limpopo
  • R/T Road Transfer from Johannesburg
  • Arrival Day Lodging / Last Hunting Day Overnight Lodging
  • Field Preparation of Trophies
  • Beer / Wine
  • Internet Service in Camp​
  • Licenses / Hunting Permits

Trophy Fees Included for:

• 1 – Trophy Nyala

• 1 – Trophy Greater Southern Kudu up to 54"

• 1 – Trophy Eland (Choice of Livingstone or Cape )

• 1 – Trophy Limpopo Bushbuck



  • Dip and Pack
  • Taxidermy
  • Crating and Shipping of Trophies
  • Airfare to and from Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Liquor/Spirits
  • Gratuities

The observer rate is $120 per day

The rate to add hunting days is $220 per day


This is a value-packed bow-hunting safari with a long-established outfitter in South Africa’s beautiful Limpopo province. This hunt is a Discount African Hunts Exclusive Hunt! You will only see this hunt at this price here!


About the Spiral Horns of Africa:

The four spiral-horned antelopes found in South Africa are a quartet of antelope species known for their distinct, spiral-shaped horns. They include the Nyala, Eland, Kudu, and Bushbuck. The Spiral Horn Slam is a prestigious and challenging achievement sought after by many hunters. It is a testament to a hunter's skill, patience, and expertise. 

Kudus, Nyalas, Elands, and Bushbucks stand as iconic members of Africa's diverse antelope family. The Kudu sports magnificent corkscrew horns and is a staple game species for serious African hunters. Nyalas, like Kudus, are highly prized trophy game animals and are often found preferring dense thickets rather than open areas, making them a good challenge for hunters to find and harvest a shooter trophy.  

Elands are the world's largest antelopes. They thrive in open grasslands and symbolize strength and resilience in Africa's vast landscapes. Bushbucks are known for their adaptability to diverse habitats, including forests and savannas. Their unique coat patterns and graceful horns make them a captivating sight for those exploring the bush, showcasing the intricate beauty of Africa's wildlife.

The Hunting Area and Terrain:

This concession is situated deep in the heart of the Witfontein Rand mountain range and offers breathtaking views and a beautiful lush environment. It is a family-owned concession consisting of over 17,000 acres of pristine nature in the heart of the bushveld. There is an abundance of all types of birdlife and many game species such as buffalo, giraffe, and Livingstone eland. This concession holds very high-quality animals. All of their antelope are top-class and there is an abundance of big Kudu bulls on this property. The Eland bulls are also exceptional. There are both Cape and Livingstone Eland on the concession, as well as some bulls that are a cross between Cape and Livingstone eland bulls. There will definitely be a large eland in your future if you hunt here! There are 12 blinds situated around the concession to always make sure bow hunters have the best setup and the best opportunity to harvest their trophies!

Hunting Seasons:

This hunt is available from March through December. Coming any time in this period is prime hunting time for these antelope species. 

About the Outfitter:

When it comes to bow hunting in South Africa, experience and dedication to bow hunting are the key. This outfitter has been providing top-quality bow-hunting experiences in South Africa for years. They specialize in bow hunting and their mission is to help you harvest the highest quality trophies regardless of whether you are a beginner or expert bow hunter. Your PH will always accompany you to ensure you get the most out of your hunt and always have the best opportunities you can to shoot your trophy. This outfitter has 12 comfortable bow blinds spread across the concession to ensure there is always a good place for you and your PH to sit no matter which direction the wind is blowing from. 

Lodge and Accommodations:

You will be staying in a very comfortable permanent 3-star lodge featuring a pool, inside dining area, outside dining area, and lounge area for relaxing after your day’s hunt. There are four rooms in the lodge, with each room able to accommodate up to two adults. Each room also has an en-suite bathroom.

The beds are very comfortable and the food is excellent. The camp staff are all extremely attentive to you and are dedicated to doing whatever they can to ensure you have a pleasurable stay! Cell phone and internet service are available while in camp. 

A Typical Day Hunting:

In the early morning, you'll wake up and enjoy a light breakfast with your PH. You will discuss the conditions of the day and what the best plan for the day will be. Depending on the hunter and the conditions, it may be possible to try to walk and stalk, and some days it may be best to sit in a bow blind for the day. Once you finish breakfast and the logistics of the day have been decided, you'll head out to either look for tracks and good signs of animals or go to the blind that will give you the best chance to harvest a trophy that day. Come lunchtime, you and your guide will most likely enjoy a packed lunch as that will maximize the amount of time you are out in the field hunting. Around dusk, you and your guide will make the return trip back for a full dinner and some time to rest before getting to sleep.

Trophy Care and Shipping:

At the end of your bow hunt, this outfitter understands that taking good care of your trophies and ensuring they get shipped properly is of the utmost importance. This outfitter takes every step necessary to ensure that your trophy is carefully handled and prepared before leaving camp.

The outfitter will conduct all field preparation of your trophies after harvesting. Your animal will be skinned and salted and will be stored for no more than 10 days after your hunt concludes. Splitting Image Taxidermy will pick up your trophies from the concession after your hunt has concluded. 

Getting There:

Typically all international flights fly in OR Tambo Int Airport in Johannesburg. Depending on your arrival time, you will either meet directly with the outfitter at the airport and be driven to camp that afternoon, or you’ll stay overnight at the Africansky guest house and be driven to camp the next morning. 

Deposit and Payment Policy:

A deposit of $2,000 is due to book this antelope hunt. The remainder balance (including any extra animals) must be paid at the end of the safari by wire transfer, credit cards (Visa and Mastercard), or US cash.  

Cancellation Policy:

Deposits are non-refundable. Date changes can be requested within the same hunting season at the outfitter's discretion. Upon any rescheduling, a $150 fee is to be paid directly to the booking agent. Hunts scheduled for a subsequent year are subject to that subsequent year's Price List.

EXCLUSIONS: International airfare, taxidermy, international shipping of trophies, insurance, gratuities, spirits/liquor. 


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"This was our first time to Africa and it was incredible. We were able to harvest all the animals on our wish list and they were fantastic quality trophies.  I would recommend this hunt as you are only about 2 hours from Johannesburg. Thanks to Discount African Hunts we connected with an awesome outfitter and took some great trophies!."

Troy N.
May, 2015

"I had the hunting experience of a lifetime. And I have a real need to go back. I made many new friends from South Africa, Australia and the USA.

I strongly recommend both Discount African Hunts and this outfitter. John Martins set me up with a great outfitter, answered all my questions and made sure I had all my paperwork in order A to Z."

Steven Colkette
Harrisville, WV
August, 2015



"I would Highly recommend my PH and Discount African Hunts. John got me a great deal with a top of the line outfitter. They both went out of their way to make sure my hunt and everything else about it was great."

Gary Popadich
September, 2015