South Africa Trophy Leopard Hunting Safari


2022 / 2023



14 Full Hunting Days in Mpumalanga, South Africa

15 Nights of Luxury Lodging

Daily Rates:   $ 17,500 ( VAT Included! )

Trophy Fee for Leopard:  $4,800

$2,000 Bait Fee and a 10 Day Pre-bait is Included

Permit Fee Included

R/T Airport Transfer from Hoedspruit (HDS) Included

Trophy is exportable under CITIES

Leopard Hunting Area Information

This is your chance to take a trophy tom leopard with one of South Africa’s most experienced big game hunters. This South Africa Leopard Hunt  takes place in the Spec River Valley on a 5,500 acre concession in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa.  There is a good population of leopard in the area and they are growing fat off of the abundance of plains game in the area.  This hunt will be conducted by hunting from blinds cleverly concealed near bait stations. 

Leopard Hunt Success Rates

His success rate on South Africa leopard hunts has been 80% over the past several years!

This is a great opportunity to take a leopard in an area with a lot of big leopards!   You only pay the trophy fee after you take your leopard.

South Africa Leopard Hunting

South Africa’s export quota under CITIES is only 150 leopards / year.  This makes the South African leopard permit one of the most sought after in all of Africa.  The reason why is simple! Plains game!  Yes, plains game!  The amount of plains game on South Africa’s game ranches makes the leopard that roam there some of the largest leopards in all of Africa!  These cats are eating good and growing large!  And this is your chance to add one of these fat cats to your trophy room!

Leopard Hunt Details

15 Nights of lodging included

All Inclusive – Food / Lodging / Guide / Tracker / Daily Laundry

Add an observer for $150 / day

VAT on Daily Rates included

Other animals available per Price List:

Leopard Hunt Information

This South Africa leopard hunt will be conducted from a luxury lodge that features great food. Your PH will be a highly experienced leopard hunter that has mastered the game of cat vs. human!  This hunt will be conducted from a blind over bait. This hunt must be taken in 2015, as that is when the permit expires.  South Africa does allow the use of lights at night, so your hunt could be extended after daylight has expired.  This greatly increases your odds of taking a leopard, as leopards rule the night!

The area that the leopard hunt will take place on has a high density of leopard and is comprised of bushveld mixed between rolling hills and flat areas.   This has provided for an abundance of plains game which makes for big leopards!

Deposit policy:  A deposit of 50% of the daily rate is due at time of booking.  The balance of the daily rates are due 30 days prior to the start of the hunt.

The trophy fee of $4,800 plus any aditional animals hunted are due at the end of the hunt after you have taken a leopard.

The following Exclusions apply:  Airfare / Dip & pack /  Shipping / Taxidermy Services / Gratuities / Before and After Hunt Accomodations

Hunt # SA – TA - LE - 2019

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"Talk about dreams being handed to you!!  From John's recommendation to stay at the Afton Guest House to the outfitter he booked me with, I was treated like royalty.   Next year's hunt won't require research past his website.  Thanks John."

David Mabe
Kentucky, USA
September 2016


"I would recommend this hunt although I would recommend John at Discount African Hunts even more. Areas can get hot and cold but John always knows the hot spots to send hunters." 

"Totally recommend!"

Matt Sterzer
Utah, USA
August, 2016



"The hippo and croc hunt was good to great --  People make the hunt and from the booking agent to the outfitter YOU COULDN'T ask for a better hunt!  Very few hunting ads tell you what you will get and then deliver it with a smile and extras. Both ends are honest and great to deal with."

"John Martins tries his hardest to get you a great price and your animals with honest outfitters!"

Don Soncrant
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September 2016