Tanzania Leopard Buffalo Sable and Roan Safari

Rifle or Black Powder 1x1 ( 1 Hunter - 1 Guide) ONLY $41,700!

2020/ 2021

Tanzania Leopard Buffalo Sable and Roan Safari

  • 14 Full-Hunting Days in Rungwa / Muhesi Game Reserve
  • 2 Travel Days Included
  • $250 Firearms Import Fee for 1 Rifle Included
  • All Inclusive – Food / Lodging / Guide / Tracker / Daily Laundry
  • Trophy Transport to a Dip and Pack Agent is Included
  • All licenses Included
  • Tax is included on all  License and Trophy Fees
  • Observer Rate - $500 / Day
  • Rifle Rental - $500


Daily Rates                                  $ 32,000

Government Fees                       $   7,600

R/T Road Transfer                       $   2,000

CITES 1 Permit                            $      100

                                   TOTAL:       $ 41,700 (excluding trophy fees / bait used)

Note:  Tax is included on all license and trophy fees

This outfitter is 100% on leopard, buffalo, sable and roan in this area!

These cats feed in the daytime and you can video your hunt!

There are no hidden costs!


This is your chance to hunt leopard and also take a trophy Cape buffalo in Tanzania in one of the great leopard hunting areas in all of Africa!  The hunt will take place in Central Tanzania on the Muhesi or Rungwa Game Reserve that is part of the Rungwa ecosystem and is known for large cats.  The area is comprised miombo forest with small to medium sized open areas and small river systems featuring thick riverine vegetation.   There are small low area forests featuring large trees and acacia woodlands with small mountains distributed throughout the area.   In other words, PERFECT LEOPARD HABITAT!

The area is almost 1,000,000 acres and is accessed via a primitive road system.  An airstrip is present in the concession for those that want to avoid the road trip in and out.  There is no human habitation in this area and this is wild and primitive Africa at its best!


The PH has had a success rate on his leopard hunts and most clients take buffalo, sable roan and other animals along with their leopard..  His clients take fully mature leopards that are some of the largest leopards in all of Africa.  You will cover a lot of ground via the comfortable land cruisers to collect, hang and check baits, which will be accessed via the primitive road systems throughout the hunting area.  Once the focus is narrowed to one actively feeding trophy male leopard, a blind will be constructed and the game will begin!  The latest technology will be used to monitor the bait stations.  This outfitter experiences multiple daylight encounters with the leopards and provides a superior hunting experience for his clients.  The outfitter has a proven track record of helping their clients kill trophy leopards – on their first hunt!  If you want to get your leopard hunt on film, this is the hunt to do it on, as 100% of the cats are taken during daylight hours.

Tanzania Leopard TrophyTanzania Leopard on Bait


Buffalo, Sable, Roan and other plains game may be taken on this hunt.  This is the perfect hunt for the leopard hunter that also wants to take a trophy Cape buffalo while hunting in Tanzania!  Trophy fees for some of the main animals available on this safari are as follows:

Leopard             $7,500

Cape Buffalo:   $3,000

Roan:                 $6,000

Sable:                $6,000

These animals will be utilized as bait for your leopard hunt.  A list of trophy fees is available below:

Link to 2020 Tanzania Trophy Fees


Although this is a wilderness hunt, you will stay in a 3-star tented camp.  The lodging will consist of large East African style tents with in-suite bathrooms.  The tents will feature frame beds and mattresses with clean linens and blankets. The tents also feature windows, rugs and complete floors.  Laundry will be done daily and service staff on call at all times.  Electrical power is provided by a generator.  Internet and cell phone service is not available in camp.  A satellite phone is available in camp in case of emergencies.

Food will consist of 3 course dinners, picnic lunches and made-to-order breakfasts.  Bottled water, beer, wine and ice are all available and included. A waiter, butler and daily laundry service will be provided for your comfort and convenience.

Tanzania Camp Relaxation


The outfitter has been hunting professionally in Africa since 2003.  He is very hands-on and personally conducts more than half the hunts.  His other PH has been professionally hunting for over 20 years and both are highly experienced cat hunters.  You cannot be in better hands than when hunting in a remote area with this outfitter.  The equipment is well-maintained and the staff is well-trained. 


You will take KLM airlines into Kilimanjaro International Airport.  Your PH will meet you at the airport in Kilimanjaro, where you will be driven an hour and 15 minutes to Arusha.   Once in Arusha, you will overnight in a hotel ($150-$350) and wake up the next morning and drive to the hunting concession.  An overnight stay in Arusha may also be necessary on the day of departure from camp.  Charter flights are available upon request for those hunters wishing to avoid the lengthy drive into this camp.

So what are you waiting for?  Isn’t it about time that you put a beautiful leopard in your trophy room?

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Deposit Policy:  A $10,000 deposit is due to book the dates / hunt / quota.  The balance of the daily rates ($23,600 US) is due 90 days before the start of the hunt.  Deposits may be paid by personal check into a US bank account.

All transfer and trophy fee deposits are due 60 days before the hunt begins.  Any excess of deposited funds will be promptly refunded.

Trophy fees for animals taken or wounded and any other charges incurred are due in cash at the end of the safari, or may be deposited with the outfitter in advance as detailed above.

Cancellation Policy:  Deposits are non-refundable.   Other considerations may be made if a replacement hunter is found for the same dates.

The following Exclusions apply:  Trophy Fees / Airfare to Kilimanjaro / Before and After Hunt Accommodations and Meals / Dip and Pack / Crating, Shipping and Taxidermy / Spirits / Gratuities to Staff and PH

Hunt # TZ-BU-LE-2016-4

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