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Trophy Bongo Hunt in Cameroon's Rain Forest

Bow or Rifle 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide) Starting at $30,000 US

Trophy Bongo Hunt in Cameroon's Rain Forest

2019 / 2020

Bongo Hunting Safari in Cameroon

Hunt Cameroon's Rain Forest for Bongo

• 14 Full Hunting Days
• 2 Travel Days
• Premium Accommodations
• Camp Has Electrical Generators and In-suite Bathrooms
• Daily Laundry Service
• Add an Observer for $300 US / Day

Trophy Fee for Bongo -  $3,000 euros

This exciting hunt for Bongo will take place in an area of over 1,000,000 acres of rain forest in southern Cameroon.. This outfitter's concessions hold some of the highest concentrations of Bongo in all of Cameroon.  Access to the hunting area is by charter flight from Douala.

This outfitter has enjoyed a 100% success rate for bongo on this hunt over the last several years!

The Bongo hunt will utilize pygmy trackers and dogs and will be conducted out of a camp consisting of comfortable accomodations featuring in-suite bathrooms, electrical power via generators, and excellent food.

The daily rates will be higher if taking both a bongo and forest sitatunga.  See the Pricelist below for complete information.

During this hunt you may  take up to two of the following Group A game animals:

Group A Trophy Fees

Bongo - 3,000 Euros

Forest Sitatunga - 2,500 Euros

Forest Elephant - 5,000 Euros

Dwarf Buffalo - 1,500 Euros

Plus, you can take 4 animals from Group B or Group C  (see price list below)

Several forest duikers including the yellow-backed duiker are abundant in the area.

Hunting Methods

Hunting is done on foot as soon as fresh tracks have been found by the pygmy trackers.  Specially trained dogs will be used to corner the Bongo in the thick jungle until you can arrive and sneak in for a shot..

This outfitter  hunts sitatunga on foot by utilizing pygmy trackers to follow the sitatunga's spoor in the forest.

Duikers are called in by nasal sounds made by the pygmy trackers. That makes for some quick action at close range in heavy cover!

You are likely to see gorillas during this hunt, as the area has a dense population of these rare animals!

Cameroon Trophy BongoTrophy Bongo in Cameroon

This is  a hunt for the greatest spiral horned antelope in all of Africa.  Combine that with the fact that you can also take your choice of either a Forest Elephant , Dwarf Buffalo  or  Forest Sitatunga, and this hunt will produce memories and trophies that will last a lifetime!   Both Red River and Giant Forest Hog are available to be taken during this hunt also!

Hunting season for Bongo is from April until mid-July.  Any time during this period is good, as this is the rainy season.

The outfitter offers multiple camps in different areas.  The camp you hunt out of will be determined by the list of species that you plan to hunt.

Charter Flight cost round trip from Douala to Lokomo is 3,000 euros per person.

Camp is shared by a maximum of two hunters, each having his own PH and trackers


A deposit of $10,000 US is due at time of booking

Ballance of daily rates are due 90 days prior to the start of the hunt.

The outfitter suggests that you deposit $10,000 to cover trophy fees and license fees.  Any unused funds will be refunded after the hunt has been completed.  Any excess ballance due can be paid after you return home.

Trophy fees must be paid in EURO cash or wire transfer..

Refund Policy:  If the safari is cancelled more than 6 months from the start of the hunt, a refund will be issued less a 1,000 euro administration fee.   No refunds of deposits will be issued if the hunt is cancelled within 6 months of the start date of the hunt..

I am an agent for the largest hunting outfitter in Cameroon.  With over 2,000,000 acres of game rich exclusive hunting concessions and over 10 camps, this outfitter offers the finest hunting safaris in all of Cameroon!

So if you are ready to hunt Bongo and other forest species, contact me today to book this exciting hunt to Cameroon's southern rain forest.

Exclusions: Visas, Firearm Permits, Before and After Hunt Accomodations,  R/T Charter Fights from Douala to Camp, Taxes on Export of Trophies & Skins , Ivory Tax , Packing and Crating of Trophies, Shipment of Trophies to Final Destination, Insurance, Hunting License Fees

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Trophy Bongo Hunt in Cameroon Trophy Bongo Hunt in Cameroon Trophy Bongo Hunt in Cameroon Trophy Bongo Hunt in Cameroon
Trophy Bongo Hunt in Cameroon Trophy Bongo Hunt in Cameroon Trophy Bongo Hunt in Cameroon Trophy Bongo Hunt in Cameroon
Trophy Bongo Hunt in Cameroon Sitatunga taken in Cameroon Forest Elephant taken in Cameroon Trophy Bongo Hunt in Cameroon
Buffalo taken in Cameroon Duicker taken  in Cameroon Silverback Gorilla in Cameroon Gorillast in Cameroon
Trophy Bongo Hunt in Cameroon Giant Forest Hog  Cameroon Sitatunga Hunt taken in Cameroon Camp Photo in Cameroon


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