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White Lion Hunt in South Africa

Rifle – Bow – Crossbow 1x1 Only $13,500!

A magestic white lion male

2018 / 2019

White Lion Hunt in South Africa

ONLY $13,500 All-in!

Included:in this Package:

  • 5 Full Hunting Days
  • 2 Travel Days
  • 6 Nights Lodging Included
  • Trophy Fee for 1 Mature Male White Lion
  • PH, Vehicle, Tracker, Skinner
  • All Food and Lodging
  • R/T Road Transfer from Kimberly
  • Trophy Fee for

Add an observer for $150 / Day

Rifle Rental Rate: $35/Day (Ammo @ $5/Bullet)

This lion trophy is currently not importable into the US, Australia, France and the Netherlands

This is an exportable trophy white lion hunt in South Africa’s Kalahari Desert.  You will stalk your lion on foot by using the honed skills of a tracker to follow the lion in the soft Kalahari sands.  This is one of the most exciting ways to hunt a lion, as the lion usually will know he is being followed and will eventually take cover in the thickest bush he can find.  Some stalks will result in charges or mock charges that will make your hair stand on end!

The White Lion

Although oral history of white lions goes back hundreds of years, written records first mention sightings of white lions in the Timbavati region of South Africa, near what today is Kruger National Park.  The natives considered the white lion to be the most sacred of all African animals and to have been sent down to earth from up above.

White lions are not a separate species of lion and are not albinos. Rather, white lions have what is known as “leucism” where a recessive gene causes the lions to have white or blonde coats.  Albino lions lack pigment and do not have the black nose tips or the black shadow lines around the eyes like Leucistic lions have.

Having a mythical trophy like the white lion in your game room will make you the envy of your fellow hunters!

The White Lion Hunting Area

This white lion hunt will occur in the Kalahari Desert in the Northwest province near the town of Severn on a 24,000 acre hunting ranch. The area has red Kalahari sand and has lots of camelthorn trees. Tall grass veld is found after periods of good rains. The area has the perfect African Savanna for tracking a lion.

Link to area map

The White Lion Hunt

This hunt for a trophy white lion will be done in the typical Kalahari hunt way where you will visit waterholes in search of fresh spoor. Once fresh tracks are located you will track the lion on foot utilizing a skilled African tracker. This is the most exciting way to hunt a lion as you will eventually get close to the lion.  Each lion is unique.  Some will hide in heavy cover, where others will make a stand in the open and ready themselves to charge. Accurate shot placement is important to ensure that the lion hunt does not turn into a wounded lion tracking fiasco.

Awesome trophy white lionFull-mane white lion resting

Good boots are necessary to walk in the sandy conditions. A good hat and some sun block are necessary to block the sun, which can be harsh in the desert.

Other available species include: Kalahari lion, Cape buffalo, Sable, Eland, Kudu, Waterbuck, Gemsbuck, Black Wildebeest, Blue wildebeest, Red hartebeest, Impala, Blesbuck, Springbuck, Duiker, Steenbuck and Warthog.

Link to Trophy Fee Price List

The White Lion Hunting Lodge

You will hunt out of a 4-Star lodge with all of the modern amenities. The lodge features permanent power and has air conditioning. Separate chalets and rooms both feature in-suite bathrooms with showers and bathtubs. The lodge has a swimming pool and the food is excellent. With a swimming pool to cool off in after a hard day tracking in the desert, and then an air-conditioned lodge to relax at, this is surely a lion hunting paradise!

White Lion hunting lodge bedroom photoWhite Lion Hunting Lodge outdoor pool photo

Getting There

The outfitter will pick you up at the airport in Kimberly.  The drive from Kimberly to the lion hunting concession is approximately 4 hours. Pick-up and return from Johannesburg can be arranged at an additional charge of $300.

Someday in the not too distant near future we may not be able to hunt lions.  For those of you that can import these magnificent trophies, why wait?  Get your white lion while you still can!

Deposit Policy

The deposit to book this hunt is $3,000 USD.  The balance of the safari is due at the end of the hunt in US cash, advance bank wire or by Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard Only)

Cancellation Policy

There is no refund of deposit if this hunt is cancelled.  The hunt may be rescheduled once at the discretion of the outfitter. Rescheduled safaris are subject to a $150 Administrative Rescheduling Fee and must be paid before the new dates will be confirmed.

EXCLUSIONS: Airfare, Before and After Accommodations or Meals, Dip and Pack, Taxidermy, Shipping of Trophies, Gratuities

Hunt # SA-WL-WL 2018


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A magestic white lion male Big white lion walking White lion male lying down Outside of lodge
Client bedroom Interior lodge photo Luxury Lodge Photo Lodge relaxation area
Outdoor pool White Lion Lodge bedroom Clients relaxing around the firepit Lion Lodge In-Suite bathroom
White lion lodge bedroom      


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