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Zambezi Delta Cape Buffalo Hunt in Mozambique

Rifle or Black Powder Only 1x1 Only $20,415 All-in!

Zambezi delta wide-sprtead Cape Buffalo bull trophy

2019 / 2020

Free-Range Cape Buffalo Hunt in Mozambique

Only $20,415 All-in!

Package Includes:

  • 10 Full Hunting Days
  • 2 Travel Days
  • 11 Nights Lodging

Trophy Fee Included For:

  • 1 – Cape Buffalo Bull Trophy Fee

Also Included in this Package:

  • R/T Charter Flight from Beira
  • Buffalo Hunting License
  • Community Fee
  • VAT
  • Packing and Trophy Transport to Maputo

Add Extra Hunting Days at $1,275 / Day

Add an observer at $300 / Day

The outfitter has a 100% success rate of this hunt!

This is the hunt in the high sawgrass that you see on TV.  Ivan Carter films many segments for his Carter’s War TV show here.  Many other TV personalities film shows here each year.  This outfitter has created one of the greatest conservation success stories on the African continent here and you will hunt in an area that is filled with free-ranging game,

This free-range hunt for Cape Buffalo will take place In Mozambique on Coutada 11, which abuts the mighty Zambezi River.  This is the concession where you see Ivan Carter working closely with the outfitter’s anti-poaching teams on Carter’s Wars.  Dozens of TV programs have been filmed here and the story of the outfitter building the buffalo herd from a mere 600 to over 20,000 Cape buffalo make this one of the greatest conservation success stories on the modern African continent.

Using large amphibious vehicles to access the wet areas in the high sawgrass that the buffalo frequent is an experience that is as unique as it is wonderful.  Coutada 11 abounds with game and is truly a hunting nirvana. Although not an inexpensive hunt, the hunting experience here is as good as there is on the African continent.

The Free-Range Buffalo Hunting Area

This outfitter has over 5,000 square kilometers of official hunting concessions in Mozambique. This hunt will take place in Coutada 11 which is situated on the mighty Zambezi River. There are 22 huntable species ranging from the diminutive suni to the mighty African elephant.

Link to Mozambique Buffalo Hunt Area

Buffalo roam the open flood plains and swamps in herds of up to several hundred buffalo.  There are over 20,000 buffalo on this concession. Sable graze in large herds of over 100. There are 4 distinct land types present consisting of sand forests, tropical savannah, swamps and floodplains.

The Cape Buffalo Spot and Stalk Hunt

This is a traditional spot and stalk hunt.  A typical day starts at around 0300 hours.  It is about a 1.5-hour drive to where they stop the vehicles and transfer the gear to the amphibious tracked vehicles.  It is then about a 2-hour drive in the bivy (amphibious vehicle) to the floodplains where the buffalo hunt will begin. You will look for the birds that follow the big herds that roam this concession. Once the birds are spotted you will begin your stalk on foot.

Zambezi Delta Cape buffalo herdHuge Zambezi Delta Cape buffalo bull

The area is swampy, so you will get wet and muddy. In the later season knee pads are recommended as the ground can get hard on the knees when crawling to get up close for a shot. Once you get to where you can visually inspect the herd for an old hard-boss bull, a plan will be made to stalk him. Rifle hunts will usually offer shots from 25-150 yards. This style of hunting will give you several opportunities to take a shot at your buffalo. The outfitter has experienced a 100% success rate due to the large amounts of buffalo that are present in this area.

Once your buffalo is down they will quarter and cape the animal and then load him in the back of the bivy for transportation back to camp. This is an unbelievable opportunity to chase free-range Cape buffalo on one of the best buffalo hunting concessions in Africa. Other animals are available once your Cape buffalo bull is in the salt.

Linnk to Mozambique Cape buffalo hunt Price List

The Cape Buffalo Camps

The outfitter has 3 camps on this concession, ranging from a 3-star camp with 10 tents to a brick and mortar camp with 4 rooms for clients.  All units have in-suite bathrooms.  These camps are set up to provide a true African hunting experience while still providing comfortable accommodations.

Zambezi Delta Client TentBeds in Zambezi Delta Tented Camps

The food is excellent and you will eat game that you harvest while on this safari. Power is provided by generators. Internet is available in camp, but there is no cell phone service available.

Getting There

You will fly into Beira, Mozambique on South African Air.  You will then take a short charter flight to the well-maintained landing strip near the camps where you will prepare to hunt one of the most pristine free-range hunting concessions in Africa.

Deposit Policy

The deposit is 50% of the daily rates. The balance of the daily rates and all license fees and other fees are due 30 days prior to the start of the safari. Trophy fees are due on the last day in camp.

The outfitter accepts cash, certified bank drafts and personal checks.

Cancellation Policy

In the event of a cancellation, the deposit is liable to be forfeited if the outfitter is unable to contract another safari to replace your booking.

EXCLUSIONS: Airfare / Before and After Accommodations / Dip and Pack / Shipping of Trophies from Maputo / Taxidermy, Visa / Fee to Agent in Beira ($50)


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Zambezi delta wide-sprtead Cape Buffalo bull trophy Celebrity with a Zambezi Delta Cape buffalo bull Trophy Cape buffalo in the saw grass A sucessful result from a Zambezi Delta Cape Buffalo bull hunt
Trophy buffalo with nice drops Nice hard-bossed Cape buffalo bull trophy Herd of buffalo on the Zambezi Delta floodplains Stalking buffalo in the saw grass
Young hunter with Cape buffalo bull trophy Nice grysbok Trophy red duiker Zambezi Delta suni trophy
Tracked amphibious Zambezi Delta swamp Zambezi Delta camp fire pit Client tent at Zambezi Delta camp Zambezi buffalo camp dining table
Zambezi Delta Dining tent Client tent at free-range Zambezi Delta buffalo camp Beds inside Zambezi Delta tented camp tents Fireplace and gathering spot


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