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Free-Range Cape Buffalo Zambezi Delta Bow Hunt

Bow - Crossbow 1x1 Only $20,415 All-in!

2019 / 2020
This is a free-range bow hunt for Cape buffalo in Mozambique's Zambezi Delta. This is a hunting paradise whhere herds of hundreds of buffalo roam the flats and sawgrass. You will access the hunting areas with swamp vehicles and then stalk your buffalo on foot. The outfitter has enjoyed a 100% sucess rate for this hunt and this is a hunt in a game rich concession that should not be missed!

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Bow Hunting in Mozambique

Bow hunting in Mozambique has been legal for many years. There are no restrictions on primitive weapons for hunting in Mozambique, so long bows, compound bows and crossbows are all legal. There are no requirements for bow weights or arrow weights, but common-sense dictates that some type of guide like South Africa’s bow requirements be followed. This is especially important when hunting dangerous game and Mozambique offers some of the best free-range bow hunting for dangerous game in modern Africa.

Mozambique offers the best free-range bow hunts for Cape buffalo that is available today.  With vast herds of buffalo roaming the sawgrass swamps in areas like Coutada 10 and 11, the numbers are there to support spot and stalk bow hunting for these challenging beasts.  The high saw grass provides the perfect cover to be able to sneak up close to a bull for a shot with a bow. There is nothing quite like one of these Zambezi Delta buffalo bow hunts and it is a unique experience that should not be missed.

Mozambique is also one of the only countries that allow elephants to be hunted with a bow.  Mozambique receives an annual CITES quota for elephant ivory exportation but at the present time, the USFWs is not allowing elephants that were hunted in Mozambique to be imported into the US.

There is a good variety of plains game available in Mozambique that can be hunted with a bow.  Mozambique has a good population of both the common and Roosevelt nyala and many of the largest specimens taken each year come from Mozambique. Mozambique also has good a population of Cape eland and kudu.  Of special interest to bow hunters are the small antelopes that are available to be taken with a bow.  These include the blue duiker, natal forest Duiker (red duiker), suni, oribi and common duiker.  Northern areas also have populations of Sharp’s grysbok.  For those seeking the tiny ten with a bow, the high populations of these small antelope make this a good choice for the bow hunter.

Finally, Mozambique has good populations of leopards and lions.  Hunting leopard with dogs is legal in Mozambique and is a highly effective method of getting a leopard into a tree for a shot by a bow hunter. Lions may be hunted on bait from a blind or elevated stand and provide a heart thumping experience for the adventurous bow hunter.


"This was our first time to Africa and it was incredible. We were able to harvest all the animals on our wish list and they were fantastic quality trophies.  I would recommend this hunt as you are only about 2 hours from Johannesburg. Thanks to Discount African Hunts we connected with an awesome outfitter and took some great trophies!."

Troy N.
May, 2015

'It was the most exciting hunt I have ever been on. We stalked a small bachelor group for a few days before I shot a mature cape buffalo with my Browning 375 H&H.'

'This was my third hunt with Discount African Hunts and each one has been fantastic.  I don't think I would book my future African hunts with anyone else.'

Joe Griner
St Petersburg, FL
August 2016


"This was my first trip to Africa and can positively say it will not be my only one. Words simply can not describe the events of the hunt.  I hunted with both longbow and compound and took a total of 12 animals.  I speak volumes to Discount  African Hunts. These guys know the ins and outs.  Thank you for my first Amazing African Adventure!"

Justin Hardee
South Carolina
September, 2015