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Highly Discounted Plains Game Bow Hunt in South Africa

Bow-Crossbow 1X1 ONLY $2,450

2024 / 2025
Come bow hunt in South Africa on a package deal that includes three of Africa's best-known animals! This 7-day hunt is offered at an incredible deal, and this price even includes one observer! Relax in the 3-star lodge after your day of hunting with great food, drinks, and a traditional fire under the stars!

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5 Star Beginner’s Bow Hunting Safari

Bow or Crossbow – 1 x 1 Only $4,585

2024 / 2025
This 7-day 4-animal bow hunting package at a luxury lodge has been discounted to the point that the daily rates for both you and your observer are FREE! This is a great deal in a first-time bow hunt to Africa. With the flexibility to swap animals and only pay the additional difference in trophy fees, you can make this into the perfect safari that you have dreamed about.

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5-Star Spiral Horn Slam Bow Hunting Safari

Bow or Crossbow – 1 x 1 Only $8,450

2024 / 2025
This 10-day bow hunt in the Waterberg Mountains of South Africa's Limpopo Province is about as good as it gets. The spiral hon slam is included in this hunt along with a free observer. This is my favorite lodge to hunt at in South Africa, as I have shot some real giants there. Featuring luxury accommodations, food, and world-class hunting, it just doesn't get much better than this!

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7 Day Bow Hunting Package in South Africa

Bow – Crossbow 1x1 ONLY $4,950 / HUNTER !!!

2024 / 2025
This is a 7-day bow hunt for 4 fabulous trophy animals that includes trophy fees for kudu, a giraffe, a blue wildebeest, and an impala. With over 17,000 acres to hunt on and 12 comfortable blinds, this is a heck of a deal on a Limpopo bow hunt.!

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Spiral Horn Grand Slam Bow Hunt

Bow – Crossbow 1x1 ONLY $9,000 / HUNTER !!!

2023 / 2024
This is a 10-day bow hunt for South Africa's Spiral Horn Slam that is offered at a fabulous price! The hunt will take place on 55,000 acre private game reserve in the Eastern Cape north of East London. Trophy fees for kudu, eland, nyala and bushbuck are included along with free airport pick-up and return. There are over 70 species of game on this hunting concession!

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Plains Game Bow Cull Hunt

Bow - Crossbow 1x1 ONLY $3,300 / HUNTER !!!

2023 / 2024
This is a highly affordable plains game bow hunting cull safari in South Africa's Eastern Cape. The cull hunt will occur on a 55,000 acre hunting concession that features over 70 species of animals. Five cull trophy fees are included in this package. The lodge and service is 4-star, and this is an unbelievable bargain for a 7-day package plains game cull hunt.

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Premium South Africa Bow Hunting Safari

Archery Only! Only $7,595 per Hunter

2024 / 2025
This premium South Africa Bow Hunting Safari will produce an exceptional number of trophy animal shot opportunities. This hunt features high-scoring trophies, ideal habitat, optimal blinds, and a high success rate. This South Africa bow hunt includes trophy fees for 5 animals. 12 world records have been taken on this outfitter's concession. Hunts are only conducted during the new moon from March - October. No hunting is conducted during the other 20 days of the month!

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Bow Hunts in South Africa

Bow hunts in South Africa are one of the greatest hunts that a bow hunter can experience.  The sheer abundance of game and multitude of differing terrains offers endless possibilities for planning a bow hunting adventure.   Bow hunts South Africa are also one of the most affordable bow hunts for the international bow hunter.  Nowhere else can you take the same amount of magnificent trophies as can be taken on plains game bow hunts in South Africa.  With South Africa having over 25 million animals, it is hard to leave this country empty handed.  South Africa allows the use of all types of archery equipment including crossbows.  South Africa does have minimum poundage requirements for bows depending on the class and size of animal that will be hunted.

For plains game, South Africa is unrivaled by any other country.  The number of available species is mind-boggling and due to strong conservation policies, the quantities of animals that are available stretch one’s imagination.  South Africa’s game ranching industry has developed into one of the world’s greatest hunting destinations for the archer.  Several of these game ranches have converted to bow huntsonly operations andthey offer some of the best bow hunts in the world.  Due to the dry conditions in Northern South Africa, waterhole hunting from blinds has developed into a primary hunting method to facilitate getting archers close to their quarry.  Bow hunts in South Africa’s southern regions require more spot and stalk hunting due to wet conditions.

Bow hunts in South Africa for dangerous game also offer the bow hunter a wide variety of possibilities.  South Africa allows archery equipment to be used for the taking of dangerous game.  Again, minimum poundage requirements are in effect for taking these large and dangerous animals.  A cottage industry has arisen that allows for the hunting of captive-raised lions.  These lions are raised and then released into large hunting preserves of several thousand acres.  South African law requires that the lion be allowed to acclimate to his surroundings for a period of weeks.  Then a hunt is conducted on foot by tracking the lion until a confrontation occurs.  This is an extremely exciting hunt and also can produce lions of exceptional mane qualities.  Bow hunts in South Africa are truly an archers dream


"I spent weeks visiting websites for outfitters in Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, comparing pre-made packages and regular fees. In the end, for a 7-day, six animal hunt with my son as an observer/hunter, John Martins had the best price."

Andrew and Garet
Georgia, USA
October, 2014

'It was the most exciting hunt I have ever been on. We stalked a small bachelor group for a few days before I shot a mature cape buffalo with my Browning 375 H&H.'

'This was my third hunt with Discount African Hunts and each one has been fantastic.  I don't think I would book my future African hunts with anyone else.'

Joe Griner
St Petersburg, FL
August 2016


"I booked the hunt through John Martins, the owner of Discount African Hunts. It was a smooth transaction and he provided me with good and accurate information."

"This 10 day package safari was a fantastic experience. I learned many new hunting skills and made new friends.  I would go back and do it again in a heartbeat.  I'm going back. That says it all. Thanks to Discount African Hunts for setting me up on a fantastic plains game safari."

Brian Stewart
Ottawa, Canada
June, 2015