Small Antelope Hunting Safaris in Namibia

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Tiny Ten Hunt in Namibia

1x1 $4,500

2024 / 2025
This tiny ten hunt in Namibia will be split between 2 areas. The Damara Dik-Dik will be hunted 3.5 hours north of Windhoek in the Otijwarongo region of Namibia. The remainder of this hunt will take place on the outfitter's 109,000-acre free-range low fence ranch 2 hours SW of Windhoek. You will stay at a 4-star lodge in both areas.

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Trophy Damara Dik Dik Hunting Safari

Bow-Rifle 1x1 ONLY $2,900 / HUNTER !!!

2024 / 2025
This is a 5-day hunt for Damara dik-dik in North-central Namibia. You will look over several dik-diks before selecting your trophy. You will stay in a comfortable lodge and other animals are also available after your Damara dik-dik is in the salt.

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Small Antelope Hunting Safaris in Namibia


"First, I wanted to tell you the buffalo hunt with the outfitter you booked me with was great! The PH took me to a farm where there was a good herd of buffalo and I shot a 40” old dagga boy. I could have taken another one a bit wider, 42”, with hard bosses but he did not have that old rough beat-up look I was after."

Mike Davis

May, 2023



"Best advice I can give is don't let the word DISCOUNT scare you. I was skeptical but I have hunted all over and I can tell you these trips are top notch! Everything was described accurately, no surprises. I took 9 trophies - almost every one made gold medal. I would highly recommend John Martins and Discount African Hunts. I already have another trip booked with them and I am looking at 2 more. I got everything I wanted and saved thousands doing it!"

John Schultz
June 2019

"I booked my crocodile hunt in Mozambique through Discount African Hunts. The hunt was great and my wife and I really enjoyed the service provided by the outfitter. Everything was done very professionally and the outfitter and his group went out of their way to provide us with a wonderful experience and a great time.

If we ever go back to Africa, I am sure that we will contact Discount African Hunts to set up another hunt with this outfitter."

Steve Davis
Georgia, USA
August, 2015