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Small Antelope Hunting Safaris in South Africa

Suni, Blue Duiker and Red Duiker Hunt in Zululand

Rifle-Shot Gun-Bow 1 x 1 Only $8,000 per HUNTER !

2019 / 2020
This is a hunt for trophy suni, blue duiker and red duiker in Zululand. The hunt will take place on a forested ranch that has good quantities of these diminutive members of the tiny ten. This is a great chance to get a suni without having to leave South Africa.

Hunt Sharpes Grysbok and Red Duiker in South Africa

Rifle – Shotgun - Bow - Crossbow 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide ) ONLY $3,625

2019 / 2020
This specialty hunt for Sharpe's Grysbok and Red Duiker will occur in South Africa's Limpopo Province in the Soutpansberg Mountains on a 55,000 acre concession. There are good numbers of both animals on this concession and your chance of sucess is high. You may also take a klipspringer on this hunt if you so desire. This is a good way to get these animals without having to travel to other countries!

Hunt Oribi In South Africa

Rifle-Shot Gun-Black Powder 1 x 1 Only $3,500 per HUNTER !

2019 / 2020
This is a discounted package hunt for oribi that will either take place in Kwazulu-Natal or Mpumalanga depending on what area the trophy oribi permit is issued for. These areas have a lot of big oribi and only trophies are taken during these hunt on foot. The area is mountainous and some walking will be required. This is a high probability hunt.

Tiny Ten Hunt

Rifle-Shot Gun-Black Powder 1 x 1 Only $3,500 per HUNTER !

2019 / 2020
This is a rare opportunity to take 7 of Africa's Tiny Ten antelopes during one hunt in a single province. The hunt is free-range and takes place in Kwazulu-Natal's Zululand and Midlands regions. Only trophy specimens will be targeted and both spot and stalk and calling methods of hunting will be utilized.

Hunt 5 of the Tiny Ten

Rifle-Black Powder-Bow 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide) ONLY $2,850!!

2019 / 2020
This hunt is a great opportunity to take 5 of the Tiny Ten antelopes of Africa in one location. This 10 day hunt in Limpopo's Soutpansberg Mountains offers the collector a hunt where you only pay for the animals that you harvest. This specialty animal hunt is a collectors dream and has been discounted to make it the best value for a Tiny Ten hunt in Africa!

Small Antelope Hunting Safaris in South Africa

Small antelope hunting in South Africa is world class.  There is a wide variety of small antelopes spread across the 9 provinces of South Africa.  Although hunting small antelopes in South Africa can be a hunter’s primary motivation, most of these smaller antelopes are taken as byproducts of more traditional plains game hunting safaris.  Once a hunter has harvested one or two of these diminutive antelopes, have received the mounts and had time to admire them, then they realize how cool these little antelopes are.

South Africa has several members of what is known as the Tiny Ten Antelopes of Africa.  Nine of these small antelopes can be taken in South Africa.  It is even possible to take all nine of them on one extended safari, although the hunter will have to hunt in three or four different locations in South Africa.  A couple of these small antelopes are only found in limited areas.  A good example of this is the Cape Grysbok, which is only available in the Eastern Cape and limited areas of the Western Cape.

Another antelope that has limited distribution in South Africa is the Sharp’s Grysbok.  The Sharp’s Grysbok is only found in the Northern areas of the Limpopo Province.  It is not overly abundant, but can usually be harvested during a 5-day safari.  The suni also has limited distribution in South Africa and is restricted to the northern parts of the Kruger National Park, reserves and game farms in northeastern KwaZulu-Natal.  Oribi is a recovering species in South Africa and may be hunted in Mpumalanga and South Africa’s Eastern Cape.

Blue and red duiker are also limited in the areas that they can be hunted at.  Klipspringer are found over a wider range of South Africa, but still must be targeted in the areas they frequent.  Other antelopes such as the steenbok and common duiker are more widespread and therefore more easily found and taken.  Small antelope hunting safaris in South Africa can be rich and rewarding endeavors, as these pursuits will take you to many fabulous hunting locations.

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"This was my first trip to Africa and can positively say it will not be my only one. Words simply can not describe the events of the hunt.  I hunted with both longbow and compound and took a total of 12 animals.  I speak volumes to Discount  African Hunts. These guys know the ins and outs.  Thank you for my first Amazing African Adventure!"

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