Exotic Plains Game Hunting Safaris In Tanzania

Lesser Kudu Gerenuk and Northern Species Safari in Tanzania

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2020 / 2021
This exotic plains game hunt in Tanzania's Maasailand offers the hunter a lesser kudu, gerenuk, fringe-eared oryx along with many others. Thomson's and Grant's gazelle, white-bearded wildebeest and Kirk's dik-dik are but a few of the animals that can be taken on this 10 day safari.

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Exotic Plains Game Hunting Safaris In Tanzania

Tanzania offers some of the best exotic plains game hunting in all of East Africa.  No one area offers all species, and Tanzania is a vast country with a poor road system.  Safaris must be carefully planned so that the targeted species are found within the hunting concession that one has chosen to hunt.

One of the better areas for exotic plains game hunting is an area in northeastern Tanzania called Maasailand.  Maasailand is known for its “East African” antelope.  These include the lesser kudu, East African impala, Gran’s Gazelle, Thomson’s gazelle, southern gerenuk, Coke’s hartebeest, fringe-eared oryx, eastern bohor reedbuck, Chanler’s mountain reedbuck, white-bearded wildebeest and Kirk’s dik-dik.   Fringing Maasailand are the topi antelope and a variant of the Gran’s gazelle known as Robert’s gazelle.  East African eland and rarities such as Abbott duiker and East African suni can also be found in certain areas of this region.

Central Tanzania features the Rungwa and Kisigo Game Reserves which are both excellent hunting areas.  Although primarily a big game hunting destination for leopard, buffalo and some lions, there is a good population of southern antelope species. This area offers some of the best sable and roan hunting in all of East Africa.  Sables in the mid 40’s and upwards are occasionally taken in this region.  Other common exotic plains game found here includes the East African impala.

The Selous Reserve features mostly the southern variety of exotic plains game but does offer the Lichtenstein hartebeest, the Nyassa wildebeest and the East African eland.  The Selous is known as more of a big game hunting area and plains game takes on more of a secondary role to the world-class dangerous game hunting that is found here.

Peter’s gazelle, puku, defassa waterbuck, and Lelwel hartebeest are also found in Tanzania in certain areas.  With this wide variety of exotic plains game that can be hunted, Tanzania stands out as one of the greatest exotic plains game destinations on the continent!


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Brian Stewart
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'It was the most exciting hunt I have ever been on. We stalked a small bachelor group for a few days before I shot a mature cape buffalo with my Browning 375 H&H.'

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