Exotic Plains Game Hunts in the Congo

Congo Hunting Safari

Rifle and Shotgun or Bow 1x1 Starting at $28,600

2016 / 2017
This hunting safari takes place in the Congo - Brazzaville, which is also known as the French Congo. This area was recently reopened for hunting and offers highly sought species including bongo, forest sitatunga, dwarf forest buffalo and yellow back duiker. Several other species of duiker are also available. This is an adventure that should not be missed!

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Exotic Plains Game Hunts in the Congo

Going on an exotic plains game hunt in the French Congo is an adventure that will not be forgotten.  Sitting just across the Congo River from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Congo - Brazzaville is a country that offers an African hunting safari adventure that is hard to match.  The Congo features the second largest undisturbed equatorial forest in Africa.  An exotic plains game safari to the Congo offers the excitement of safaris of years gone by.

Exotic plains game species available in the Congo include the bongo and sitatunga.  Bongo are relatively abundant and are typically hunted by driving the vast network of logging roads and searching for bongos that are feeding on the emergent growth that grows on the fringes of these roads.  Sitatunga are hunted from boats or by sitting in elevated machans that are positioned overlooking open areas near swamps that are favored by sitatunga.

Dangerous game on quota consists of the dwarf forest buffalo.  These smaller buffalo are hunted in and around the thick equatorial jungle and this hunt can be an exciting one.  Dwarf buffalo are extremely dangerous when wounded and following up a wounded buffalo should be done while exercising extreme caution.

The Congo also offers 6 of Africa's distinct species of duikers.  The Congo is one of the only countries where the yellow backed duiker can still be exported from.  The yellow backed duiker is the largest of the duikers and is considered a primary species when taking a safari.  Other duikers that are available in the Republic of the Congo include the blue duiker, bay duiker, Peters duiker, bay duiker and black fronted duiker.

Giant forest hog are occasionally available on quota.  Also, a close relative of the bushpig, the red river hog, is relatively abundant and is usually on quota.  Along with regular sightings of gorillas, this multitude of available spacies makes an exotic plains game safari to the Congo an unforgettable adventure!


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