Exotic Plains Game Hunting Safaris in Ethiopia

Hunt Plains Game in Ethiopia's Omo Valley

Rifle or Bow 1 x 1 (1Hunter / 1 Guide) Call For Pricing!

2020 / 2021 / 2022
This is your chance to hunt Ethiopia's world famous Omo Valley for exotic plains game species such as Lesser Kudu, Northern Grant's Gazelle, Souther Gerenuk and Guenther's Dik-Dik. You will hunt with Ethiopia's best and oldest outfitter. This is a full 13 day hunting safari and requires a charter flight to access the hunting concession

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Hunt Mountain Nyala in Ethiopia

Rifle or Bow 1 x 1 (1Hunter / 1 Guide) Call For Pricing!

2020 / 20201 / 2022
Hunt mountain nyala in Ethiopia with the oldest and best outfitter in Ethiopia. This outfitter has three separate hunting areas for mountain nyala and will cater the hunt to your physical abilities. The outfitter has achieved a 100% success rate in recent years and is the gold standard for hunting the mountains of Ethiopia for mountain nyala and Menelik's bushbuck.

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Exotic Plains Game Hunting Safaris in Ethiopia

An exotic plains game safari in Ethiopia offers an opportunity to take a wide variety of plains game species, several of which are only found in Ethiopia.  Due to high government trophy fees, an exotic plains game hunting safari in Ethiopia can be one of the more expensive hunts offered in Africa.  Ethiopia is a densely populated country that features a unique and distinctive culture.  An Ethiopian hunting safari is considered by many to be the hunt of a lifetime, especially if the target is the elusive mountain nyala.

The mountain nyala is one of Africa's nine spiral-horned antelopes and is a must for those seeking to complete the African spiral-horned slam.  With only an estimated 4,000 mountain nyala remaining and limited quotas being available, this is one hunt that takes some significant advance planning.  Only 5 licensed Ethiopian outfitters currently exist, and some of them book up years in advance.  The Menelick's bushbuck and highland forest leopard are two other animals that may be taken while hunting high in Ethiopia's mountains. Highland forest leopard are not importable into the US.

Other species unique to Ethiopia include Abyssinian bohor reedbuck, Abyssinian bushbuck, Abyssinian greater kudu, Neuman's hartebeest, northern gerenuk, Salt's dik-dik and Soemerling's gazelle.  Species that are not unique to Ethiopia but may also be hunted include Chanler's mountain reedbuck, East African Defassa waterbuck, lesser kudu, serval, bushpig, warthog, Guenther's dik-dik, southern Grant's gazelle and giant forest hog.

Ethiopia offers diverse hunting habitats.  In addition to the mountain hunting, the Omo Valley is a prime destination for many hunters seeking to harvest some of the plains game species found at the lower elevations. Biye Bahi is a desert hunting area where species unique to desert environments such as the Harar dik-dik and the golden jackal may be hunted. An exotic plains game hunting safari in Ethiopia is truly a hunting experience to be cherished, as it is unique on the African continent!


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