Exotic Plains Game Hunts in South Africa

Hunt Sable in South Africa

Rifle-Black Powder-Bow 1x1 ONLY $3,000!!!

2024 / 2025
This is a discounted hunt for trophy sable in the Northwest Province of South Africa. The 8,500-acre hunting area is only 2 hours from Johannesburg. This hunt is for 6 full days and includes the trophy fee for one bull sable up to 40" Larger sable are available at $300/in. Other plains game are available on this hunt also. This is a bow, crossbow, or rifle hunt.

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5 Star Trophy Sable Hunting Package

Rifle-Bow-Crossbow 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide ) ONLY $3,970!

2024 / 2025
This is the best deal I have ever seen for a big sable. Hunting out of a 5-star lodge and featuring a 7-day hunt with a free observer, it is hard to beat the value in this sable package hunt. With lots of big kudu, nyala, and waterbuck along with some giant warthogs, there is not much missing from this fabulous hunting offer!

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Sable and Roan Hunt in South Africa

Rifle-Black Powder Only 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide) ONLY $6,800!!

2024 / 2025
This is a hunt for sable and roan in South Africa's Northwest Province only two hours from Johannesburg. This 6-day hunt features discounted daily rates and the opportunity to take a trophy roan and/or sable on a large concession without incurring the expense of traveling to some of the more expensive areas in Central Africa where these great trophies are found. The hunt will be conducted from a 3.5-star lodge. Trophy Cape buffalo and a wide variety of plains game are also available.

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Hunt Roan in South Africa

Rifle, Bow or Black Powder - 1 x 1 (One Hunter / One PH ) Only $4,800 ALL IN!!!

2024 / 2025
This is a highly discounted plains game hunt for a trophy roan antelope in South Africa's Northwest Province. The hunt will take place on a 10,000+ acre concession featuring a variety of terrain and a wide variety of animals. Special pricing is also available for trophy sable and Cape buffalo bulls. You will stay in a 3.5-star lodge.

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Hunt Red Lechwe and Tsessebe in South Africa

Rifle – Bow – Crossbow 1 x 1 Only $4,695!

2023 / 2024
This combination hunt for tsessebee and red lechwe in South Africa's Eastern Cape Province is the best pricing for these two plains game animalks in All of Africa. You will stay at a 4-star lodge and hunt for real trophies on foot by spot and stalk. With free rifle rental and an $80 / day observer rate, it is impossible to beat this deal!

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Black Impala Hunt in South Africa

Rifle-Black Powder 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide) ONLY $2,500 !!!

2024 / 2025
This is your chance to take a "breeder" quality black Impala ram at an unbelievable price. You can also add a golden wildebeest at a low trophy fee to make this an unbelievable combo-hunt deal! The hunt takes place in the Northwest Province only a2-hour drive from Johannesburg. With a FREE observer and FREE rifle rental, it just doesn't get any better than this!

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Exotic Plains Game Hunts in South Africa

Exotic plains game hunts in South Africa offer the modern hunter the convenience of being able to take several species of exotic plains game that in the past would have required a journey to a more distant location.  South Africa’s game ranching industry has evolved to the point where many species of exotic plains game have been introduced onto the game ranches and have established self-sustaining breeding populations.  In most cases, the introduction of these animals has helped bring down the price to where the hunting of these animals in South Africa is now substantially less than if taking a safari to a more distant area where the animal is indigenous.

Exotic plains game hunts in South Africa are mostly taken for sable, roan and tessebe.  Sable is by far the most sought after trophy by those hunters taking an exotic plains game hunting safari in South Africa.  Due to the sable’s long sweeping horns, dark black coat and distinctive facial markings, the demand for sable in South Africa is fairly high.  A good sized breeding industry has developed within South Africa to supply the various game ranches with an adequate supply of sable.  This has caused the price of sable to reach levels that are now more affordable for a wider range of African plains game hunters.

Another antelope that is increasingly showing up at the skinning shed after taking exotic plains game hunts in South Africa is the roan.  The roan antelope has also been introduced to quite a few game ranches in South Africa.  Although shorter than the sable, the roan’s backward curving horns and distinctive facial markings make it a nice compliment to the sable on a trophy room wall.  There is an indigenous group of roan in far Northeast South Africa, mainly occurring in the Kruger National Park area.

Finally, there is a huntable population of tessebe available for those looking to take exotic plains game hunts in South Africa.  Several game ranches have introduced tessebe onto their concessions and these populations have established breeding cores on various game ranches.  If one were of a mind set to take an exotic plans game hunt in South Africa for all three of these exotic plains game animals, it is definitely an achievable goal in these modern times.


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Matt Sterzer
Utah, USA
August, 2016



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Ash Katoch
May 2017