Frequently Asked Questions


  • How many sets of hunting clothing should I bring on an African safari?
    You should bring three pairs of long pants, two long sleeve shirts, two pairs of shorts (in camp use only; long pants will aid in leg protection against thorns.), three or four pairs of socks, three sets of skivvies, one warm jacket or sweater, one hat or cap. All clothing should be khaki, tan or light brown, or can be camo if allowed. Bright colors can be seen for miles, and dark blue or black should be avoided as it shows movement and can spook animals. The camp staff will launder your clothing every day, so you will always have clean clothing for the following morning.
  • Should I bring a raincoat on an African hunting safari?
    Carry a lightweight raincoat or poncho. You will most likely be hunting during winter months when the climate can be cool and dry, but it's possible to have rain during your trip. The Eastern Cape in particular receives a lot of rainfall. A lightweight rain coat can also double as a windbreaker.
  • What type of clothing should I bring on an African safari?
    Select clothing that dries quickly, wicks moisture, and is easy to pack. For skin protection under the harsh African sun, select clothing that offers sunburn protection (SPF). Some shirts and pants have a SPF of 50, the highest rating available. The best safari clothing has built-in rip stop and is fairly lightweight. Although warm weather might seem to dictate shorts and short sleeve shirts, those should be reserved for the hottest conditions. Most vegetation in Africa has thorns and wearing pants and long sleeve shirts helps protect your skin from getting ripped up from these thorns.
  • Can I wear camouflage (camo) clothing on a safari?
    For the majority of African countries, please don't pack camouflage clothing as it is illegal attire for civilians, and this law can be strictly enforced. The odd camo t-shirt will be OK, but draw the line at full combat gear. Camo is OK in South Africa and Namibia; however, it should not be worn in town where it can draw unwanted attention. Clothing should be desert pattern and color during the summer, and darker greens and browns during the winter months. The dark green camo normally seen in North America won't work well during South African winters.