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Specialty Animal Hunts in South Africa | Discount African Hunts

African Small Cat Grand Slam Hunting Safari

Rifle – Shotgun - 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide ) ONLY $6,250

2019 / 2020
This is a highly discounted 10-night hunting safari for Africa's small cats. I priced this safari against the prices that my best outfitters charge for these animals and it offered a savings of over $3,000! This is the best deal on these 6 animals in all of Africa and best of all, you can get them all in one place!

Spotted Hyena Hunt in South Africa

Rifle-Black Powder-Bow 1x1 ONLY $4,495

2019 / 2020
This is a hunt for a spotted hyena with a PH that knows how to get it done! You will hunt on areas that have good populations of spotted hyena and will stay at a 4-star lodge. Although this is only a 7 day hunt, the outfitter feels that he can get you your hyena in that time frame. You may also be able to harvest some other night-time animals such as civet, honey badger and genet.

Bushpig Hunt With Dogs

Rifle-Shotgun-Black Powder 1 x 1 (1 Hunter / 1 Guide ) Only $1800 All-In!

2019 / 2020
This is a 3 day hunt for bushpigs using a hound pack. You can shoot unlimited bushpigs during this hunt, as the hunt is all-inclusive and includes trophy fees for shooting unlimited bushpigs. If you are looking for a giant bushpig, this is the hunt for you, as you can shoot multiple bushpigs and them mount the largest one. The hunt takes place in Natal on 88,000 acres of farmland that has lots of bushpigs!

Honey Badger, Civet and Genet Hunt in South Africa

Rifle – Shotgun - Bow - Crossbow 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide ) ONLY $3,625

2019 / 2020
This is a hunt for honey badger, civit and genet in South Africa's Limpopo Province. You will hunt at night with a specialist that knows how to get these specialty animals. Retire to a 4-star lodge after hunting at night. Both spotlighting and hunting from blinds over bait will be used to insure success.

Bushpig Hunt on Bait in South Africa

Rifle-Black Powder-Bow 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide) ONLY $1,900!!

2019 / 2020
This is a discounted nighttime hunt for trophy bushpig over bait in South Africa. This hunt takes place on a free-range concession in Kwazulu-Natal's Midlands region. This hunt is offered by a highly experienced bushpig outfitter and you will be staying at a 4-Star lodge serving 5-Star food! Kwazulu-Natal produces some of the largest bushpigs in Southern Africa!

Nighttime Specialty Small Animal Hunt in South Africa

Rifle-Black Powder-Bow 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide) ONLY $2,850!!

2019 / 201920
This is a nighttime hunt for specialty animals such as brown hyena, bushpig, civet, genet and more. You will hunt with one of Southern Africa's most advanced nighttime hunters. Using red lights and trail cameras on baited sites, this outfitter has taken hunting for these collector animals to a new level. This is where the other outfitters take their clients when they need to get it done!

Hunt Serval in South Africa

Rifle-Shot Gun-Black Powder 1 x 1 Only $3,500 per HUNTER !

2019 / 2020
This is a specialized night hunt for serval on free-range farm land in South Africa's Kwazulu-Natal Midlands Region. The primary method of hunting will be by spotlighting at night as you slowly drive through the grasslands and pasture looking for the tell-tale glow of a seval's eyes. There is a good population of serval in the area and this is one of the best outfitters to hunt serval with, as they have a very high success rate.

6 Day Zululand Ardwolf and Specialty Animal Night Hunt

Rifle or Black Powder 1 x 1 ONLY $3,000 per Hunter

This is a specialty animal collectors dream hunt! Hunt in Kwazulu-Natal with one of Africa's most experienced rare animal specialists for exotic species such as Aardwolf, African Wildcat, White Tailed Mongoose, Bushpig and more. They are one of the few outfitters in South Africa that can pull permits for some of the most sought after species by collectors. Hunting will primarily be done at night, although daytime hunting with dogs for serval, bushpig and caracal may occur in the daytime.

3 Day Caracal and Serval Hunting Safari In Kwazulu-Natal

Rifle, Bow or Black Powder 1 x 1 ONLY $2,400 per Hunter

2018 / 2019
This is the ideal discounted safari for the specialty cat collector. You will hunt with one of Africa's most experienced rare animal specialists for Caracal and Serval in Kwazulu-Natal. They are one of the few outfitters in South Africa that can pull permits for some of the most sought after species by collectors. Hunting will primarily be done during the daytime, utilizing experienced hound packs to corner your trophy Serval or Caracal until you can reach the scene. It is a highly effective way of hunting these elusive predators, and if you haven’t hunted with a great team of hounds before, it is a different way of hunting that you will enjoy!

Specialty Animal Hunts in South Africa

South Africa has the best specialty animal hunting in all of Africa.  Specialty animal hunts in South Africa have evolved from these animals being taken as animals of opportunity to more focused hunts seeking a specific animal or two.  There are now outfitters that specialize in guiding safaris specifically targeting these odds and ends animals.  Many of these specialty animals are available as secondary species to a plains game or dangerous game safari. While not the main focus of the safari, they are still a major consideration when booking a hunt.

South Africa offers the greatest variety of specialty animal hunting safaris on the African Continent.  Many of these exotic species are found throughout South Africa, while others are much more regionally specific.  Specialty animal hunts in South Africa offer the collector a virtual smorgasbord of choices. From the small African cats to the predators, hogs, primates and snakes, the challenge of hunting and taking this wide variety of collectable specialty animals can serve as the focus of multiple hunting safaris to Africa.

Africa’s predators range from the diminutive genet all the way up to the fearsome hyenas.  Just collecting the foxes, small cats, and hyenas can fill out a corner of a trophy room.   Predators are usually hunted at night, and other nighttime species such as the honey badger (ratel), aardwolf and African porcupine can also be hunted concurrently.  Many African hunters take specialty animal hunts in South Africa to collect the warthog and the nocturnal bushpig.  Bushpigs are normally hunted over bait. But a few outfitters have trained their dogs to go after bushpigs.  Either way, the taking of a trophy bushpig is a great accomplishment.

Primates are also on many hunter's African lists, and hunting baboons can be downright fun.  Vervet monkeys are  also a target of collectors.  A couple species of mongoose are available in South Africa along with the diminutive rock hyrax.  Some snakes are also available as trophies.  A rock python skin makes a beautiful mount in the hands of a competent African taxidermist.  Specialty animal hunts in South Africa are hard to beat!

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"I booked the hunt through John Martins, the owner of Discount African Hunts. It was a smooth transaction and he provided me with good and accurate information."

"This 10 day package safari was a fantastic experience. I learned many new hunting skills and made new friends.  I would go back and do it again in a heartbeat.  I'm going back. That says it all. Thanks to Discount African Hunts for setting me up on a fantastic plains game safari."

Brian Stewart
Ottawa, Canada
June, 2015


"The hippo and croc hunt was good to great --  People make the hunt and from the booking agent to the outfitter YOU COULDN'T ask for a better hunt!  Very few hunting ads tell you what you will get and then deliver it with a smile and extras. Both ends are honest and great to deal with."

"John Martins tries his hardest to get you a great price and your animals with honest outfitters!"

Don Soncrant
Lemmon, SD
September 2016



"I spent weeks visiting websites for outfitters in Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, comparing pre-made packages and regular fees. In the end, for a 7-day, six animal hunt with my son as an observer/hunter, John Martins had the best price."

Andrew and Garet
Georgia, USA
October, 2014


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