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Lion Hunts in Africa

Trophy Lion Hunting Safari in South Africa

Bow or Rifle 1x1 Starting at $12,000 /HUNTER !!!

2019 / 2020
This is an incredible trophy male lion hunt at a great price! This renowned South African outfitter has reduced the price of this spot and stalk hunting safari by $5,000 and it is available at this price only through This hunt takes place near Elisras in the Northern Province of South Africa. The discounted lion hunting safari will take place within a fenced 7,900 acre enclosure. This is a discounted hunt of a lifetime for Africa’s greatest trophy!

White Lion Hunt in South Africa

Rifle – Bow – Crossbow 1x1 Only $13,500!

2018 / 2019 This is a trophy white lion hunt by tracking in the soft sands of South Africa's Kalahari Desert. The hunt will take place in the Nortwest Province. You will hunt from a 4-star lodge on a 24,ooo acre concession fro a trophy mature white lion with a good mane. R/T road transportation from Kimberly is included.

South Africa Spot & Stalk Lioness Hunting Safari

Bow or Rifle 1x1 ONLY $6,500 per HUNTER!

2019 / 2020
This is a great hunt for an African lioness on foot! This renowned South African outfitter has reduced the price of this track and stalk lioness hunting safari and it is available at this price only through Discount African Hunts. This lioness hunt takes place in the Thick bush of the Limpopo Province of South Africa. The hunting area is 3 hours north of Johannesburg. The lioness hunt will take place within a 7,000 acre fenced enclosure. The lodge is 5-star and features comfortable beds and great food.

Lion Hunt in the Kalahari Desert

Rifle - Black Powder - Bow 1 x 1 ONLY $13,350!!!

2018 / 2019
This is an opportunity to take a male lion hunt at a great price! This renowned South African outfitter offers this spot and stalk lion hunt in the Kalahari Desert region of the Northern Province of South Africa. This hunt will be for a mature male lion having a mane similar to the feature picture in this hunt description.

Hunt Lion in Tanzania

Rifle Only 1 x 1 Starting at $57,750!

2019 / 2020
Hunt lion, Cape buffalo (2), sable roan and plains game on this 18 day safari to a remote region of Tanzania that is part of the Rungwa ecosystem. The concession abuts Ruaha National Park and is one of the best lion hunting concessions in Africa! You will stay in a comfortable 3-Star tented camp that features electrical generator power. Experience wild Africa at its best!

Zimbabwe Lion Hunt

Rifle-Black Powder-Bow 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide) ONLY $60,680 All-in!!!

2019 / 2020
This is a 15-day trophy wild Lion Hunt in the best Lion Hunting Concession in Zimbabwe. The hunt will take place in Matetsi East, which is bordered by Hwange Park on the south and Botswana on the west. This long-time big game outfitter has a 90%+ success rate on full-maned lion in this area. This is one of the few remaining areas in Africa where you can take a fully-maned male lion.

Lion Hunts

Lion hunts in Africa are at the top of every hunter’s wish list.  Lions are truly kings of the jungle and are the beasts of legends.  The taking of a male lion has been a challenge that man has pursued since the dawn of mankind,  and even today, the taking of a majestic male African lion is a magical moment. Lion hunts in Africa still offer the modern day hunter the challenge of facing off against this most fearsome of beasts.  The African male lion is the largest cat still being hunted on the planet.  Along with the leopard, these two cats make up two of Africa’s big five dangerous game animals.

Lion hunting in  Africa can be broken down into two major classifications.  Wild lion hunts and high-fence captive reared lion hunts.  Both lion hunts can offer the hunter a great challenge if done properly.  It is estimated that there are approximately 32,000 - 35,000 wild lions left roaming in wild Africa.  These lions are mostly located in what is known as stronghold areas.  Wild lions are under pressure from man’s expanding footprint on the African continent and from the resulting human / lion conflict that arises from this encroachment into the lion’s historical range.  Wild lions are typically hunted by hanging bait at multiple locations and then waiting for a mature male lion to hit the bait.  Once a suitable lion is feeding on the bait, a blind is quickly prepared and the hunter lies in wait hoping to catch the lion feeding during daylight hours.   An effort is being made in many African countries to only take male lions that are 6 years of age and older and therefore have passed their breeding prime.  Permits are very limited for wild lions and therefore are expensive.  Wild lion hunts start around $55,000 and run upwards of $100,000.

High fence lion hunts involve releasing captive raised lions into a large enclosure and then allowing the lion time to adapt to its new habitat.  The lion hunts are then conducted via tracking, many times in the Kalahari Desert.  These type of lion hunts in Africa allow for close up direct confrontations with lions and can prove to be very exciting.

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"I would recommend this hunt although I would recommend John at Discount African Hunts even more. Areas can get hot and cold but John always knows the hot spots to send hunters." 

"Totally recommend!"

Matt Sterzer
Utah, USA
August, 2016




"In August 2014 I took a lioness hunt with Discount African Hunts in the Northwest Province of South Africa. The PH's worked hard to customize the hunt for me as I wanted a challenging stalk ending with taking the lioness at close range by an open sighted double rifle. They exceeded my expectations as 12 miles of tracking ended with me shooting the highly agitated lioness at a distance of 25 yards with a couple of rounds of 450 NE".

"I highly recommend a lioness hunt with Discount African Hunts."

September, 2014


"I was hunting with my son and my batchmate from school. We had an experience of a life time and will definitely repeat the experience again. The weather was perfect. We shot Kudu / Zebra / Wildebeest / Impala / Red Hartebeest / Blesbuck / a day of bird shooting." 

"We took back  memories for a life time  and will surly recommend the experience to other hunters."

Ash Katoch
May 2017


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