Dangerous Game Hunting Safaris in South Africa

Discounted Trophy Cape Buffalo Hunt

Rifle - Black Powder 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide ) ONLY $6,900 /HUNTER !!!

2024 / 2025
This is a discounted hunt for a trophy Cape Buffalo bull in South Africa's Northwest Province that will take place on concessions that range from 8,000 - 12,000 acres. These concessions have produced some big trophies in the past. Most bulls have been over 40 inches. This is your chance to get your trophy Cape buffalo bull at an unbelievably low price.

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Cape Buffalo Cow Management Hunt

Rifle Only - 1X1 Only $4,900!

2024 / 2025
Hunt 2 cape buffalo cows for less than $5,000. Stay at a 4-star luxury tented camp on a 70,000-acre concession in Northern Limpopo. Stalk your buffalo on foot and experience Africa as it should be experienced!

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Hunt Free Range Cape Buffalo in South Africa

Rifle or Bow 1x 1 Only $10,990

2024/ 2025
Hunt free-range Cape buffalo bulls on a 95,000-acre concession that is open to Swaziland. You will stay at a 4-star lodge and hunt buffalo "old-style" where an estimated 800 - 900 buffalo roam. There are lots of plains game to target after your buffalo is in the salt.

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Hunt Rhinoceros in South Africa

Rifle-Black Powder 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide) FROM $22,500!!

2024 / 2025
This white rhino hunt will be for a trophy exportable bull and will take place in South Africa's Free State from a 4-star lodge. The hunt will be conducted on foot in the traditional style on an 11,000-acre concession that is part of a larger ranch. Your White Rhinoceros trophy will be fully exportable under CITES!

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Free Range Elephant Hunt in South Africa

Rifle 1X1 ONLY $27,500

2023 / 2024
Take the most exciting adventure of your life to hunt for one of the greatest animals in the world - the African elephant! This free-range safari is located along the border of South Africa's most famous national park and is hosted at a beautiful and comfortable 4-star lodge on a cliff overlooking the African plains.

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Lion Hunt in the Kalahari Desert

Rifle - Black Powder 1 x 1 ONLY $7,500!!!

This is an opportunity to take a male lion hunt at a great price! This renowned South African outfitter offers this spot and stalk lion hunt in the Kalahari Desert region of the Northern Province of South Africa. This hunt will be for a mature male lion having a mane similar to the feature picture in this hunt description.

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Trophy Lion Hunting Safari in South Africa

1x1 Starting at $7,900 /HUNTER !!!

This is an incredible trophy male lion hunt at a great price! This renowned South African outfitter has reduced the price of this spot and stalk hunting safari by $5,000 and it is available at this price only through Discount African Hunts. This hunt takes place in the Kalahari Desert near the Botswana border. The hunting area is near Tosca in the northern Northwest Province. This discounted lion hunting safari will take place within a fenced 6,000-acre enclosure consisting of high grass and patches of thick bush. This is a discounted hunt of a lifetime for Africa’s greatest trophy!

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South Africa Spot & Stalk Lioness Hunting Safari

1x1 ONLY $3,900 per HUNTER!

This is a track-and-stalk hunt for an African lioness in the Kalahari Desert! This renowned South African outfitter has reduced the price of this hunt and it is available at this price only through Discount African Hunts. This lioness hunt takes place in the Northwest Province of South Africa. The hunting area is near Tosca. The lioness hunt will take place in a 6,000-acre enclosure. The lodge is a 4-star lodge and features great food! This is an unforgettable discounted lioness hunt!

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Buffalo and Lioness Combo Hunt in South Africa

Rifle-Black Powder 1X1 ONLY $11,950

Come on an unforgettable combo hunt in the Kalahari for two of Africa's greatest trophies! The cape buffalo and African lioness are dangerous and unpredictable animals that will constantly keep you on your toes for every second of the hunt! An experienced outfitter, comfortable lodge, and great food make this a spectacular experience!

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Hunt Crocodile in South Africa

Bow, Rifle or Black Powder 1x1 ( 1 Hunter - 1 Guide ) ONLY $3,500!

2024 / 2025
This is a highly discounted Nile crocodile hunt on a reservoir in the NW province of South Africa. You can shoot up to a 12' croc and larger crocs are available for an upgraded trophy fee price. Plains game and buffalo are also available.

province of South Africa. You can expect a 12' croc on this hunt with a good chance at somerthing bigger. You will hunt a beautiful area that has many crocs, and this hunt is fully permitted and the crocodile is exportable!

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Dangerous Game Hunts in South Africa

Dangerous game hunts in South Africa feature all seven dangerous game animals.  South Africa has the most developed hunting industry in all of Africa and is the primary destination for the majority of US hunters traveling to Africa each year.  Much of the dangerous game and other hunting is done within high fence enclosures.  This is because of the private ownership concept of game.  If a high fence surrounds the perimeter, then the landowner owns the game and except for certain regulated species, the landowner can manage the game as they see fit.  This has given rise to a large game ranching industry and has contributed to the astonishing growth in South Africa’s wild game populations.  Many ranches have converted over from sheep and cattle ranches to game ranching.

South Africa has an incredible variety of terrains for dangerous game hunting.  From tracking lions in the sands of the Kalahari Desert, to glassing the vast grasslands of the Karoo, to peeking over rolling sea-side dunes of the Eastern Cape, dangerous game hunts in South Africa offer the most varied  habitat to take a dangerous game hunting safari on the continent.

A large portion of the lion hunting is done in the Kalahari Desert, where the soft sands facilitate the tracking of lions on foot.  South Africa offers the most affordable lion hunting on the continent.  Much of the elephant hunting is done in areas fronting the Botswana border and on concessions that abut or are near Kruger National Park.  Limited availability of permits keeps South African elephant hunting priced rather high when compared to neighboring Zimbabwe.

The CITES convention currently only allocates 150 exportable leopard permits to South Africa.  This keeps prices rather high, although South Africa features a good population of large leopards.  South Africa features the continent’s largest population of rhinos and is a primary destination for those looking to complete their big 5 dangerous game animals.  And a discussion of dangerous game hunts in South Africa would not be complete without talking about Cape buffalo.  Cape buffalo are hunted in many locations country wide.  To the east of Kruger National Park, a vertical boundary exists called the red line.  To the east of this line, the buffalo herd carries bovine diseases, such as hoof and mouth.  To the west, South Africa maintains a disease free herd.  Maintaining this disease free herd causes buffalo prices to be higher than in many African countries.  South Africa has developed a sizeable buffalo breeding operation, aimed at producing trophy horn sizes.  Dangerous game hunts in South Africa offer something for all dangerous game hunters, no matter what the targeted species may be.  South Africa continues to be one of the best destinations to take  dangerous game hunts in all of Africa.


"I had the hunting experience of a lifetime. And I have a real need to go back. I made many new friends from South Africa, Australia and the USA.

I strongly recommend both Discount African Hunts and this outfitter. John Martins set me up with a great outfitter, answered all my questions and made sure I had all my paperwork in order A to Z."

Steven Colkette
Harrisville, WV
August, 2015



"I looked long and far for a good deal on a lioness hunt.  By far, Discount African Hunts had the best price.  I had the hunt of a lifetime and took a beautiful lioness at close range with my bow.  The Professional Hunter was first class, the lodge was first class and my whole experience was unbelievable.  I will book with John Martins when I return to Africa to hunt leopard  in Zimbabwe.

J.  Worley
June, 2015


"This was our first time to Africa and it was incredible. We were able to harvest all the animals on our wish list and they were fantastic quality trophies.  I would recommend this hunt as you are only about 2 hours from Johannesburg. Thanks to Discount African Hunts we connected with an awesome outfitter and took some great trophies!."

Troy N.
May, 2015