Elephant Hunts

Discounted Exportable Botswana Trophy Elephant Hunt

Rifle Only 1X1 ONLY $27,900

Come on an adventure to hunt the great African Elephant at an unbeatable price! The price has been discounted by over $20,000 to make this one of Botswana's greatest val;ues in a big 5 hunting safari! This hunt will occur an enormous 3.7 million acre concession, you will stay at a beautiful lodge, and an extremely successful PH will help guide you to your elephant trophy of a lifetime.

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Discounted Trophy Elephant Hunt in Botswana

Rifle Only 1X1 ONLY $65,000

This discounted hunt for a trophy elephant bull in Botswana is the perfect way to bag your exportable trophy bull! At a great price point, this hunt features an extremely comfortable tented camp with excellent food, a concession with prime elephant hunting land, and top-notch guides that will work tirelessly to get you your trophy of a lifetime!

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Non-Exportable Elephant Bull Hunt in Zimbabwe

Rifle Only 1X1 ONLY $17,400

2024 / 2025
This 7-day non-exportable elephant hunt in Zimbabwe features a permanent lodge with generator power situated on a beautiful 250,000-acre concession filled with elephants. Although you can not export the ivory, you can shoot a mature bull at an affordable price and knock this dream animal off of your hunting wish list!!

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Elephant Hunt in Zimbabwe

Rifle-Black Powder 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide) ONLY $31,990!!

2024 / 2025
This is a hunt for a trophy bull elephant in what is one of the greatest elephant-hunting concessions in Zimbabwe today! The average weight of the elephants coming out of this region in recent years is 50 lbs+. This is one of the only concessions in Zimbabwe where you can still get a 70# plus elephant at a reasonable price! The Beitbridge East area shares an unfenced border with Kruger National Park. This area borders both the Limpopo and Bubye Rivers. This is simply one of the best trophy elephant-hunting concessions in Zimbabwe!

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Bushmanland Trophy Elephant Hunt

Rifle Only – 1X1 ONLY $52,500

2024 / 2025
This is a 14-day hunt for trophy elephant bulls over 60 lbs. in Bushmanland. This is the largest free-range hunting block in Namibia and elephants in excess of 100 lbs. have been harvested in this area, This is a hard hunt, but a very rewarding hunt and you will likely go home with some of that thick ivory that Namibian bulls are famous for!

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Discounted Trophy Forest Elephant Hunt

Rifle Only 1X1 $38,000 + Trophy Fee

2024 / 2025
This hunt takes place in the thick southern rainforests of Cameroon, where hunters must get very close to the elephants in the dense brush to take them. The huntable area is 400,000 acres of untouched jungle. This camp offers amazing food, private cabins with en-suite bathrooms, and professional staff who will ensure everything is perfect for you! An unforgettable hunt at an incredible price!

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Free Range Elephant Hunt in South Africa

Rifle 1X1 ONLY $27,500

2023 / 2024
This free-range elephant hunt is the pinnacle of any African hunter's career. Hunted with the same classic methods that have been used for centuries, this hunt is exciting and memorable from start to finish. You'll stay at a 4-star lodge, enjoy incredible food, and relax on the deck overlooking 50 miles of the African plains!

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Hunt Elephant In Mozambique

Bow, Rifle or Black Powder 1x1 ( 1 Hunter - 1 Guide) ONLY $45,350!

2024 / 2025
This is a 14-day hunt for a trophy bull elephant with one of Mozambique's best big game outfitters. The hunt will take place on a good area in Mozambique. The outfitter has had a very high success rate in this area for elephants.

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Hunt Elephant in South Africa

This hunt has been sold! Call 727-434-0840 for elephant availability

This hunt has been sold!
This is an elephant hunt for a 30# trophy bull elephant in one of the best hunting reserves in South Africa. This reserve shares an unfenced common border with a national park and elephant are allowed to wander freely. Very little hunting is allowed in this area. and the animals see very little hunting pressure. The ivory from this hunt is exportable under CITIES!

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Zimbabwe Elephant Hunt

Rifle-Black Powder 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide) ONLY $26,770!!

2022 / 2023
This elephant hunt will occur 3 hours east of Victoria Falls on the Binga concession, which borders Chizaria National Park and Lake Kariba. There are a lot of elephant in this area. Take a bonus hippo on this hunt and only pay the $4,000 trophy fee and tax! The area is mountainous and you should be in good shape for this hunt. Fish for tigerfish after your hunt!

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Elephant Hunts in Africa

Hunting Elephants in Africa one of the great adventures of African big game hunting.  Elephants are the largest land mammal on earth, and for those  taking  elephant hunting safaris, it is the pinnacle of a big game hunter’s career.  Man has been taking an elephant hunt in Africa since the beginning of time.  Hunted first for its meat, then for its ivory, and now for the sport and challenge that it offers, an elephant hunt has always attracted those that sought the challenge of stalking and taking down the largest land mammal on earth.  Elephant populations have been greatly reduced in Africa due to rampant poaching for its valuable ivory and by reduction in habitat and resulting conflict with humans brought on the expanding population in Africa.

An elephant hunt today is limited to only a handful of countries in modern day Africa.  Rampant poaching for its valuable ivory and man’s encroachment into its traditional habitat have caused many countries to stop the hunting of elephants.  Restrictions on the importation of ivory by western countries and Europe have further curtailed elephant hunts in Africa.  But elephant hunt provides needed financial resources to many African countries and most experts agree that sport hunting of elephants is necessary to bring value to the African elephant and to help ensure its long term survival.

Traditional methods for an elephant hunt involves cutting fresh tracks either at a waterhole or crossing a road and then setting out on foot following the tracks and hoping to catch up with the elephants and be able to get a good look at its ivory.  Elephants travel large distances in a day’s time, so a hunter should be prepared to walk long distances under hot, dry conditions.

Most countries in Africa have what is known as the African savanna elephant.  A second species of African elephant, the forest elephant, is found in the equatorial forest belt of West Central Africa.  Trophy hunting for forest elephant is only allowed in Cameroon at the present time.  The largest elephant trophies are currently found adjacent to national parks, and every year or two an elephant hunt in Africa produces a 100# elephant.


"I cannot thank you enough for your advice on booking this 5-star hunt. We had a great hunt!  Our PH was the best! Everything was just as you said it would be. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated all of your help. Please use me as a reference for anyone you are talking to."

We could not be more pleased!"

Bruce Widener
June 2018

"The hippo and croc hunt was good to great --  People make the hunt and from the booking agent to the outfitter YOU COULDN'T ask for a better hunt!  Very few hunting ads tell you what you will get and then deliver it with a smile and extras. Both ends are honest and great to deal with."

"John Martins tries his hardest to get you a great price and your animals with honest outfitters!"

Don Soncrant
Lemmon, SD
September 2016


"I would Highly recommend my PH and Discount African Hunts. John got me a great deal with a top of the line outfitter. They both went out of their way to make sure my hunt and everything else about it was great."

Gary Popadich
September, 2015