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Hunting Trophy Mountain Nyala in Ethiopia

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Hunting trophy mountain nyala in Ethiopia is done in two basic ways. The first is a high mountain hunt in the heather where a hunter will spend most of his time climbing up, or sliding down the hills. The mountain nyala is more exposed and can be ...

Hunting Non-Exportable African Lions

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I think that most serious hunters have entertained the idea of hunting the African lion. The lion is a challenging and dangerous animal to hunt and is possibly the most...

Captive-Bred Lion Importations Denied to US Hunters

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On October 20, 2016 Dan Ashe, Director of US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) announced “that sport hunting of wild and wild-managed lions does contribute to the long-term conservation of the species in...

The Benefits of Legally Hunting Your Food

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Many people in modern society have never considered the possibility of hunting for their own food. However, with the negative environmental and welfare implications associated with the agricultural industry and with the current high cost of meat...

Hunting Trophy Bushbuck in Africa

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The spiral horned bushbuck is found in many African countries. South Africa is home to the Cape bushbuck.  It is also found in southern Mozambique.  The Chobe bushbuck is...

Hunting Trophy Kudu in Africa

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Hunting trophy kudu in Africa is on the top of the list for most plains game hunters.  The only antelope that is more sought-after is the impala.  The kudu is divided into different subspecies and is widely distributed in Africa from southern...

Taking a Handgun to Africa

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Some of us like to hunt the hard way; walk for miles; climb mountains, live in tents, fight bugs.  Then there are those of us who like to hunt the real hard way...


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On May 2, 2016 the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITIES) submitted documents proposing new measures on international trade concerning lion and elephant. CITIES is composed of...

Hunting The Tiny Ten

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Not every hunter that goes on safari in Africa is looking for dangerous game, or large plains game. There is a group of tiny antelope called “The Tiny Ten” that range through southern Africa that some hunters lust after. Most of these animals are very small. The largest...

Safari Rifles for Africa - Plains Game

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There are any number of different rifle/cartridge combinations that can be used to hunt plains game. “Plains Game” is a large category of animals that can range from a 35 pound red duiker to a 1600-pound eland, with a 2,000+ pound stink bull giraffe...

Safari Rifles for Africa

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A lot has been written about just what type/caliber/construction of firearm a client should take on an African Safari. A Professional Hunter’s requirements aren’t necessarily similar to a client’s. When hunting game that can bite, scratch, or stomp, the PH needs a rifle that will stop an animal in a hurry.

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