Plains Game Hunting

Hunting Trophy Giraffe in Africa

Posted on Jul 11, 2018

Hunting giraffe in South Africa starts with locating its spoor. It can be very difficult to place a proper shot after the animal is located. The hide is between 1.5 to 2 inches thick, and is time consuming to skin. To give a relative idea of the size of a giraffe hide, consider that just the back skin alone is larger than the entire hide of a dairy cow. Giraffe have no trophy value except...

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Hunting Trophy Cape Eland

Posted on Apr 17, 2017

The best time to hunt trophy eland is the early mornings. Eland graze late at night, only moving up out of the warmer valleys when the sun begins to warm the higher land. Around one hour before noon, they will start looking for a cool area to ...

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Trophy Nyala Hunting in Africa

Posted on Jan 17, 2017

Most nyala hunters are more interested in horn shape than absolute length. The quickest way to judge a nyala's maturity is by observing the horns. If the horn tips point inward it's a sign that the bull is immature. If the horn tips flare ...

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Hunting Trophy Bushbuck in Africa

Posted on Sep 25, 2016

The spiral horned bushbuck is found in many African countries. South Africa is home to the Cape bushbuck. It is also found in southern Mozambique. The Chobe bushbuck is...

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Hunting Trophy Kudu in Africa

Posted on Aug 6, 2016

Hunting trophy kudu in Africa is on the top of the list for most plains game hunters. The only antelope that is more sought-after is the impala. The kudu is divided into different subspecies and is widely distributed in Africa from southern...

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About Elephants and Their Hunting

Posted on Sep 14, 2015

About Elephants and Their Hunting

The status of elephant hunting in Africa today is mixed. As this is written, importation of ivory into the US is embargoed from Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, and Mozambique.

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