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Elephant Trophy Import Ban Lifted by the European Unions Scientific Review Group

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The SRG has decided to withdraw its ruling against importing elephant trophy parts from Zambia as of its latest meeting on ...

Importing CITIES Animals into the European Union

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The European Union Commission (EU) has a Scientific Review Group (SRG) that has issued opinions regarding importation of a number of animals on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITIES) list dated September 15, 2015. Elephant trophies cannot...

New Elephant Regulations Proposed by USFWS

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Recently the U.S, Fish and Wildlife Service (USF&W) has proposed to revise their rules concerning the African elephant as put forth in Section 4(d) of the ESA. Recent downturns in African elephant populations due...

Starry, Starry Night [Hippo's ain't for Pansies]

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Starry, Starry Night [Hippo's ain't for Pansies]

You may dream of gin and beer

when your huntin' safe out here

The Whys and Wheres of Elephants

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African safaris are interesting; sometimes for reasons that have little, or nothing to do with the actual hunt. Usually these incidents are not written up in the latest hunting magazine,

About Elephants and Their Hunting

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About Elephants and Their Hunting

The status of elephant hunting in Africa today is mixed. As this is written, importation of ivory into the US is embargoed from Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, and Mozambique.

Musings on Lions, Hunters and Hunting

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It is now post Cecil the Lion and things are beginning to approach normal. What will be the effects of the world-wide outrage that was unleashed? Was it justified? And will it have long-tern effects on the future of lion hunting?

Once Upon a Time in Africa

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Once upon a time in Africa (yes, I know fairy tales start like this. Take it for what it’s worth), I was young, impressionable, and bull gerbil stupid about Africa and African safaris. This would have been back ‘bout...

Lioness Hunt in the Kalahari Desert

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Modroo set the sticks 35 yards from the thicket and I quickly cradled in the Sabatti for a shot. Our lioness would not remain still and began pacing back and forth. The pacing route kept her in the thicket and a clear shot was obscured. I stayed on the sticks for fifteen minutes waiting to fire.

Ultimate Big 5 Safari Hunting Guide

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For many hunters, bagging Africa's Big Five is a lifelong dream. Testing your skills against some of the most difficult prey on Earth, connecting with your inner Teddy Roosevelt, or simply building once in a lifetime memories...

Finding an African Outfitter Who is Right for You

Posted On
Whether you are planning your first safari, or your fifth safari, finding an outfitter that is right for you takes a bit of work and research. Probably the most important item you need to accomplish is to ask a lot of questions from people who have actually been to Africa, preferably more than once.

Traveling Outside of the US with Firearms

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The US is now enforcing an existing law from 2008 that places additional requirements on hunters that are traveling with firearms outside of the US. In addition to an executed Form 4457, hunters must now acquire an EIN and make a declaration via the Automated Export System (AES) to receive an Internal Transaction Number (ITN)

Free Range Hunting in South Africa

Posted On
Free-range hunting opportunities do exist in South Africa. If the high fence is keeping you from taking that first trip to Africa, then read this article. Many areas in South Africa offer free-range hunting opportunities.

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